What Solo Female RVers Need to Know about Staying Safe and RV Living | RV Lifestyle

Published on Feb 14, 2018 47,339 views

Some estimates say as many as a third of all RVers out there on the roads are solo female travelers. In this video, Jennifer talks to three veteran women RVers who talk about solo traveling, van life, RV living and being safe while out on the road.

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  • Trilby Arnold
    Trilby Arnold 1 year ago I'm 76 and have been traveling solo all my adult life. I've only had 2 times I was concerned and all it took to resolve was to leave and take a different route. I've been in a tent, in my hatchback, in a 12' trailer and now in a small dodge ram van. I have 12 square feet of walk around space but am quite comfortable. I have all the facility of a larger unit just at a more minimal level, no tanks to deal with. I am armed but doubt I will ever have need. No need for fear, there is little out there wanting to hurt you. I've always gotten great service from the garages on the road I've needed from time to time. I'm an intermittent nomad being on the road about 50% of my time. I'm an artist so travel is part of that. Just go for it.
  • Janet May Gould
    Janet May Gould 1 year ago Trilby Arnold i
  • marlene carson
    marlene carson 11 months ago I'm 76 and I'm sooo tempted to rv on my own ...I've never rved ...what do you think?
  • LovingAtlanta
    LovingAtlanta 1 year ago 👍This was terrific info. 😔So sorry Lisa’s husband passed away. 😍I love how these women have independent spirits & positive attitudes. 💞
  • Melissa Oltman
    Melissa Oltman 1 year ago I LOVE these women who are married and still can go out and do this even when their husbands aren't really interested. That is a HUGE thing and yet, if you think about it, men have been going off fishing, hunting or whatever forever. Women, at least in my case, tend to feel a little guilty about jumping the traces and going off Solo. Thank you SO much for sharing these!
  • Barry M
    Barry M 1 year ago If you are living separate lives, do you really have a relationship.
  • Melissa Oltman
    Melissa Oltman 1 year ago I think yes. I think people can have their own intense interests and hobbies and still have vibrant loving relationships.
  • Sheila Qualls
    Sheila Qualls 1 year ago Barry M I don’t know how you can say that going on a vacation without your spouse is living separate lives! Like the one lady is retired but her husband is still working & seems to travel for work quite a bit so instead of sitting around the house, which there is nothing wrong with that either, she is traveling & doing something she enjoys. May not work for your relationship but it certainly can work for some people. I am retired my spouse is still working, I travel solo, mostly cruises. It works for us.
  • Wandering Free
    Wandering Free 1 year ago You're a great interviewer Jennifer. Thank you for the video. My daughter and I are going full time in 47 days. Safe travels Jennifer.
  • GallieSallie
    GallieSallie 1 year ago Good luck, that sounds exciting!
  • Sarah Wilson
    Sarah Wilson 1 year ago Update?
  • Ranch Gal
    Ranch Gal 1 year ago I am a single female and travel in a 2006 Dodge diesel pickup pulling a Airstream. I have found that Certified auto repair shops plus looking at reviews on the internet and Yelp have been the absolute best thing I have found. I have needed work done. I have gotten it done fast and responsibly priced. Dealerships are the worst. Sad but true. I did find one dealetship in Ohio that was good. But i found them using online reviews. If something or someone doesn't FEEL RIGHT at that moment do not ignore the warning. Don't discount your own ability to take care of yourself. I get along very well and enjoy. Traveling alone gets easier each month. Start wirh short trips and only go 10 feet past your comfort zone.
  • miles and coffee rv
    miles and coffee rv 10 months ago Ranch Gal Good advice!
  • Jean Decker
    Jean Decker 1 year ago Great interviews. I had never thought of going out camping without my husband, but I might give it some serious thought. He's quite a home body, and I feel like I'm imposing on him to take me. Thanks for sharing these adventurous ladies' stories.
  • FR3 At Last
    FR3 At Last 1 year ago Do these ladies have YouTube channels? Would be fun to follow their journeys.🚍
  • A Girl, Her Dog, And RV
    A Girl, Her Dog, And RV 1 year ago a girl, her dog, and rv (youtube)
  • Theresa Tumbleweed
    Theresa Tumbleweed 1 year ago All these women have financial security in case of an emergency, a bit different than the most woman on the road
  • Annette Billingsley
    Annette Billingsley 1 year ago I was thinking the same thing.
  • Debi Caron
    Debi Caron 1 year ago If they haven't any money for emergencies, they shouldn't be on the road.
  • Julie Purpleskater
    Julie Purpleskater 1 year ago Some people are on the road because they have no other choice.
