Full Tour Inside a 2.5 Million Dollar RV

Published on Jul 18, 2017 2,928,565 views

Ever wondered what it would be like to live in a $2.5 million RV?
Yes, there is such a thing. Motorhomes are getting more and more luxurious. At a recent RV show, we toured two Class A RVs that were well over a million dollars. The first - $1.5 million. The second, after taxes and fees, $2.5 million. Come tour them with us...but first take off your shoes!

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  • Martin Schmidt
    Martin Schmidt 1 year ago This RV companies really need to update their design. this looks like a strip club from the 80s... get some skandinavisn designer
  • Dr Do-Little
    Dr Do-Little 1 year ago They go with their market. People who pay that amount of money for something they could get same quality at 1/4 the price . They don't care about good design. All they want is flashy.
  • Rory Roberts
    Rory Roberts 1 year ago DR Do-Little: There is no way they can get the same quality build for 1/4 the price. They may get the same amount of "bling", but it would be hung on plywood and with lots of staples, and falling apart in short order. There are rigs that cost less that are great builds with some of the same "bling" if that's what you are looking for. But the fact remains that these units start with a steel chasis and a steel frame. The units for the price you are talking about take a steel chasis and add an aluminum frame, much better then plywood and fiberglass less expensive units, but not the same strength, or quality... I wish I could afford one of these new, so I could have it custom built to my specs and tastes. I would enjoy it immensely, and anyone who didn't like my tastes, well, it wouldn't bother me, because I would be happy, and I would be the one who paid for it. So your opinion wouldn't matter to me.
  • tonepaw
    tonepaw 1 year ago Scandinavian?
  • fa de
    fa de 1 year ago And the problem is?
  • Tore Hansen
    Tore Hansen 1 year ago Like Ikea and Volvo
  • Im Clappin
    Im Clappin 1 year ago 😂😭😭
  • creditcrew
    creditcrew 11 months ago Martin Schmidt Well I think the cupboards are Scandinavian. They look like something out of IKEA in the 90's.
  • Daniel Bergman
    Daniel Bergman 8 months ago ABSOLUTLEY NOT!!!!!
  • Daniel Bergman
    Daniel Bergman 8 months ago ????????????????
  • Martyn Dyson
    Martyn Dyson 7 months ago Yea IKEA never had cupboard faces that look this good! Ikea is just as dated as these American designs nowadays! Sorry Scandinavians but it's true
  • Sam LSD
    Sam LSD 7 months ago It's for baby boomers. No young and sane man would spend a penny on this.
  • creditcrew
    creditcrew 3 months ago Sorry for the upvote 666 and 13 comments. Scandinavian does mean a little different in Scandinavia. It means making a design Americans love for being Scandinavian. You have to cough saying it. Because It's nor Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish or Danish in design. Like IKEA, they show the Swedish colours, don't pay taxes in Sweden, has a lot of furnitures made in Eastern Europe, Scandinavian design. Nope just cheap.
  • Jeff Hudson
    Jeff Hudson 2 months ago I was gonna say it reminds me of a early 1990's Vegas hotel room.
  • manny C
    manny C 1 month ago Yeah.. The former owner was motley crue.. On 88 us tour
  • Roborav
    Roborav 1 month ago It looks good everyone has different taste.
  • richiesd1
    richiesd1 2 weeks ago Martin Schmidt, I agree. The design looks redneck
  • Hello hello hello !!!!
    Hello hello hello !!!! 1 year ago This will be worth 500k in just on year!!
  • Eric Romero
    Eric Romero 1 year ago (Pawn Stars) Rick Harrison: Yeah thats not gonna happen, I’ll give you 5 bucks for it.
