Vietnam Street Scenes 2019 - Saigon Vlog

Published on Jan 12, 2019 419,649 views

293Vietnam Street Scenes 2019 - Saigon in the Daytime - Vlog 293

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A Vlog from a day spent in Saigon, Vietnam. Including leaving my hotel and heading for lunch at the Bui Vien area of the city...

Parts of this video include:
0:04 Video preview
0:44 Leaving Ha My 3 hotel
1:03 Map location
2:37 Tron Cafe, is this where the movie was born? Or where the cryptocurrency was conceived? NB: The audio cuts here for a bit due to copyright problems with a song called 'The Grid' from Tron Legacy...
4:27 Massage for me at a Vietnamese barbershop. Spoiler alert: it was average and the girl did my head in so much by begging for a tip I took her photo to piss her off...
6:04 Saigon crazy traffic montage
8:10 Pham Ngu Lao street
9:07 A bicycle hawker with a loudspeaker
10:10 Buying mango
10:56 Myna bird in a tiny cage
11:34 Late lunch at 'Asian Kitchen,' beer was very cheap
14:20 Bui Vien street afternoon scenes
15:04 Banh Mi baguette seller
16:03 Motorbike being repaired right on the street
17:00 Outro

Additional notes:

This video was from a Visa run to Vietnam, where I stayed in the capital city of Saigon for a few days.

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NB: Saigon / Ho Chi Minh City are the same city, the name was changed after the 70s. The locals all call it Saigon so that's what I call it here.


Intro and Outro
Wild Nothing- Rheya [COVER]

