FOR MEN ONLY: Advice for RV Husbands with Mike Wendland | RV Lifestyle

Published on Feb 4, 2018 26,623 views

A few videos back, Jennifer delivered some straight talk to RV wives about RV living. Now, it's my turn. This time, I'm talking to RV husbands. I'm offering my personal advice, based a lot on things I've learned the hard way about van life and RV travel with my wife. This is aimed at husbands new to the RV lifestyle, whose wives may not be as enthusiastic for life on the road as they are. But there's a lot here that I think will be helpful to everyone, whether they be RV fulltimers or RV newbies.

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  • Steve Hericks
    Steve Hericks 1 year ago Great comments. I'm am a mechanical engineer and very handy. I help a lot of folks but also teach a lot of people how to use tools and make repairs. There seem to be mostly two types of men I run into on the road; 1) Those who have few tools and few skills but know their limits and 2) Those who have ALL the tools and the same few skills. They are truly dangerous because they quickly get in over their head.......I always advise when asked what tools to bring that you should bring the tools you know how to use. Knowledge is always more important than tools because it keeps you on the safe side of your problem.
  • sleepy314
    sleepy314 1 year ago USPS sells shipping boxes that have a flat rate for any weight contents. Good way to ship those souvenirs home.
  • John E Baker III
    John E Baker III 1 year ago (edited) Excellent video, Mike!! In Re: Your Three-30 Rule... Many full-timers try to follow the "2-2-2 Rule." That is: Don't drive over 2 hours in a day; Stop for the day by 2 PM; STAY in one place for at least 2 days. I'm not a full-timer and, I have to admit, your guideline is way more appealing and probably even more feasible. Some campgrounds' check-in time is not until 2 or 3 PM... So, whaddayadoo for that hour, eh? However, SOMEtimes the journey IS the destination. We have a set route/campgrounds/stopping places for food & fuel from Alabama to Breckenridge for snowboarding every year. We do have travel days that are up to 6 hours; never more than that. Most of our stops are 3Β½ to 4 hours apart, which also greatly helps in getting acclimated to altitude as each campground/overnight/2-nights is a little higher in elevation than the last. Sure saves on getting those bangin' headaches out on the slopes at 10,000 feet! I also agree with you about consumption. Yeah, sometimes it's fun to "throw down" and get polluted like we did in our 20's... But the real problem w/that is that we're NOT in our 20's anymore! These rickety ol' bodies are now being held together by stents, Lipitor and a wing 'n' a prayer! Don't do that to yourselves, guys! Or you either, women! Then, what many of us also don't realize is that excess consumption often also leads to a KILLER hangover! Frankly, I don't know that I want to be out on the road with a fellow RVer headed in the opposite direction who has a head the size of Montana! Simply put: You... Are... NOT... Being... SAFE!!! Even if you are not actively drinking, you're not in total control of your ΓΌber-huge rig when you're in that condition!! Fine. Drink. Get a little buzzed. Enjoy yourself. Do a little line dancing. But don't abuse yourself so much that you risk me & mine the next day when you get behind the wheel. ::Super Rant Mode OFF:: Besides... Y'don't have to worry about such things in Colorado! ;)
  • allentown Gal
    allentown Gal 1 year ago Gosh I love you guys! It's great that you and Jennifer give such frank advice. I am a single 61 yr old female who can't wait to retire and get my first rv! As a woman, I still get great value from this video because I will be better able to understand and converse with other women regarding their road experience. Also, Mike... no offense but it's great to hear a guy admit he has no mechanical aptitude and relies strictly on road service and rv dealers. That eases my mind that I can do the same when I hit the road. Also takes a confident man to admit what they don't know! Nothing like living with a guy who does his best but is really a Rube Goldberg and can't admit he's beyond his limits! Thanks again for the great videos.
  • Animals Animals
    Animals Animals 1 year ago allentown Gal Yes, eases my mind that I'll figure it out too.
  • Margie Emack
    Margie Emack 1 year ago We buy a walking stick every year and when we travel we buy badges from all the places we go to , this stick hangs over our dinette and we can see where we have been without taking up too much room !
  • Scenic Driveways
    Scenic Driveways 1 year ago Inspect your belts before they break . Replace them and throw the old one under the seat for emergencies .
  • TomJeffersonWasRight
