SURVIVE the Zombie Apocalypse with a Global Expedition RV

Published on Oct 12, 2017 938,945 views

When I interviewed Greg McHugh at the Overland East Expo about his plans to full-time in a brand new Global Expedition RV, I told him it looks like he could survive the Zombie Apocalypse! It's that big and rugged. He gives us a tour of this beautiful behemoth and tells us why he chose this model and where he plans to go.

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  • mark brinton
    mark brinton 1 year ago That's very nice. However, not 420k nice.
  • Jaswars
    Jaswars 1 year ago El RIPOFF
  • Class C Explorers
    Class C Explorers 1 year ago 420K is the entry level price before the customization's. Similar Global Expedition rigs are probably as expensive.
  • Ken Bagwell
    Ken Bagwell 1 year ago The resale value is stronger than you might think.
  • MrHeepspo
    MrHeepspo 1 year ago It's gotta be 420 somewhere, right?
  • mark brinton
    mark brinton 1 year ago MrHeepspo touche
  • Travis Champagne
    Travis Champagne 11 months ago Not worth 400k
  • Colby Roddam
    Colby Roddam 9 months ago Mike and Willene Glad that's highly over priced you could build a much smaller 4x4 with more room inside then that and I'm sure the fuel mileage is absolutely terrible aswell but to each his own
  • Sanjit Tripathy
    Sanjit Tripathy 9 months ago 420k is the base price.
  • Mike S
    Mike S 8 months ago +mark brinton I thought the same thing. To each his own, and more power to the guy if that's what he wants, but for $80K, one can get a MUCH more spacious (and brand new) travel trailer (loaded, and with multiple slides) for $40K, then a new F150 truck to haul it for another $40K. I think just on principle, I couldn't ever justify spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on an RV.
  • Som Guy
    Som Guy 3 months ago You can usually get 80% of the best experience for 20% of what it costs to have the very best. Not everybody is satisfied with that though.
  • GiggleBeard
    GiggleBeard 3 months ago For 420k you can buy an acre of land and rent your own construction vehicles to dig out and then build a bunker outfitted with everything youd need.
  • John Doe
    John Doe 3 months ago Mike S - I have a similar vehicle to this one. If you think you can get to some of the places I take my truck with an F150 and a travel trailer- you are mistaken. You wouldn鈥檛 make it half way to my favorite spots without that trailer coming apart like house of cards.
  • Lenny Prosado
    Lenny Prosado 3 months ago @Mike S I agree, though they wanted it to live in , so to them it was more than an RV , it was home. I couldn't see myself spending that much either. Even if I were to call it home馃槈馃槈馃槈馃槈
  • Lenny Prosado
    Lenny Prosado 3 months ago @GiggleBeard 馃槈馃槈馃槈馃槀馃槀馃槀
  • Cranky Grandma
    Cranky Grandma 3 months ago mark brinton it鈥檚 very pricey, but if this is a full time home, they are not paying property taxes (in m6 area a monthly tax Payne to is more than a monthly mortgage payment), plus to heat the home it will be dirt cheap. So for a full time home it might be cheaper than buying a home in many areas.
  • S Factor
    S Factor 3 months ago This exepedition vehicles can build for much less than that.
  • Will Geppert
    Will Geppert 1 month ago So where does the gas come from in a zombie apocalypse.
  • Eagle Aurum Wealth Club
    Eagle Aurum Wealth Club 1 year ago $420 grand wow they must have seen yu coming.
  • G Henrickson
    G Henrickson 1 year ago The price does seem a bit steep but alas...I was not there to see what really went into this rig. I wasnt involved. I do not judge from afar as do some. I do not float around YouTube tossing out hurtful quips. Oh wait...I guess I just did. My bad.
  • Lee Harvey Oswald
    Lee Harvey Oswald 9 months ago G Henrickson be quiet.
  • Equinsu Ocha
    Equinsu Ocha 6 months ago (edited) The Kenworth cab and running gear alone will cost you 150 grand. Remember this is 4wd, and all the other stuff, an 8000 watt Onan is 10 grand. It's worth it, if you can afford it. More power to them.
  • John Preciado
    John Preciado 5 months ago The change hit him in the back
  • Calvin H.
    Calvin H. 4 months ago I would have got the Dynamax Ram 5500 4x4 SLT Chassis with the Cummins庐 6.7L. and it's MUCH nicer inside, and you can get a 2019 on sale for around $160.000.. And put the airbag lift on it in case you need more ground clearance. It would be more than this gentleman will ever need for offroading. And you will get at least twice the fuel mileage..
