FOR RV WOMEN ONLY - Jennifer's Straight Talk to RV Wives About RV Living

Published on Jan 17, 2018 13,896 views

When we meet people at campgrounds and RV shows around the country, we get a lot of questions. Jennifer is often taken aside by wives, who may not share their husbands enthusiasm for all things RV. She loves easing the worries of women new to the lifestyle and in this video, discusses in detail six areas that seem to be of particular concern to RV wives.
Above all, Jennifer has great fun on the road, as the thumbnail for this vlog shows. On the left is her at a surprise birthday party she put on. On the right, she's dressed up as a saloon girl at a Western Town we visited in South Dakota last summer. She never stresses and really loves helping others appreciate the way RV living enriches lives.

Some of the resources she shares:
The RV Superbag -
Go Pet Friendly -
eBags -

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  • Wes Clay
    Wes Clay 1 year ago Love your practical No-nonsense / Common Sense points of view and openness about broaching subjects that some feel are off limits. Let's see more of Jennifer!!
  • Duane Albers
    Duane Albers 1 year ago I am not a woman. But, I am a single man who nomads alone. Many of your ideas are appreciated even by us men. Thanks
  • Sheila Sieber
    Sheila Sieber 1 year ago I drive our 40' Class A. It is scary the first couple of times (white knuckle). It gets easier and more comfortable. You just have to be aware you can't stop on a dime and you are wide bodied!
  • krsusort
    krsusort 1 year ago Lots of good idea's.  Many RV Women are single and do not have the funds to be able to stay in a hotel for extra room.  You are Blessed.
  • Sue Moore
    Sue Moore 1 year ago I wouldn't want to stay in a room! I'm a germophobe and I KNOW my RV is clean!
  • Jean Decker
    Jean Decker 1 year ago Great info. Any suggestions for women traveling alone?
  • RV Lifestyle
    RV Lifestyle 1 year ago We're camping this weekend (in the snow, no less!) with several solo female RVers. Jennifer says she'll sit them down and do some interviews for a video.
  • Bob&Maria Moore
    Bob&Maria Moore 1 year ago Thanks, Jennifer for sharing the secret to a good marriage: Give and Take. This applies to RVing as well as "sticks and bricks" living too. It would be great if Mike would do a 'For Men Only' companion piece to yours to highlight the Give and Take necessary from the partner to make the relationship work. Enjoy your life travels together - you both deserve it!
  • Andy Cauthen
    Andy Cauthen 1 year ago Thank you, Jennifer - Great advice! My wife and I watched and appreciate your candor.
  • Sue X
    Sue X 1 year ago Appreciate the 'permission', some women feel they have to be perfect even when camping! Permission to relax and enjoy is probably the most imp't. Thanks for the kind, sensible advice! You both seem like nice people!
  • Faye Calder
    Faye Calder 1 year ago Love your thoughts and you are my type of gal! MommaFaye
  • Dino Hicks
    Dino Hicks 1 year ago Jennifer, thank you for sharing. Safe travels!
  • Jerry E
    Jerry E 1 year ago This was so helpful. Thank you for sharing.
  • Theresa Chenery
    Theresa Chenery 1 year ago Thanks for the tips.
  • Luna Cruz
    Luna Cruz 1 year ago Thank you for taking the time to post these tips.
  • Debra Fry
    Debra Fry 1 year ago Are you just vacation RVers?
  • RV Lifestyle
    RV Lifestyle 1 year ago No about 3/4 time RVers
  • Eric White
    Eric White 1 year ago I'm a man and would love to have you on my first live, 2-way video broadcast in April for those RV newbies.
  • Jan
    Jan 1 year ago I love your tips and RV excitement. Thanks, Jennifer.
    IMPATRIOTFIRST ALWAYS 1 year ago Jennifer, what are "e" bags? I have not heard of these.
  • RV Lifestyle
    RV Lifestyle 1 year ago Here's an explainer video on ebags -
  • r0ckji
    r0ckji 1 year ago I
  • LadyGecko
    LadyGecko 8 months ago "Personal space" is why we want a travel RV as opposed to a 'camper/van'.
  • Martha Gorman
    Martha Gorman 1 year ago What can my friend Patricia do as the mechanic she hired, blew up her RV leaving her homeless? In Orange county, CA
  • Made in Michigan 67
    Made in Michigan 67 1 year ago Martha Gorman Why would someone not have their only home insured? I would do anything to make sure I was protected if this was my only shelter. Why isn't the mechanic fixing their mistake and replacing her motor if it's their fault. Tell them your going to the local newspaper and doing a story on how they made you homeless 😊 Good luck to you and I have already prayed but will keep you in my prayers in hopes you or your friends life catches a break ❤
  • Diana Ost
    Diana Ost 8 months ago Re: renting a room. Great idea! After thinking about this, there are several benefits to staying in a hotel sometimes. Some motels/hotels have a laundry facility in the hotel. Renting a room is a great opportunity to stay, use the pool and exercise facilities, and get all the laundry done at the same time.