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Published on Jan 29, 2019 1,365,819 views

Looking after your deep cycles batteries that you spent so much money on is important to ensure a good life span, solar panels allow you to keep them constantly at full charge while your touring.
Are expensive solar panels worth it? is there anything wrong with using cheap solar panels?
In this video I test a cheap solar panel from Sunyee and a expensive panel from a local store called Itechworld. Also in this test we see if having an MPPT solar regulator is really does give your more amps over a PWM regulator.

Sunyee 100w Solar Panel

Itechworld 100w Solar Panel

  • Belcoth Tan Cheng Fai
    Belcoth Tan Cheng Fai 2 months ago sunyee 100W panels are now out of stock thanks to this video XD
  • Anime watch
    Anime watch 1 month ago There 100W are totally sold out everywhere. They still got 200W in stock.
  • Travisw Williams
    Travisw Williams 1 month ago @Anime watch Amazon
  • em em
    em em 3 weeks ago Yes but do they degrade quicker or... slower?
  • NoBrakesOnTheRapeTrain cho cho
    NoBrakesOnTheRapeTrain cho cho 2 weeks ago (edited) @em em slower ofc. surface ratio is higher. degrade slower. :)
  • John Bolenbaugh
    John Bolenbaugh 1 week ago Would you like to work for my solar company in Australia. Please look at and the videos explain how you can sell solar systems over the internet and by phone. Commissions are amazing. And local solar companies will install. We are a solar brokerage that's in America, Australia and Canada. Contact me anytime or please refer anyone to my company.
  • Blhaa blhaa
    Blhaa blhaa 1 week ago and gone up 50% in price LOL
  • Tucker Latham
    Tucker Latham 2 months ago ITECH tech support: "You're using the wrong kind of sun"
  • mgarc79
    mgarc79 2 months ago Tucker Latham well yeah everyone knows the sun down under is upside down
  • RoastedBattleSquirrL
    RoastedBattleSquirrL 2 months ago So you have to turn the panel face down?
    IVAN HORVAT 2 months ago @mgarc79 L. O. L. 😄
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    theDaftman 2 months ago Dark Side of the Sun issues lol
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    heyidiot 2 months ago Yes, Lt. Uhura sez, "It's not the sun in sky, but the son of God!"
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    Eugene Bigay. 1990 American Skaters 3 weeks ago @Anime watch or you can go to a prostitute and she will give you a new sun.
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    tukangbobo 2 weeks ago @Eugene Bigay. 1990 American Skaters it's gonna be bastard sun.
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    kenny loong 2 weeks ago the moment he switch the cloud immediately run atop :D
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    Mr. Horror 3 months ago (edited) You're one of those folks who always looks like they're smiling.......
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    Stevie FordRanger 3 months ago *they’re
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    David Watts 2 months ago @Seek Adventure he stop smiling for a split second when he bent the cheap one till it made a cracking sound. Momentarily he had a terrified look on his face
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    Alex Paulsen 2 months ago Pulling faces as a kid while the wind changed direction. My parents always warned me about that.
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    Zack Harper 2 months ago Versus what....resting bitch face? Bahahaha who'd complain about that
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    Mike Sloan 2 months ago @David Watts That is Hilarious!!
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    Jon P 2 months ago That's 1.48a difference.
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  • em em
    em em 3 weeks ago (edited) Please post follow up after a year or so of usage... curious if they keep performing over the long run!
  • John Bolenbaugh
    John Bolenbaugh 1 week ago Would you like to work for my solar company in Australia. Please look at and the videos explain how you can sell solar systems over the internet and by phone. Commissions are amazing. And local solar companies will install. We are a solar brokerage that's in America, Australia and Canada. Contact me anytime or please refer anyone to my company.
  • Bob Dalton
    Bob Dalton 2 months ago that’s why they left the output sticker off...ROFL
  • ben russ
    ben russ 2 weeks ago the cheaper one is the one performing better
  • Fishman Fairclough
    Fishman Fairclough 2 weeks ago Yep that is the one without the amp or watt output on the sticker.
  • Legin Sreep
    Legin Sreep 1 month ago Glossy finish is reflecting precious photons
  • Robbie Callaghan
    Robbie Callaghan 2 weeks ago that was my first thought. as soon as he compared them i was like "why on earth would you make a reflective panel. that's the absolute opposite of what you want"
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    Biff Roberts 1 month ago This was worth watching just to hear that you were "gob smacked".
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    neil parker 4 days ago probably should have bent the #%*^ of them after the test
  • AtTheZebo
    AtTheZebo 1 month ago $63.69 per amp vs $16.15 per amp! No contest!
  • Mark Meadows
    Mark Meadows 3 days ago american government: CHINA is ILLEGALLY STEALING intellectual property from THE SUN
