Welcome to our Home: A Tour of our Class B Motorhome

Published on Mar 19, 2016 2,217,990 views

Welcome to our Home: A Tour of our Class B Motorhome. This is our Roadtrek CS Adventurous XL. We give so many tours of this in person that we thought it would make sense to also give a video tour of our motorhome. Let us know anything you want more information on. But we travel in our RV about six or seven months out of every year. Also please subscribe to our RV Lifestyle channel.Thanks for watching!

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  • justacitizen
    justacitizen 1 year ago You know what? Your Class B Motorhome is very nice and all but, I think more than anything else it's your attitude and positivity that is extremely beautiful. I think anyone could own this motorhome, but not everyone could appreciate it and be as happy as you two are. I honestly, enjoyed every minute of this video and it is great to see that you enjoy living in your motorhome and are so proud of showing it to the world. Good for you and stay safe!
  • Rosalyn Martin
    Rosalyn Martin 9 months ago justacitizen well said
  • highborn superb
    highborn superb 2 weeks ago Totally agree!!!
  • AlternativelyEmilia
    AlternativelyEmilia 2 years ago Watching this video and this couple just made me happy. Like I want to be like them when I'm older.
  • Judy, Judy, Judy
    Judy, Judy, Judy 1 year ago AlternativelyChiic: A nice comment and not insulting. Just because they/me are older doesn't mean they shouldn't do fun things. Grandma & Grandpa of yesteryear are gone forever! Love's still there, just not the rocker on the front porch.
  • lee GymRoyalty
    lee GymRoyalty 1 year ago AlternativelyChiic me 2
  • blobcity
    blobcity 1 year ago better start saving now,. that thing is extremely expensive.
  • Tommy Robert
    Tommy Robert 1 year ago better start saving your money
  • strawburybounce
    strawburybounce 11 months ago Everytime I see a happy older couple, I wonder if thatโ€™s their second or third spouse ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
  • Ken Eisenhower
    Ken Eisenhower 11 months ago hitchhiker r
  • Nancy H
    Nancy H 11 months ago Most of us can't afford it!
  • Matthew Alkman
    Matthew Alkman 11 months ago older? Why wait?
  • Jesus Christ King of kings Lord Of lords
    Jesus Christ King of kings Lord Of lords 11 months ago Before you jumped in get a conversation van. Get the experience... cheaper, this vans around 100k
    MGTOW 11 months ago (edited) I'm older than their age, but still yet to live this dream. I will though, when my 2nd life partner is found.
  • lee lunk
  • Uilium Powell
    Uilium Powell 11 months ago You must learn to drive big rigs to drive that?
  • lee lunk
    lee lunk 11 months ago THAT'S A CLASS B RV VAN, VERY EASY TO DRIVE
  • Joe Vega
    Joe Vega 10 months ago AlternativelyEmilia, just bought a van whant to come along?
  • Martin Tramil
    Martin Tramil 10 months ago yeah, I was just gonna comment the same thing, so good to see a happy couple...cheers :-)
  • James O'Connor
    James O'Connor 9 months ago He's a newsman in Detroit.
  • coolwater55
    coolwater55 9 months ago AlternativelyEmilia I had the same sense about their compatibility!
  • Professor B
    Professor B 7 months ago Don't blink life is short everyone is old enjoy everyday.
  • Neil Young
    Neil Young 7 months ago Respect
  • Yosรซ
    Yosรซ 6 months ago why not now?
  • Lard
    Lard 5 months ago You want to be a salesman later on in life? A life goal for you?
  • Actiontech
    Actiontech 5 months ago AlternativelyEmilia Such a modest dream. Living in a van
  • Robert Williams
    Robert Williams 4 months ago Emilia how pretty you are you wont have an issues with going old with a good guy super cute
  • Hermann Goering
    Hermann Goering 4 months ago Let's get married, baby.
  • Dougie
    Dougie 3 years ago Paradise is a state of mind. Tremendous little Class B, I wish you many happy miles in it. ATB from Scotland.
  • Emanuel R.
    Emanuel R. 2 years ago Nice couple and home
  • Laini Mitchell