  • Saul Goodman
    Saul Goodman 11 months ago So very sad but so very true. I've never seen one that was 2.5 originally so I've never seen one being resold. But I have seen ones that were $375k when new sale for $80k when their only 3yrs old. And one's that were $irk new get 2 or 3 years on them and sale for $15k. So I'm guessing at 2.5 new that your going to get $750k for it when your sell it in 3 or 4 years. Go by some bad as vacation property / home for a millio and in about 8yrs sell it for 3 million.
  • jonathan l
    jonathan l 10 months ago Hello hello hello !!!! Yep serious investment
  • Byzenteen Dutchies
    Byzenteen Dutchies 7 months ago Not half a mil.
  • Kenny Groth
    Kenny Groth 6 months ago Well it's meant for people who don't care soo
  • Try hard Ninja302
    Try hard Ninja302 5 months ago Has soon as you take it off the lot it lose half the price
  • Michel Schweinsberg
    Michel Schweinsberg 3 months ago Poeple that buy these have so much money they don’t care and can just buy another in 5 years.
  • charlie Manson
    charlie Manson 3 months ago As soon as they drive if out of the lot more like.
  • 805gregg
    805gregg 2 months ago Or less, who would waste their money on a RV
  • Coover
    Coover 3 weeks ago Even when brand new, what it costs and what it's worth can be two totally different amounts. That first one had an interior décor worth being ripped out and redone tastefully.
  • Azeddine Najib
    Azeddine Najib 1 week ago Hello hello hello !!!! I buy a second hand bus and convert it to a high quality design and won’t cost me more than $20k .....
  • Morgan Overstreet
    Morgan Overstreet 5 days ago You can find a coach like this that's 12-15 years old for under 500.
  • Roland Tovar
    Roland Tovar 1 year ago 2.5 million for some leather seats and flat screens? Smh
  • EDub
    EDub 6 days ago Oh you didn’t see the nuclear power plant in the storage? More seriously though... you saying that convection oven ain’t worth six figures? :)
    HOTSKULL 1 year ago Why is this in my recommendation? And because I watched the whole video lol YouTube’s gonna bombard me with more.
  • Waveluth
    Waveluth 8 months ago I would never pay them 2.4 million for that coach. Let me tell you and anyone else that’s interested in the truth. If a customer had a budget of 2.4 million dollars and they spent it on that coach they would be burning the money. As a master builder and architect I would be able to recreate that coach for a third of that price and it would be nicer and truly one of a kind. But, if they wanted a 2.4 million dollar coach, I would build a work of art that would put that to shame. I’m not bragging or boasting , what I’m saying is this: for that budget, the coach would be a unique and wonderful home that a person would say: My God this is beautiful. It would have every option they showed but the woodwork would be estate quality and the trimmings and fabrics would be custom milled to specifications that that builder is incapable of delivering. I’m not saying they do bad work, not at all. But let’s face it folks that is an overpriced 45’ coach. Sorry but that’s no $2.4 million dollar coach. Not a chance!!!! For that price all the metal trims and faucets would be one off CASTings and the motor coach would also be AWD with electric pony motors for maneuvering at camp grounds, items would include desalination water services for water in any situation. SOLAR paneled roof to supply 100% of the power needed to operate the coach. The solar panels would not be attached to the roof, but would be the roof. I would integrate a sliding roof section with hidden spiral staircase to the roof top patio with flush roof barbecue pit ( automated ) Nothing like what everyone else has. For $2.4 million , the coach would be a truly custom design with features only available to that Coach alone. Nobody spending that much money deserves anything less. Look what a land house for $2.4 million would be like. If your building a 600 plus sq ft. Coach ??? C’mon folks, these guys are making a killing. By my figures, they are clearing over $958k at that price. Thanks for the great content, I like your channel a lot!! Thanks!! Peace✌🏻
  • Paper Tiger
    Paper Tiger 1 month ago Waveluth Exactly. This motor home is only worth it for a multimillionaire who doesn't want to wait on a skilled craftsman, like yourself, to build something equivalent for a lot less money.