2nd song
Wild pogo - YouTube audio library

  • JR
    JR 4 months ago I enjoy the daytime videos, seeing everyone going about their business. :D
  • LongBinh70
    LongBinh70 4 months ago Gummint paid my tourist visa in 1970. 🤣 I used to have to drive down from Long Binh to the US Embassy (20 miles?) to get my guys passports for covert missions. The jeeps were open, of course, and as a new driver you learned very quickly to keep your watch on your right wrist. If you had it on your left and signaled a turn, the watch would disappear! 🤔
  • lx10
    lx10 4 months ago I was at Vietnam 10 months ago, and OH MY GOD, I missed it so much. The sounds, the smell, the food, the city buzz, everything. It was a such a amazing time. Definitely a place to go back.
  • Thi Lương
    Thi Lương 4 months ago Welcome to Vietnam in the rainy season
  • lx10
    lx10 4 months ago @Thi Lương - Was there in March. Was at Sapa, Hanoi, Ha Long Bay, Da Nang, Hue, Hoi An, Ho Chi Minh and it didn't rain. Lucky me.
  • Thi Lương
    Thi Lương 4 months ago @lx10 u r so lucky. If u come here in the rainy season, it may be an extremely memorable experience in ur life. Maybe u will rent a boat to move :-D kkk
  • lx10
    lx10 4 months ago @Thi Lương - I rented a bike to explore Da Nang and go to Hoi An. With rain, or without rain, Vietnam it is very beautiful.
  • Thi Lương
    Thi Lương 4 months ago lx10 You are still lucky, I was born in Vietnam but have never been to Da Nang Hoi An
  • lx10
    lx10 4 months ago @Thi Lương - What? That's crazy... I loved Hoi An, so beautiful at night, and Da Nang it's a real lovely city, and when I was there, I got a chance to go for a swim at the beach. You should make a effort to go with your family. It's very beautiful. You have the Phap Lam Pagoda, the Marble Mountain, and the new "Golden Bridge". And it's very close to Hoi An, and not very far from Hue.
  • Thi Lương
    Thi Lương 4 months ago lx10 I really want to travel to Hoi An Da Nang, but the problem is the condition or in other words "money". OMG !!! I am working as a barista for a coffee shop, 1 month is 5 million VND, about 250usd. The place I went the farthest was Nha Trang in 2012
  • lx10
    lx10 4 months ago @Thi Lương - Better days will come, trust me. What city do you work?
  • Thi Lương
    Thi Lương 4 months ago lx10 sure, i hope that too. I’m working In Saigon. Distrist 11
  • lx10
    lx10 4 months ago @Thi Lương - I was there. I stay near the Bitexco Tower.
  • Thi Lương
    Thi Lương 4 months ago lx10 oh great! I am living Sai gon but never come to Bitexco 😅
  • lx10
    lx10 4 months ago @Thi Lương - 😲🤣 - I understand, I'm from Lisbon, Portugal, and I never went to some tourist places in my own city, for instance, like the "Torre de Belém".
  • Thi Lương
    Thi Lương 4 months ago lx10 Portugal ?? great great !!! I really love Ronaldo. U r still too lucky 😂. Actually if I had more time I would go to some places near my place. But because my job took most of the time, I didn't have a chance to go somewhere.
  • jay hua
    jay hua 4 months ago @Thi Lương Ummm. And the transportation is not that efficient, say, it took me 7hours from Hochiminh city to Dalat city and 7hours back to Hochiminh for catching the plane. I only had a short stay in Vietnam for 5 days(which was totally a wrong call,to be honest, because I was soooo damn afraid of going to Vietnam, and my family told me i was risking my life. Stupid media spread biased information.) I Flew to Hochiminh city from Nanjing, China to meet a Vietnamese girl who I met online three years ago. The unforgettable trip to Vietnam tremendously changed my concepts about your country, and she also changed my life view. From then I started knowing your country:) Nice people, nice country, we share a very similar culture. Ohhhh i was in district 1, and binh thanh district.
  • lx10
    lx10 4 months ago @jay hua - Like Anthony Bourdain said, “Vietnam, it grabs you and doesn't let you go. Once you love it, you love it forever." (s.08-ep.02 Hanoi) He's the reason I wanted so much to go to Vietnam. Great country.
  • Edward Ohm
    Edward Ohm 3 months ago You're crazy. Move to leave there for your Godsake.
  • jay hua
    jay hua 3 months ago @lx10 Yes, one thing attracts most is that the street view and lifestyle. It's like a time machine bringing me back to my childhood. it's really reminiscent. It's very easy for us to go to Vietnam:))) The whole flight journey only takes 4 hours. I'll go there again after my graduation. See If we can meet in Vietnam. lol.
  • lx10
    lx10 3 months ago @jay hua - Well, it takes me about 14/15 hours flight to go to Vietnam. I'm from Portugal. But yes, some day I will go back.
  • Vũ Nguyễn
    Vũ Nguyễn 2 months ago lx10 Hội An and Hà Nội
  • lx10
    lx10 2 months ago @Vũ Nguyễn - Sorry, I was writing the way I do it in portuguese. Meant no desrespect.
  • Bình Nguyễn
    Bình Nguyễn 1 month ago @lx10 - Thank you for your comments on my country, Vietnam. Best wishes.
  • Monster Inc.
    Monster Inc. 2 months ago The traffic situation there sometimes looks crazy, its amazing you don't have video of a scooter pile up.
  • Paul Radwell
    Paul Radwell 2 weeks ago these vlogs are incredible mate. you really capture the essence of how bonkers this beautiful city is
  • Chris
    Chris 4 months ago 5:28 who can enjoy that? I love thailand for all the great massages you can get everyday and anywhere, looks like you can’t get in any way a good massage there? Lame.. 6:34 6:43 here is the sign green, thumps up! (; 7:52 he spottet the ultimate flight Plattform 9:33 is this water save to breath in? 10:46 haha.. thats a pro tip, i will use, haha.. , but i overpaid all my motorcycle tours in pattaya too.. but it‘s cheap for me i think all the time, but it not feels right if i overpay each time.. 11:54 you can joke to your friend and tell him to make an easy cheap evening and drink only for 10 dollar today.. 20:39 mango with beer? Really? 14:07 nobody will hear them, no worry...
  • Eli The Iceman
    Eli The Iceman 4 months ago He’s in the backpacker district. How are the massages on Khao San Road?
  • phapnui
    phapnui 3 months ago District 1, you pay District 1 prices.
  • IKnowYouKnow
    IKnowYouKnow 4 months ago Can't go wrong railroading '80's music into your videos. Love the stuff. Arguably the best decade for pop music. Great stuff. Keep it up.
  • Dj0rdje1
    Dj0rdje1 4 months ago I miss those Banh Mi's and Pho....and cheap bear...and Vietnamese hospitality :) But for massages and "massages" i wouldn't waste my time here. Nowhere near as good as Thailand.
  • Chris L
    Chris L 4 months ago 10:01 The boxes are to protect the fiber splices from damage. Some look to not even be closed! Haha ( I love the wire mess at every Thai corner too )
  • Yolo Yolo
    Yolo Yolo 4 months ago You know a lot about Thailand, but you have a lot to learned about Vietnam
  • Edmund Singleton
    Edmund Singleton 2 months ago I watched a documentary about The Weather Underground available on Amazon Prime, and throughout, I could not help from wondering, what if the United States, in the spirit of 1776 had supported the efforts of Ho Chi Minh, to throw off the choking yoke of French colonialism, and the many lives that could have been spared, instead of supporting a colonial power and a by gone governance and era that is now on the trash heap of history…
  • sloth sloth
    sloth sloth 3 months ago are your prices converted to australian dollars? you seem to have a ozzy accent? i have a habbit of finding youtube channels where i can get lost in the travlers ambiance and yours are the best for this so far... iv watched fishing channels and bicycle travelers channels.. i just put it on play all and watch. thankyou for so many uploads, great stuff. see the world from the comfort of my bed
  • I’m Surprised
    I’m Surprised 4 weeks ago (edited) Oof I live in shaigo THE STREET LOOKING FAMILAR 5:47 Spot I go everyday im at America right now oof
  • MrBargill
    MrBargill 4 months ago (edited) It amazes me how many motorcycles there are in those’s like leaf cutter ants navigating the concrete jungle... lol
  • Michael Alan
    Michael Alan 4 months ago what amazes me is there no traffic control. lol.
  • MrBargill
    MrBargill 4 months ago Michael Alan lol yes ..
  • Somali Warlord
    Somali Warlord 4 months ago It aint boring like frickin any western cities thats fer sure
  • colin noble
    colin noble 1 month ago there are road rules, but everyone ignores them. it is suicidal, the constant beep beep drives you insane! I have witnessed many road accidents. I hate using the roads there@Michael Alan
  • Xiaoyao Lee
    Xiaoyao Lee 4 months ago Those shirtless guys were speaking Mandarin.
  • lam hoang
    lam hoang 3 months ago yes, Chinese is one of minor ethnic group in Vietnam. They flew to Vietnam when the Ming dynasty collapsed
  • CBM 215
    CBM 215 3 months ago Are they back to calling Ho Chi Minh City Saigon? Sure has changed since the mid 1960s.
  • Nguyen Ngoc Vu
    Nguyen Ngoc Vu 2 months ago both is ok. whatever.
  • cymen vorheers
    cymen vorheers 4 months ago (edited) I love your videos. I really want to go to Vietnam. But unsure of it. I like the party seen and I like the bars. But I love the food too
  • The Tran
    The Tran 2 months ago Not unhappiness
  • s q
    s q 4 months ago hey 112 are u pro poker player lives in Bangkok?