    TomJeffersonWasRight 1 year ago On any traveling day, I set my time of departure according to the time I want to arrive at the destination, leaving some spare time for emergencies (like really tempting yard sales). That way, I arrive early in the afternoon, easily reading signs and enjoying all the scenery in good light, and have a bit of time to set up camp and socialize on arrival.
  • Cheryl Ownbey
    Cheryl Ownbey 1 year ago What a wonderful vlog! I really appreciate all you had to say and especially how you said it. My husband and I have been full time for eighteen years and still love one another, more than that we enjoy each others company. You really did give good solid advice. Comunication is key to getting along as is compromise. Cheryl
  • windsongshf
    windsongshf 1 year ago (edited) 18 years!!! Wow, that's cool :)
  • Latada
    Latada 1 year ago What a great informative video Mike! I think you covered all the basic bases, and you did so with respect to all. Your videos are just so inspirational. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experiences in these somewhat sensitive areas. Wishing you both miles of smiles.
  • RV Lifestyle
    RV Lifestyle 1 year ago Thanks Latada for the kind encouragement to me. In this day of political correctness, I didn't want to offend anyone. I think the vast majority of those seeing the video will understand my heart in sharing these things but I'm sure some will be offended. But the topics I cover in the video keep coming up as we meet people so I thought I'd address them in a video "chat"-style report.
  • Dane Heule
    Dane Heule 1 year ago Latada i7
  • Andy Cauthen
    Andy Cauthen 1 year ago Thank you for the good advice, Mike. My wife and I are first-year RVers (Airstream 25',) and your comments are well-taken.
  • Nico Veenkamp
    Nico Veenkamp 1 year ago Mike, great advice. I have convinced my wife just to try out RV-ing by renting a campervan and take a two week trip to France and back. At first I was planning 600+ kilometer days of travel but when I looked back at this planning I remembered my mountaineering days when I would end up at my bivouac or campsite no later than 4pm, just to enjoy and relax. And decided to do that also with the campervan trip. So your 330 advice resonates with me. I look forward to our trip to France in April and hope that my wife will find it as enjoyable as I think it is. We are both sixty plus years of age but still love camping in our small tent and travel on our tandem bike. But I think this is now the time to move into another direction. So hopefully, with the advice and encouragement of people like you and Jennifer, I believe we can keep on travelling and enjoying ourselves in a more comfortable environment.
  • RV Lifestyle
    RV Lifestyle 1 year ago Great planing, Nico! You are doing it right!
  • Girl Rogue
    Girl Rogue 1 year ago Exactly - it's not always all about counting the miles & moments passing by, but soaking in those precious moments and seeing the sights, not speeding by them. You have a very special oppurtunity to make some awesome memories! Enjoy it!
  • Where RV TV
    Where RV TV 1 year ago We are new to the Rv community, I am having my husband watch your video
  • Robert Esposito
    Robert Esposito 1 year ago I just got my first RV a class b Mercedes sprinter and I really appreciate the heads up, great advice
  • Bernie Vielwerth
    Bernie Vielwerth 11 months ago Good advise, thx. Bernie in Palm Springs California
  • Alan Heath
    Alan Heath 1 year ago My experience is that when I initially meet a woman she thinks that it is great that I live in a van, within two weeks I get her excuses why she cannot do it, within three weeks it is that I am irresponsible for doing it and within four weeks she is a memory. Or maybe I am exaggerating. It does not last that long!
  • Victor Santana
    Victor Santana 11 months ago Excellent video and funny. And we must remember that an RV is not a man cave with a female companion. It's a romantic adventure to share with the one you love. Thanks
  • New Roads
    New Roads 1 year ago Great tips and we are looking to start this lifestyle. I'm From Canada and we want to tour the USA in the winter months so i find your channel here helping Us get ready for the adventure
  • Norma Baldridge
    Norma Baldridge 1 year ago Nice information, now if I can have my better half to watch this. He is good as gold but has a few habits that really irk me.
  • Trey's Universe
    Trey's Universe 11 months ago We found that what brought marital bliss in our full-time RV life was having two television that can receive two different DirecTV channels. That way I don't go crazy watching Hallmark Movies and My wife doesn't leave me for watching NASCAR!
  • K M
    K M 1 year ago I adore you! You talked like a wise father sending his child off into the world with wisdom only a father can teach. Great job I enjoyed this video. Now I am going to watch your wifes. :-) Subscribed!