    Laini Mitchell 2 years ago I love your home. I'd love to do this some day. Also, you're both very personable and nice to watch. Thank you for sharing. :)
  • drsharmamahesh
    drsharmamahesh 2 years ago thanks for sharing your experience....... Have a good time always .
  • PiranhaJaw22
    PiranhaJaw22 1 year ago i went from a video about a woman living in her car for $500 a month to this video.
  • Coon Music
    Coon Music 3 months ago PiranhaJaw22 where is that video at?
  • EzE Eze
    EzE Eze 1 month ago PiranhaJaw22 Yes! I think I saw the same one. It was humbling. What a world of difference!
  • Scott H
    Scott H 11 months ago Thanks to the both of you for inviting us into your home. Your grandbabies are so blessed!
  • Mary Nax
    Mary Nax 2 years ago You are a great couple leading a full life. It's a wonderful home. Continued safe travels to you.
  • Judy, Judy, Judy
    Judy, Judy, Judy 1 year ago Mary Nax: Very nice reply! I wonder why some people try to spoil it for others? It's so unnecessary to say unkind/lurid things.
  • JeFFreyZ
    JeFFreyZ 2 years ago Cool grandpa & grandma
  • RV Lifestyle
    RV Lifestyle 1 year ago (edited) That we are... a grandpa and grandma... and happy to be!
  • RV Lifestyle
    RV Lifestyle 1 year ago And proud to be a grandma and grandpa!
  • emmachomao
    emmachomao 11 months ago Your grandkids are so lucky.
  • Calleigh Abeleda
    Calleigh Abeleda 6 months ago thersnge
  • LUKA Wallis
    LUKA Wallis 3 months ago Yep
  • paul young
    paul young 2 years ago grandad & grandma always thinking about others...... you made my day ๐Ÿ‘
  • Pinay ASMR
    Pinay ASMR 2 years ago paul young ๐Ÿ‘
  • David Irthum
    David Irthum 1 year ago I am nearing my retirement age and have friends that own type A and type C RV's and they say the best economical way to travel is a Class B.
  • john son of Morris
    john son of Morris 2 years ago "You gotta keep all your gear charged" ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
  • halfrousseau69
    halfrousseau69 1 year ago Don't care much for RVs - but love their passion for life!
  • Reda Yoga
    Reda Yoga 2 years ago Love the dog
  • Matt E
    Matt E 11 months ago Can I adopt you as my grandparents?
  • RV Lifestyle
    RV Lifestyle 11 months ago Sure!!!! We'd be honored!
  • Kristopher Wood
    Kristopher Wood 2 years ago such a sweet woman
  • Maxime Mobayen
    Maxime Mobayen 2 years ago you guys are a cute couple
  • John Pontier
    John Pontier 2 years ago These people are not actors. Mike is a veteran TV and radio journalist who actually owns and travels in a Roadtrek with his wife Jennifer. They have a Roadtreking blog and podcast that is partly sponsored by Roadtrek. The video looks professional because these people are professionals but they aren't actors and this is not a factory commercial.
  • Kennyd Silva
    Kennyd Silva 2 years ago John Pontier
  • jcubed821
    jcubed821 2 years ago Thanks for mentioning their blog. I am eager to start following it. :)
  • Judy, Judy, Judy
    Judy, Judy, Judy 1 year ago Thank you for letting us know!
  • Michele Easley
    Michele Easley 1 year ago John Pontier
  • Alvaro aka Tico
    Alvaro aka Tico 1 year ago Even if they were actors trying to sell a product, what counts is the message behind the product. This class B home pretty much sells itself, I really like it, except for the solar panels on the roof. During a heavy storm and lightning I wouldn't want to get caught in it with no place to go. A lot of things can go wrong. I'll research one without. Thanks for the video, very informative.
  • Doris Lamond
    Doris Lamond 11 months ago hitchhike
  • Happybidr
    Happybidr 11 months ago I thought so. He has a great set of pipes. (I was in radio for awhile.)
  • brainwashedliberals
    brainwashedliberals 7 months ago @Alvaro aka Tico Where did you get your misinformation that solar panels increase lighting strike potential?
  • Rachael's tubers
    Rachael's tubers 7 months ago Doris Lamond +
  • christy Dunn
    christy Dunn 5 months ago Good job
  • Ying
    Ying 2 years ago You're a lovely couple. Thanks for the video