  • Coover
    Coover 3 weeks ago Except for somebody who won millions in the lottery, most who have $2.5 million to spend would be the type of people to invest that money and make it work for them, not watch it disappear by depreciation.
  • Erick Fernandez
    Erick Fernandez 1 day ago What can you do for 400k?
    SOLRACHIGH 1 year ago Let's buy a 2.5 million dollar bus instead of a house, said no one ever
  • AhemAhem
    AhemAhem 1 year ago said the people who already have 10+ million dollar homes
  • Rory Roberts
    Rory Roberts 1 year ago Solrachigh: People everyday purchase all classes of RV's from Travel Trailers to Class A motorhomes to live and travel in. Some purchase used rigs and update them or customize them to their needs and desires. Some even sell their bricks and sticks homes and commit to living full time in their rigs and are quite happy. Others buy new rigs and do the same. Just because it is not a desire of yours to live this kind of lifestyle, doesn't make it unattractive or doable to others. I have been doing this since 2013, and have no thoughts about quitting. I have many friends and acquaintances I have met while on the road who live and travel in everything from 20' campervans to 45' class A MH's. And although none would wish you any ill will, I believe they would love to HANG an effigy of your attitude over a gator filled swamp with a rotten rope.........
  • Mrcrzy
    Mrcrzy 1 year ago SOLRACHIGH if I had 2.5 mil I would spend it on this because it’s all you need in a house if you are 1 or even 2 person this is great for it... and you can take it wherever you go
  • Arjun Purewal
    Arjun Purewal 1 year ago I value it at around $750,000
  • James Barlow
    James Barlow 1 year ago also, movie stars may use it for a trailer, or musicians for their tour bus.
  • MrEricblane
    MrEricblane 1 year ago (edited) Its nice, very nice but not 2.5 million dollars nice. And yeah deciding to live in an RV full time is fine but to spend that much on it if you didn't already own a house is ludicrous. I don't honesty see myself ever buying a house for 2.5 million let alone an RV. And you can buy a really nice class A motorhome for $100,000 so your saying if you had 2.5 million you'd sink it all into this? Just this?
  • Hand
    Hand 1 year ago Says me*** but 4,000 to $5,000 to be exact
  • npsit1
    npsit1 1 year ago Actually a lot of retired people do that....
  • Sean O
    Sean O 1 year ago Arjun Purewal Thats how much a Prevost chassis is. With nothing else. If you're going to comment, try being a little informed.
  • cpepper5702
    cpepper5702 1 year ago Oh idk. There are a lot of people who sell their houses and buy these then rent a very small home that’s designed for these types of people. They’re communities with small homes but huge driveways and service hookups for you to park these monster RVs in. The home is just a mailbox but they don’t spend a lot of time there. The RV is a home on wheels where every morning you can wake up somewhere different and be very comfortable.
  • azimuth361
    azimuth361 1 year ago Then write it off as a business expense.
  • Louise Gallant
    Louise Gallant 1 year ago SOLRACHIGH ii
  • jayjayhere fre
    jayjayhere fre 1 year ago more like 100K tops . the tv's are not worth 25k
  • azimuth361
    azimuth361 11 months ago I've met the man who owns Featherlite in Texas. The waiting time for this, and most custom motorhomes is about a year to 18 months. So, a lot of people are buying these, so much that you have to wait over a year to get one. Jealous much?
  • Tom Walker
    Tom Walker 11 months ago (edited) The rolling bus chassis before any work is done to it is about 750, 000, so after all the handmade custom cabinets, furniture and décor, it is a pretty good value, if you are part of that elite group that have the success to join the club.
  • Tom Walker
    Tom Walker 11 months ago I would, it is a commercial million+ mile chassis and is a lot safer that the tin cans for 100K Marathon builds rolling artwork from the fit and finish inside to the custom one of a kind paint on the outside. It is not something that the average income could or would buy, but for the very fortunate few, these are amazing.