  • Random Dude
    Random Dude 3 months ago Eagle Aurum Wealth Club yeah way too much lol
  • Icon of sin -
    Icon of sin - 2 months ago You could build a 150k mobile home and completely trick that thing out for less tha 420kXD
  • JB GTO
    JB GTO 1 month ago AND GOING!!
  • superjet2771
    superjet2771 1 year ago The interior is not half as plush as one would expect for half a million dollars. Too much of an industrial / work-space feel as opposed to home comfort.
  • vondahe
    vondahe 6 months ago superjet2771 Agree but he chose it like that. Everything is bespoke. Also noticed both freezer and fridge make a lot of noise going out and back in.
  • Krane
    Krane 4 months ago Agreed. Particularly if you intend to live in it.
  • Random Dude
    Random Dude 3 months ago superjet2771 yeah it looks bad
  • Krane
    Krane 3 months ago He's paying for the unitility, not the luxury.
  • C B
    C B 3 months ago Were did the $420k go? Must be about $300k of dealer profit?
  • Goerge Ibrahim
    Goerge Ibrahim 1 year ago Nice rv for the zombie apocalypse but problem is when u have to dump the tank and there's zombies outside
  • Diver, Sky
    Diver, Sky 1 year ago Any real zombie RV has a weaponized poop chute. My RV shoots turds at 800 fps, they'll take a zombie head right off!
  • Onry1
    Onry1 1 year ago Plus it's not like U see one of these sitting on every corner, so if you break down where u gonna get parts? Autozone? lol
  • Alicia Balassa
    Alicia Balassa 1 year ago That's what the shotgun is for...Lol...and rifle, the Glock and the 45..Lol
  • Savage Wolfy
    Savage Wolfy 10 months ago (edited) diver, sky HAHAHA best comment ever
  • alexander5207
    alexander5207 10 months ago Diver, Sky finds a way.
  • Cody Stephens
    Cody Stephens 9 months ago @Diver, Sky bro 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀 great comment
  • ky malone
    ky malone 8 months ago Goerge Ibrahim in reality if there was a zombie apocalypse you probably have to worry about live humans more than the zombies
  • SherElLucasEmmanuel Carsola
    SherElLucasEmmanuel Carsola 7 months ago @ky malone true.
  • Corvette Z06
    Corvette Z06 5 months ago And if the Zombie Apocalypse involves a post nuclear war and EMP knocking out the electrical grid on top of that, what good will this overpriced rig do for you out on the grid? Not a darn thing. Let the Zombies overtake it and good luck finding real shelter.
  • Corvette Z06
    Corvette Z06 5 months ago @Alicia Balassa You forgot the Claymore mines set up in a 360 radius surrounding your RV too!
  • Corvette Z06
    Corvette Z06 5 months ago (edited) @Diver, Sky Wouldn't stop me. You'd be feeding me breakfast, lunch or dinner, depending on time of daily RV attack took place. Please eat lots of pizza and baked beans, my favorite leftovers. Signed...future Apocalyptic Zombie with his totally wasted Z06!
  • Oh Yeah Yeah Yeah
    Oh Yeah Yeah Yeah 4 months ago Goerge Ibrahim windows
  • Jock Makay
    Jock Makay 4 months ago George Ibrahim stay off the magic mushrooms and methalated spirits because zombies don't excist it's fantasy.
  • skidfrog
    skidfrog 3 months ago this is true.......have you tried DAYZ ?
  • Joseph gyamfi
    Joseph gyamfi 1 month ago @Alicia Balassa 100%
  • Jorge Rios
    Jorge Rios 1 year ago Man that thing on gas is a killer. And thought it would be bigger on the inside. For what he paid for thought it would be more luxury inside. But hey if he鈥檚 got the money why not.
  • Jason M
    Jason M 1 year ago exact same thoughts, seems extremely cramped inside
  • vondahe
    vondahe 6 months ago I agree with you both. A major gas hog and surprisingly small inside. You need a very docile and/or post-menopause wife to survive in that small space.
  • Krane
    Krane 3 months ago Of course he has the money. Obviously retired and you can't take it with you. Besides, you can option them anyway you want, so this is what he wanted.
  • Wifi Funeral
    Wifi Funeral 3 months ago Krane I mean he sold his house to get this.... if he had money money then he just would've sold some cars and some land or sold nothing and bought it outright. There was a huge sacrifice in getting that so I doubt he's totally loaded like you're saying
    CHAOSNCHECK T 3 months ago I had a nice chat with a guy with a similar rig. He gets 8 mpg. The tires are so large, the spare is actually lowered from the rear of his rig via an electric hoist. He told us he planned to go 24/7 in the rig for at least a year but found it too cramp, couldn't really travel far without breaking his wallet, and when he did travel, it was just to another RV or State park, so he never got off the beaten path so to speak so the off-road capability was lost. He had contacted one of the major RV chains and was discussing a trade but knew he was upside down money wise so he really wasn't sure what he would do.