  • Vanessa
    Vanessa 4 months ago Debi Caron Being on the road is sometimes the step someone without financial security needs to take in order to cut expenses and become someone with a savings.
  • Arvind Mallya
    Arvind Mallya 1 year ago A wonderful interview it will apply to all travelers both Men and Women
  • Shavauna Ronan
    Shavauna Ronan 1 year ago Amazing women. Really enjoyed listening to them tell their stories. They are so positive and confident in their abilities to travel alone. I am one of those women who is very fearful to travel alone. Like many women, I have some past negative experiences and have not been anywhere on my own in a long time. I have a rescued a 5 year old 110 lb black male German Shepherd Dog who came into my life most 2 years ago who I love to bits. He is a huge part of my life. I am now able to walk anywhere I want, even in the woods. Because of the bond I have with my dog, I than started thinking about, gee, maybe now I can start travelling again. I have recently bought a small class B+ motorhome, and am planning to do short trips first to get comfortable. Having said that, I know I couldn't and wouldn't go without my dog. As is the case with many rescue dogs, he has actually rescued me, lol. I admire all these women, they are truly an inspiration to me.
    NJSMKMMS 1 year ago That is such a nice story. You saved each other. Thats why I call dogs, especially rescue dogs, angels in fur coats.
  • Shavauna Ronan
    Shavauna Ronan 1 year ago NJSMKMMS I love your comment about dogs. If us humans were more like our dogs, this world would be a much better place. They truly are Angels in fur coats.
    NJSMKMMS 1 year ago Oh absolutely my friend. I have never been with out a dog or 3, and I mean since I was about 3 years old. When I was a child I would see a stray, lost or abandoned dog and I could sense how forlorn they were. I would feel the same as they did and it was truely heart wrenching. A physical pain that
    NJSMKMMS 1 year ago could not not be remedied until they found their owners again, or some one else they could learn to attach themselves to. So I feel like I know their pure little hearts. Thats how I know they are angels. About your experience "Me Too" and I'm so glad you are better now. As for me my "injury"
    NJSMKMMS 1 year ago I obviously didn't handle it appropriately and I believe it turned in on me and caused a laundry list of severe, debilitating chronic illnesses. I had a little rescue dog, Sunny who I lost recently, we had her for 14 years and in all that time she never left my side. As hard as it was to say good
    NJSMKMMS 1 year ago bye to her I couldn't let her suffer, I know what suffering is all about and I never want to see another living thing go through that. She had some medicine and took her last breath in my arms. I was happy she wouldn't hurt any more. Sad for me but happy she died in her ulimate happy place.
  • Shavauna Ronan
    Shavauna Ronan 1 year ago NJSMKMMS That is so wonderful that you have had dogs since you were 3. You have a sensitivity and empathy for dogs in need, you truly have a big heart. We need more people like you in this world!
  • Young 1
    Young 1 1 year ago Shavauna Ronan me too! I rescued my 120 5000 beautiful white German shepherd Molly, and she rescued me! I also am looking into this lifestyle and feel that I can go anywhere with her. She’s better than a pistol although I have one of those two Ha ha ha! Appreciate your remarks and agree wholeheartedly!
  • Red Sox!
    Red Sox! 1 year ago Shavauna Ronan Are you an RVer??
  • Red Sox!
    Red Sox! 1 year ago Shavauna Ronan Yep ...you got that sooooo Right! This Brit thinks if people were more like animals I would be all in love with this world again!
  • Shavauna Ronan
    Shavauna Ronan 1 year ago Red Sox! I aspire to be one one day, lol
  • Red Sox!
    Red Sox! 1 year ago Shavauna Ronan Me too! ....I'm a Brit ...hope you did not mind me asking, ...nosy Brit ...lol I've seen the nice pic with the nice hair a few times, I thought I wonder if she's an RVer ....lol
  • Shavauna Ronan
    Shavauna Ronan 1 year ago Red Sox! Ha ha ha, I like nosy Brit's. I am a polite Canadian, lol. I absolutely don't mind you asking at all.
  • Gail Wall
    Gail Wall 10 months ago take that dog with you and no one will come near
  • Red Sox!
    Red Sox! 10 months ago (edited) Shavauna Ronan I did not realise you were Canadian. Lovely country, I've been twice. 1991 and 2009
  • Red Sox!