  • Kamion King
    Kamion King 11 months ago Said the people who are half way to dead.
  • badferrit badferrit
    badferrit badferrit 10 months ago SOLRACHIGH if he can afford a rv at that price imagine his crib
  • squidreuel
    squidreuel 10 months ago iv been fallowing the homeless problem in California and they say if you live in and RV you are considered homeless,
  • Larry Pierce
    Larry Pierce 10 months ago No, it's not an investment but more in the comfort of the road with a little luxury. Sure the cost is exhorbant but lets face it, the RV is built with the rich in mind. Trying to find a good place to park it on the road is a good chore. It takes good planning and a keen sense fun and enjoyment. It's a vehicle to show off that's for sure. Investment, hah....never more. Actually houses aren't that much of an investment because realestate goes up then it goes down. Taxes and insurance eat into any profit you make. Owning both would be a real statement of look what I can buy. Enjoy what you can afford and live life to the fullest.
  • Matthew B.
    Matthew B. 10 months ago You guys are forgetting that it has wheels. You can live in new york one week and cali the next
  • Vlashbang
    Vlashbang 10 months ago It's for people who have too much to ever spend it all. Everybody knows it's not a good deal but if you're a billionaire and you decide to buy an RV, you buy this
  • Brian Smith
    Brian Smith 10 months ago SOLRACHIGH when you live in vancouver....
  • toordog
    toordog 10 months ago Lol rich people dont buy these, they own them and make other people pay for them
  • Bob A Booey
    Bob A Booey 10 months ago Said the guy with no money.
  • Linda Lai
    Linda Lai 8 months ago More power to you.
  • Bisweswar Patra
    Bisweswar Patra 8 months ago If someone will come and blast your RV then what would you do? And if you are driving in a hilly region and accidentally hits something to or someone then what would you do? If you give me the answer then I will also try to look after a RV...
  • unenthusiastic salt
    unenthusiastic salt 8 months ago @Mrcrzy this is NOT worth that. Thats enought to retire. And most family houses with 4 bedroom 4 bathroom 2 story houses are around 500 grand and you wanna spend 2.5million on a cramped hallway thats called a house. 2.5 million is WAY to much, you can retire at 30 with that
  • Wayne Trager
    Wayne Trager 6 months ago Arjun - The Prevost bus chasis it's built on is a million mile chasis and that bus is delivered bare bones for about 800,000.00. A house with all of those amenities would cost the same, and you can't move it.
  • Mad_ Man07
    Mad_ Man07 6 months ago But you just said it
  • Michel Schweinsberg
    Michel Schweinsberg 5 months ago But...but....people have bought 2.5 million dollar buses....lots of people have bought 2.5 million dollar buses....so....so OBVIOUSLY not just someone said it but lots of people said just that....
  • Angelina
    Angelina 4 months ago SOLRACHIGH um yeah they do. I have friends that own beach house and multi million dollar home and plane etc.
  • Terrence Acoose
    Terrence Acoose 4 months ago he's not wrong, kinda... it's a bad investment if living freely is the idea, which seems to be the general consensus. you could travel for 25 years with 2.5mil very comfortably, why spend it on an rv? but not only that, while you're traveling you could invest your money and make more with it while travelling, maybe on day you decide you're sick of living that way, its easier to get out and you may not have lost as much.
  • Michel Schweinsberg
    Michel Schweinsberg 3 months ago Terrence Acoose what if you can do all that anyway...and the 2.5 million is just bonus money you can afford easily?
  • Terrence Acoose
    Terrence Acoose 3 months ago (edited) @Michel Schweinsberg it's still a bad investment even if you have a lot of money. If you have the money to buy this comfortably, you'll probably buy a yacht and Mercedes sprinter van with a driver to take you to your yacht. This rv fills a very niche market and the price is absurdly high because of the very small market for this. The designer package is 1.4mil which is just the custom interior. You can get way more from an Anderson mobile estate for the same price. Also my comment was more directed towards the audience which says this is a good replacement to a home if you have the money. Which again it's a horrible investment if living freely is your goal. This is an okay investment if you're like musician if some sort, on tour and you need/want a fairly premium vehicle. But even then, there are way better options.