  • Krane
    Krane 3 months ago @CHAOSNCHECK T Well, its not like you can go back in time and undo it. You take the loss and consider it a lesson learned. Its not pleasant, but he'll get through it. There's certainly enough people out there than can attest to that.
  • kabzak
    kabzak 1 year ago Good for them! I wish them many happy years of fun, safe and enjoyment in their travels.
  • Brian Pan
    Brian Pan 1 year ago During the zombie invasion, he and his wife will have locked themselves outside of their van.
  • Lbolting005
    Lbolting005 1 year ago When a truck cost way more than your house 馃憤
  • flyboyglenn
    flyboyglenn 1 year ago I'm assuming they paid $500,000 or more. Not worth it!!!! There's no room inside and not very luxurious for half mil dollars. The inside is very basic. Not impressed
  • Jaswars
    Jaswars 1 year ago agreed
  • Jhari Robinson
    Jhari Robinson 4 months ago True
  • Random Dude
    Random Dude 3 months ago flyboyglenn yeah for 50k they could鈥檝e had a house on wheels twice as nice but not as power ready
  • martyjanderson
    martyjanderson 1 month ago Don't worry... Don't think he's trying to impress you and it's out of your budget so don't worry about how this spent his money...
  • Endless Li
    Endless Li 1 year ago 420k I can build a underground house
  • vondahe
    vondahe 6 months ago But then you wouldn鈥檛 see much and that was the entire purpose of buying this off-road shoebox. For 420K (which was the base price before all the extras), they could buy a truckload of lottery tickets or a mountain range in Tadjikistan but that was also not what they wanted to do.
  • Krane
    Krane 4 months ago And if you already have that?
  • Krane
    Krane 3 months ago Can it travel across the continent?
  • Darryl Bass
    Darryl Bass 1 year ago Overpriced, cumbersome and impractical.
  • HighSpeedNoDrag
    HighSpeedNoDrag 1 year ago And Creepy Owner.
  • Diver, Sky
    Diver, Sky 1 year ago Better than do nothing but complaining about YT videos
  • N Navarro
    N Navarro 1 year ago LOL so does that make you worse cause you're replying to their comments
  • Ryan Sanchez
    Ryan Sanchez 1 year ago why would that make him worse
  • Diver, Sky
    Diver, Sky 1 year ago +Norman Navarro that make you worse cause you're replying Good job with that 5th grade logic!
  • Dusty Korpse
    Dusty Korpse 1 year ago (edited) Overpriced yeah, but cumbersome and impractical?? It can pretty much go anywhere and has everything you need in it. Off grid capability. I don't see your reasoning for your three word synopsis?
  • Daver G
    Daver G 1 year ago Agree but that earth roamer is $550k and their new bigger one is $1.4 million FFS
  • TheSoloAsylum
    TheSoloAsylum 1 year ago I'm trying to figure out where the extra $300K is, I see maybe $130K rig there.
  • The Patriot
    The Patriot 1 year ago people like you are the reason why there is no peace in the world. think about it. deeper.
  • Jaswars
    Jaswars 1 year ago complete RIPOFF imo. I can see paying 120k MAX fully loaded
  • Yar Nunya
    Yar Nunya 1 year ago (edited) You say over priced but he said 1,000 watts of solar and 720 amp hours of lithium batteries. These are very expensive and awesome options, he can run his frickin' air conditioner and microwave OFF OF BATTERIES lol.(with a big enough inverter of course)
  • mwnciboo
    mwnciboo 1 year ago 100% Cumbersome....that is one massive vehicle for going down non-metalled roads. If you aren't leaving established highways why have it engineered like its on the Paris- Dakar?
  • Tt Ss
    Tt Ss 1 year ago pretty much go any where? LOL uhhh no dirt roads yes beyond that hardly good luck recovering that thing when it gets stuck.
  • Tt Ss
    Tt Ss 1 year ago i see less then that
  • Stephen Murphy
    Stephen Murphy 1 year ago Darryl Bass So what think of the of the R.V..?
  • Louie H.
    Louie H. 1 year ago Yeah and WET BATH for over 420k. No way. Sorry 馃憥馃憥馃憥
  • G Henrickson
    G Henrickson 1 year ago Whatever Darryl. IYou might consider prioritizing those opinions you hold so dearly and...keep them to yourself.
  • ssmitty415
    ssmitty415 1 year ago TheSoloAsylum hourly rates for all the people that built it in 5 months
  • Sum Dood
    Sum Dood 11 months ago As someone who works in the RV industry, my main complaint about RVing is the constant maintenance.
  • tomsan84
    tomsan84 10 months ago Maybe, not really, not at all.