    Red Sox! 10 months ago Shavauna Ronan Wow is Shavauna your real name?? If it is, it's a Stunning! Maybe it's a Canadian word that means something and I'm going to make myself sound silly, won't be the first time! ...lol I remember your other commitments, you said you were planning on becoming an RVer. It made me think Wow just imagine RVing in Canada ....OMG! What a Stunning country to RV in, it's totally amazing to think of what God created. I've not seen Loads of Canada, and what I have seen has mostly been on TV, but what a Stunning country! I could Easily go and travel in Canada for the next few years! I was recently in Wyoming for 5 months, I had checked out videos on YouTube of the Train from East to West coast of Canada, I was thinking Wow that would be so cool to travel! I'm sure the train would be cool, but traveling across Canada in an RV .....Wow that would be something!
  • Joe O
    Joe O 1 year ago TRUST YOUR GUT is in my opinion the most important. A single man with good intentions will NEVER approach a single woman after dark. Not even to ask for help looking for a lost puppy! Be proactive! Always park with an easy exit available preferably in front and back. If a creepy person comes and leaves, he may be back later now that he knows you are alone. Leave, Trust your gut and leave! Don't think weapons will save you! If you need them, it's way too late. If you survive an attack, you will be changed for ever! If there are no threats... Relax and enjoy.
  • BridgetWoof's Van
    BridgetWoof's Van 1 year ago Joe O I always have had a pair and of Large hiking boots sitting in easily seen location outside by a door with a mat on the ground. Always two lawn chairs sitting out of one is outside..two is there. My ( invisible) traveling partner that wears the big men's boots needs a chair too! It works....thank you so much Joe for you honest comments!
  • barney61ful
    barney61ful 4 months ago Joe O, You have many great recommendations. " Don't think weapons will save you!" Maybe not...but I respect and practice our 2nd Amendment...... With training, ongoing practice, a knowledge of situational awareness, escalating defensive capabilities (having more than 1 defensive capability) due to the potential threat (am I in a parking lot or a isolated trail with brush on both sides). Always have a CCW know the carry laws in the state you are in, defend accordingly. Read and study (books, videos, classes). Attack scenarios and defensive recommendations.
  • Melanie Simpson
    Melanie Simpson 4 months ago @BridgetWoof's Van Love that idea!!!
  • Ruby James
    Ruby James 1 year ago actually you are in more danger in your own home than you are on the road, sadly. i have been on the road for years and never had any trouble. but i have pulled up camp in the middle of the night in my pj's because it didn't feel right. all these ladies said the same thing, trust your instincts and be aware of your surroundings.
  • laynn 10
    laynn 10 1 year ago Such wonderful ladies! Thank you for sharing your stories and tips with us. Lisa I am so sorry for loss of your husband Bill. I know how difficult it can be to lose your loved one. If there is ever a trip you feel two would better than one let me know :) God Bless all the ladies traveling alone and keep them safe.
  • John E Baker III
    John E Baker III 1 year ago BRAVO, Jennifer!! What an eye-opening and uplifting video!! Perhaps it could be summed up as: Excuses are for wimps!! ;) Meanwhile... Watch your tail swing, keep th' greasy side down and keep it 'tweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen th' ditches, Y'All!!
  • Julia C
    Julia C 1 year ago Good job Jennifer! Remember those early videos when you were shy on camera? Now a journalist in your own right!
  • Ramblingruby
    Ramblingruby 1 year ago These women have financial security while traveling. The women that have to live this way are an entirely different group.
    VIOLETA BRANCA 11 months ago hi, they live off social security, and some retirement pensions, one lives rather cheaply....my fear is that predators may come over time...power to the females.
  • Ramblingruby
    Ramblingruby 11 months ago A lot of older ladies and gentlemen do not have retirement pensions.
  • comfortouch
    comfortouch 8 months ago Don't forget their husbands are still working, and for the lady who's husband died, she probably had a payment from a life insurance policy.
  • SJ R
    SJ R 1 year ago (edited) "Solo" use to be my vanity license plate my tweeter acc is solos and I plan on going on the road Solo, soon! But, I have panic attacks if I think I am lost. I got lose in the woods once and developed the habit of 'panic attacks' I can't seem to shake, so that will be a challenge. Yes, garage men will take advantage, it happens too often, not only garage men but, most men I have worked for me, if they try to pull something, they don't come back, I've gone through dozens of dishonest workers They name me the Bxtch for good reason
  • Kim Bosch
    Kim Bosch 1 year ago im solo too and i hate being lost omg anxiety
  • Chris R
    Chris R 1 year ago Love this!  These ladies are living a full life!
  • rcarmel
    rcarmel 1 year ago Steel Magnolias!
  • Giovanni Funaro
    Giovanni Funaro 1 year ago It was nice to hear that they weren't all men-haters. They all seemed pretty positive about living. I liked it.