Living in a Class B Van | Roadtreking Across America

Published on Mar 29, 2016 98,972 views

Ever wondered what it's like living in a van? A Class B RV campervan, that is. In this video we talk to a whole bunch of folks who own and travel in a small RV. They share their recreational vehicle experiences about RV Life.

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  • Dawn Turner
    Dawn Turner 1 year ago Great video. Loved Doug and Phylis! :)
  • Marsha Kaehler
    Marsha Kaehler 9 months ago Phyllis & hubby so funny Great video
  • Freedom Traveler
    Freedom Traveler 3 years ago Awesome video. Nice interviews. Thanks for sharing.
  • Johnnie Walker
    Johnnie Walker 1 year ago My left ear thanks you.
  • R/V Footprints
    R/V Footprints 3 years ago One of your better! Loved this update.
  • brimstonefondue
    brimstonefondue 1 year ago Nice shot of kitty clawing up the passenger seat on that second interview lol
  • Golan Klinger
    Golan Klinger 3 years ago What a great group of people. The video is about living in a Roadtrek but Mike inadvertently showed the best reason for getting a Roadtrek: Community. It seems like wherever you go, you're among friends. Sharing a toothbrush. Haha! Doug is hilarious!
  • Colorme Dubious
    Colorme Dubious 1 year ago Subtitle: "Man speaks calmly as cat trashes his $100,000 camper van's upholstery."
  • mary isabell
    mary isabell 10 months ago Hehehe that is crazy isn’t it . 🤪 I would never buy a ‘ live in ‘ vehicle that has owned animals or even cigarette smokers . UCK
  • Humble Road
    Humble Road 1 year ago We spent almost 20 years in a 40 foot Class A, careening up and down the east coast from Maine to the Keys and everywhere in-between. Now, our little Class B is a joy! It lives just like a mini- class A! Has all the same stuff in a neat and tidy little package.
  • Darrell Shepard
    Darrell Shepard 3 years ago Mike, this is the best videography you have made in our humble opinion for anyone who is considering the RV lifestyle. We really appreciate hearing from those who are "living" and using these class B motor coaches. Thanks for the work you put into this video. It is much appreciated by us who are researching options before we purchase a class B for full time use.
  • Captain Quirk
    Captain Quirk 4 weeks ago Agreed. I'm not interested in getting a Class B myself -- too small for me -- but it's still interesting to see how others make it work.
  • Dean May
    Dean May 2 years ago Interesting and informative video. Well-done!
  • Mark Engebritson
    Mark Engebritson 3 years ago Don't know about that, "Jean Engebritson"!
  • Rory Roberts
    Rory Roberts 11 months ago I'm glad to hear that so many people are happy in their class B MH. I have looked @ class B's seriously, but I'm a FT'er who works and must have everything from Business attire to casual wear for work. I do need the extra space and don't have the time to analyze and devise plans to cover all my bases. I never know what I'll need until I get the contract. I spend a total of 9 mos p/yr on the road. I'm in a 2016 class A dp. Fits my lifestyle, and I pull a toad. The toad can park anywhere then I go "home" when my work day is over. It is a good feeling and a good life. Glad to see it can be done in any class, any size, that fits the individual.
  • Cottage Gym
    Cottage Gym 6 months ago I'm getting a class B for ease of maneuver and parking. Otherwise the class A is fantasy come true.
  • Southern Adventures
    Southern Adventures 2 years ago Just watched your vid Mr Mike. Very, very informative. Thank you for sharing as we are new at this and learning a lot from your channel. Blessings!
  • Billodnh
    Billodnh 3 years ago excellent
  • John-Paul Jespersen
    John-Paul Jespersen 3 years ago Jim Hammel's Brother at 2:45
  • noviceprepper53
    noviceprepper53 2 years ago I want one.
  • kori harrismon
    kori harrismon 2 years ago One cool couple @ 6:57
  • realmakebelieve
    realmakebelieve 1 year ago I loved the very last couple! Phyllis, his wife, was so cute about his toothbrush comment...Lol "No, No, we never share our toothbrush, never..." The whole video was excellent, as always.
  • D LG
    D LG 2 years ago Great testimonials. I'll be purchasing a class b when I get closer to retirement and the CS Adventurous is probably the way I'll go. It's a very pricey rig, but I love the fact that it's a diesel, for the longevity and mileage. I also love the large fridge and extra storage, which makes extended trips much easier, eliminating the need to restock as often. I don't plan to full time in it, but rather 2 to 4 weeks at a time. I hope to find a nice low mileage used one to save some cash.