  • bjkjoseph
    bjkjoseph 9 months ago They are all overpriced.
  • Simple Chronology
    Simple Chronology 9 months ago Pretty cramped inside for its size, too.
    OMGWTFLOL 9 months ago +TheSoloAsylum - The 80s called, they want their pricing back. $130k doesn't buy you much these days. Certainly not something like this. haha
  • Hopper Mantis
    Hopper Mantis 8 months ago i'd rather a M985 retrofitted with a pop-up
  • jamest1148
    jamest1148 6 months ago The day the zombie apocalypse happens I'll write them a check, and expect immediate delivery. Lol!
  • Marty Lucas
    Marty Lucas 5 months ago TheSoloAsylum, then you don鈥檛 know how to price or worth what paid for. Everything on this vehicle is an upgrade from your normal vehicle. When a Chevrolet Laredo quad cab goes for close to $80K...I鈥檇 say you鈥檙e stuck in the 60鈥檚 or 70鈥檚 with your pricing. Not to mention it鈥檚 mostly hand built utilizing the best of materials to luxury specs.
  • Keith B
    Keith B 5 months ago That's your opinion and I suppose u sit around do nothing and complain about stuff
  • David trueslayor
    David trueslayor 5 months ago and exactly what they wanted so obey there wishes !
  • Calvin H.
    Calvin H. 4 months ago (edited) I would have got the Dynamax Ram 5500 4x4 SLT Chassis with the Cummins 6.7L. and it's MUCH nicer inside, and you can get a 2019 on sale for around $160.000.. And put the airbag lift on it in case you need more ground clearance. It would be more than this gentleman will ever need for offroading. And you will get at least twice the fuel mileage..
  • D G
    D G 4 months ago Possibly overpriced but definatly not impractical. This vehicle gives you the ability to take RV comfort off road ANYWHERE.
  • Jill Jack
    Jill Jack 4 months ago Jealous.
  • Krane
    Krane 3 months ago Impractical for the Ice roads of Alaska?
  • Beverly Balius
    Beverly Balius 3 months ago What a waste of money!!! Shoulda bult a cabin somewhere.
  • ovaltrakker
    ovaltrakker 1 year ago hmm... lets see....what could i do with a Honda CRV...and a friggin tent, an air mattress...and of course..the roughly 417,000 bukks U$ left over..for fuel and ramen noodles... maybe spend a HUNDRED K on customizing and comfort upgrades/gold plating.? and.....uh.. buddy.? got TOOK. (and i'm 61 yrs old..seen my share of the taken.)
  • JesusReigns 3:16
    JesusReigns 3:16 8 months ago To each his own
  • Chris Parlow
    Chris Parlow 7 months ago ovaltrakker ----For the man who has far to much money, must be nice. I better win the lottery .
  • Vanessa
    Vanessa 3 months ago ovaltrakker Lol Yup
  • Wifi Funeral
    Wifi Funeral 3 months ago JesusReigns 3:16 dude sold his house and land for this... he ain't happy by a long shot
  • Narf
    Narf 1 year ago $420,000 base model for that no thanks never in 420,000 years bye.
  • 2fast65
    2fast65 1 year ago Great for you sir get out and enjoy your retirement while you can you earned it great video thanks be safe.
  • Lucifer
    Lucifer 1 year ago 420 good but not as the price.
  • huhhman
    huhhman 1 year ago So what do you do when there's no fuel because you're in the middle of no where? You want to survive a zombie apocalypses? Get a sailboat
  • mrfunkington
    mrfunkington 11 months ago because people on land wont have access to boats with engines, that can easily overtake sailboats - not to mention just how many supplies there are on the ocean - like drinking water, or anything except FISH... You want to REALLY survive, don't tie yourself with one single plan, because when you have to ditch that plan you're left with nothing.
  • ShuSheng Li
    ShuSheng Li 9 months ago 200 gallon of fuel tank, at 8 miles per gallon, goes 1,600 miles in a full tank. guess somewhere in between there is a gas station. :) just need to be aware and do the planing, but with this range, the planning part is really easy.
  • Gene Phipps
    Gene Phipps 9 months ago Most sail boats these days have water makers.
  • georgeh
    georgeh 9 months ago and you can always come ashore and do some hunting
  • The Lazy Gardner
    The Lazy Gardner 3 months ago Thought it was a converted trash truck. Brown is a weird color. Looks like a cross between trash truck and ups truck. Needs a machine gun on top
  • Rocknevada
    Rocknevada 2 weeks ago You lost me at 420k cost
  • Peter R
    Peter R 3 months ago You can buy a tiny home on a trailer, Ford F250 or truck of your choice and save hundreds of thousand of dollars and gas.