6ix9ine Snitches on Chief Keef Shooting + Lil Pump Says Lady Gaga Is On ‘Harvard Dropout’ | NEWS

Published on Feb 1, 2019 7,158 views

This week Bryhana talks 6ix9ine snitching on Chief Keef shooting, Lil Pump feature with Lady Gaga on ‘Harvard Dropout’ and more.

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  • Proxx Gamer
    Proxx Gamer 3 months ago Firsts to like
  • Patty Mayonnaise
    Patty Mayonnaise 3 months ago Rachivity! Lmao. Awesome! 😂😂😂
  • Antwan Young
    Antwan Young 3 months ago Tekashi Snitch 9ine
  • Tiffany Lewis
    Tiffany Lewis 3 months ago 🗣️why is this even matter at this point ...tf y'all really surprised that he a whole snitch😒
  • spoiled milk
    spoiled milk 3 months ago Source of him snitching?? You didn't really go in depth
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  • spoiled milk
    spoiled milk 3 months ago nah nigga
  • Victor Ain’t Listening
    Victor Ain’t Listening 3 months ago Y’all don’t play his music or support him in any way but are quick to call him on his setbacks and call names 👏🏼 L
  • HipHopR&BLover Jon
    HipHopR&BLover Jon 3 months ago Cry about it Snitch9ine stan...😢
  • Adam Young
    Adam Young 3 months ago No surprise 6ix9ine. Punk.
  • Eugene Toma
    Eugene Toma 3 months ago I'm sure you'd do the same. Lol you internet gangstas pussies in real life
  • LotWizzard
    LotWizzard 3 months ago not a punk. hes a puke
    WAKANDASOLDIER 3 months ago she sooo cringeeeeeee
  • peace
    peace 3 months ago So what if he Snitchin his homies was tryin to framed him and kill him first
  • Mann Parikh
    Mann Parikh 3 months ago 1:03 @69 news
    MINISTER SLOW STROKER 3 months ago Nothing really
  • Joe Osrs
    Joe Osrs 3 months ago His funky outfits, her funky outfits. How does that in anyway contribute to them making decent music together lol?
  • TheConMan
    TheConMan 3 months ago We don't talk about music here anymore.. Its all fashion and gossip. They cant make money off hip hop anymore so they went even more mainstream
  • mikebeets
    mikebeets 3 months ago She looks like a fraggle