  • WhoIsTheRoach
    WhoIsTheRoach 3 months ago James Barlow I have news for you, most movie stars could not afford this coach. Sure, the A listers can but not the others. Trust me, I know very well.
  • ROUSH4203
    ROUSH4203 3 months ago It's fairly common people will sell their homes and buy something like this to live on the road and travel in their golden years of retirement
  • Brian London
    Brian London 3 months ago If you can afford a 2.5 million dollar RV, you probably have at least 3 houses.
    ITPD GAMING 3 days ago SOLRACHIGH the use them to travel
  • gphillimo
    gphillimo 7 months ago So the 2.5 million dollar one is built on the same 45 foot frame as the 150k model? They just used more expensive materials. I'll take the one for 150k and add extra things myself along the way for a whole lot cheaper than 2.5 million
  • Kiran Chetri
    Kiran Chetri 1 month ago gphillimo seriously. This is hilarious.
  • Morgan Overstreet
    Morgan Overstreet 5 days ago Not a chance you will find a 45ft prevost chassis under a new 150k RV. The chassis alone is more than that.
  • Joseph Forman
    Joseph Forman 11 months ago Omg.... 500k seems pricey and they want 2.5mil... I’d spend it elsewhere
  • Sav3dbyGrace
    Sav3dbyGrace 1 year ago The flashing fluorescent lights were making me sick to my stomach to watch this.
  • Carl 15
    Carl 15 1 week ago No way that’s worth 2.4. It’s cheep looking.
  • roman Gonzalaz
    roman Gonzalaz 1 month ago Don’t see 2.5 million worth of R V
  • zak ikich
    zak ikich 1 week ago So basically he’ll sell you slideout/pivot table with little storage behind for 1.5M because that rv isn’t worth a single million let alone 2.4 or 2.5
  • IanRM
    IanRM 4 days ago What a rip off. I am currently looking at RV's . . many are twice as good as this one and cost 4 x less.
  • Martin Cantrill
    Martin Cantrill 9 months ago looks like a vegas showgirls' dressing room
  • adamaj
    adamaj 1 year ago That interior was awful.
  • Dorian Budimlic
    Dorian Budimlic 3 months ago i just wanted to post same comment, they should fire interior designer.
  • UptownPawn Craigslist
    UptownPawn Craigslist 1 month ago I don’t like the interior either I would buy an Entegra!
  • John Sajeth
    John Sajeth 3 months ago That's consider luxury? That's a lot of money for so little features.
  • OnWingsOfHope
    OnWingsOfHope 1 month ago 2.5million & you get an outdated & gloomy interior, lacking in style & creativity. YAWN!
    RECON_RON 5 days ago It's crazy cause this thing is worth more than a REALLY nice big house that's 50x the size of the rv and at the same time you run the risk of getting into a car accident in this thing
  • Tyler clark
    Tyler clark 4 months ago (edited) I don’t get these RV interiors!!! There is nothing luxurious about this. Looks hideous and has no taste. As well as cheep materials. All the furniture build-outs are cheep Particle board. The tile is nothing special I have nicer floors in my hall closet. The lighting is ridiculous! Here where i live, you can build a 10,000 sq mansion with designer finishes, and still have some left over for 2.4 mill!
  • #Y0u0nlyLif30nc3 #Yolo
    #Y0u0nlyLif30nc3 #Yolo 1 year ago This is not worth the 2.5 million at all.
  • Jenson inter
    Jenson inter 1 year ago I bet the tile floor alone was at least $100,000, with radiant heat and flooring reinforcements.
  • Sauce Bands
    Sauce Bands 1 year ago Not even close.
  • #Y0u0nlyLif30nc3 #Yolo
    #Y0u0nlyLif30nc3 #Yolo 1 year ago b1rch3ll when comparing to the competitors it definitely is not worth the 2.5.
  • only one Mc_savage_Pancakes
    only one Mc_savage_Pancakes 1 year ago (edited) Wheres the holograms
  • Я Ilan Zatonski
    Я Ilan Zatonski 1 year ago You can build your own for 300k max if u buy all from retail not even from factories this RV looks nothing expensive
  • Jahman Borneo
    Jahman Borneo 1 year ago Я Ilan Zatonski that might get you the Prevost chassis.
  • Gunner Furr
    Gunner Furr 1 year ago how much would you pay for it
  • Neznisgip
    Neznisgip 1 year ago Jerry P ~ not even close. Probably more like 10-15 thousand.
  • Peter Gruhn
    Peter Gruhn 1 year ago Yeah, I was unimpressed.
  • The Baits
    The Baits 1 year ago Я Ilan Zatonski are you mad? Haha 300k
  • Nicholas Evans
    Nicholas Evans 1 year ago You clearly know nothing about RV’s
  • Big Red
    Big Red 1 year ago Sauce Bands It’s close , i bought one this year for $1.9 mil myself and love it
  • Tom Walker
    Tom Walker 11 months ago The prevost chassis without anything in them are over 750K new.
  • Simon Pedersen
    Simon Pedersen 11 months ago Gunner Furr 500k maybe
  • Sam LSD
    Sam LSD 7 months ago Yes, knowing that people actually could make more now days with the DIY
  • Live Jones
    Live Jones 7 months ago 1.2mill is more like it
  • Mr.Bill.Fold
    Mr.Bill.Fold 7 months ago RIght! For that price, should come with a personal chief and maid for cleaning.
  • Jenson inter
    Jenson inter 7 months ago @sircivicirl installing a heat element system in a home for 800 sq ft it was $10,000. Imagine having to install in a moving, vibrating vehicle without grout lines cracking. Id x's that by 4.
  • Neetha Desilva
    Neetha Desilva 6 months ago Get a sensible B class and buy a nice home. You will have left overs for donating to the APA
  • Mango_
    Mango_ 6 months ago Ikr. I was expecting some double decker monster
  • DoggSho
    DoggSho 5 months ago This is not even a Rolls/Royce Bentley to regular cars ratio contrast. Provost and even MCI both sell motorcoach shells (full fledged motorcoach buses without the passenger seats) for less than the full fledged motorcoach with all the passenger seats still in them. The rv conversion companies then add mobile home insulation for temperature control and sound deadening purposes. Plus all other modifications can easily be accomplished using Camping World, Home Depot, Lowes, Habor Freight and even Menards as supply sources. Even with a custom solar paneled roof, this is definitely not worth anywhere near $2.5 million dollars. But just like with Rolls Royce/Bentley you're only paying for prestige and or profit markup margins or percentages over the actual cost of manufacturing.
  • Carrie Allen
    Carrie Allen 5 months ago Nothing really is, just people hiking up the price
  • Rebecca Beeman
    Rebecca Beeman 4 months ago Amen to that.
  • slash 3443
    slash 3443 4 months ago @Gunner Furr (ik one year ago) most likely 500,000$ max
  • Raul Martinez
    Raul Martinez 4 months ago Totally agree!!! Its nice, but not even close to 2.5 million nice.
  • Gustavo The Big Saint Gonzalez
    Gustavo The Big Saint Gonzalez 4 months ago Big Red nice! Enjoy it! When retire in the future I want to buy an RV and tour the state's. 👍🏆
  • كومينت نيوز 46
    كومينت نيوز 46 4 months ago You are rite . I just want say that .
  • كومينت نيوز 46
    كومينت نيوز 46 4 months ago U can make better than that with 300k