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    Eric Huff 2 months ago Box states "fragile" in all bold red print. Commences to throw them around like they are flapjacks on a griddle.
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    untubus 1 month ago Guess what those panels will be going through on the roof of that fourby ;-)
  • Retinetin
    Retinetin 1 month ago What idiots thought it would be a good idea to put a reflective coating on a solar panel? Even if it's clear, you're still losing light that COULD'VE reached the pannel also i learned more aussie lingo in 15 minutes than I've heard my entire life
  • James Tan
    James Tan 1 month ago I'm just speculating but the reflective coating may improve the lifespan of the panel or make it easier to clean and upkeep. It could also reflect unnecessary wavelengths that may degrade components in the long run. It'd be really interesting to see how well these two stack up against one another in a few years time.
  • demonchild 74
    demonchild 74 1 month ago James Tan I thought the same thing, if they get to hot they don't work as well, the reflection might keep it a bit cooler
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    Josephine Oliver 3 weeks ago I'm an Aussie and I just couldn't get over how Aussie he sounds! He's probably from the outback but good for him ☺
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    His Assholiness 3 weeks ago he forgot to take off that thin sheet of plastic , like they put on phones and remote controls etc to protect the surface during shipping ...*runs*...
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    jasiel delgado 2 weeks ago Josephine Oliver wog
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    Johnny Mac 2 months ago I seriously want to hang out with you and buy you a beer mate. Great video
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    bounty hunter 2 months ago (edited) Maths are not your speciality!! 6.19-4.71=1.48 5.97-5.1=0.87 :-)
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    Jim Jong 1 month ago Or yours lol
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    bounty hunter 1 month ago (edited) ??
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    Tony Alagenchev 1 month ago I hope someone is counting the money for your bounty . You sure suck at mathS
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    MrBababuwi 1 month ago His math teacher is furious at this video 14:44 now
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    Little Black Sambo 1 month ago @Jim Jong check your math. bounty hunters is correct.
  • Jim Jong
    Jim Jong 1 month ago @little black sambo, You obviously didn’t see the reply to that before mine which has since been deleted so get back in your box lol
  • j mcmann
    j mcmann 1 month ago Thats arithmetic...not mathematics
  • theSolarisDragon
    theSolarisDragon 1 month ago To be fair it's pretty pointless to compare amperage when they aren't necessarily at the same voltage.
  • j mcmann
    j mcmann 1 month ago crushed by train at 1 mph or by car at 60 are still dead
  • Michael Metzler Sr
    Michael Metzler Sr 1 month ago (edited) Correct: Math 'IS NOT' your specialty. Incorrect: It's NOT 'Maths Are Not.' Besides that, it's Arithmetic and not Math. You should NOT criticize others when you too have your own faults. ENGLISH!
  • theSolarisDragon
    theSolarisDragon 1 month ago @Michael Metzler Sr It's correct if you aren't an American. Perhaps you should consider that other countries exist.
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    Soul Catcher 1 month ago da muss ein Deutscher eintreten um Ordnung zu Schafen ;=P@Michael Metzler Sr
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    MsFredwina 1 month ago I seriously read the comments only to make sure someone else checked his math too 😂
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    j mcmann 1 month ago Math is plural stupid.Research its Greek origin and its transliteration into English.If you believe typing is a high level skill I can guess you are poor.
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    mwoods5166 1 month ago Some of these people think you did your bottom calculation wrong lol.
  • bounty hunter
    bounty hunter 1 month ago @Tony Alagenchev are you sure?
  • bounty hunter
    bounty hunter 1 month ago @Michael Metzler Sr you are right , nobody is perfect!
  • bounty hunter
    bounty hunter 1 month ago @j mcmann well, I don't think typing is a high level skill. So you guessed wrong!!😉
  • j mcmann
    j mcmann 1 month ago You backtrack very unconvincingly
  • bounty hunter
    bounty hunter 1 month ago @j mcmann yes
  • maixck
    maixck 1 month ago @Michael Metzler Sr Arithmetic is a branch of Mathematics, just saying.
  • j mcmann
    j mcmann 1 month ago (edited) not really...mathematics begins where variables start..the exact answer isnt the goal....arithmatic is just a variation on the only operation possible ..addition..the other operations are variations of addition..6x7 means add 6 to itself a total 7 times as an cannot go into the forest and multiply rocks but one can add could argue math begins at anything past straight addition i suppose
  • maixck
    maixck 1 month ago @j mcmann You could argue that but you would be wrong, Arithmetic is just a branch of mathematics that studies numbers and basic operators. And the part about variables? no, that's Algebra, you know, another branch of Mathematics.
  • JustGoFlyVinnie
    JustGoFlyVinnie 1 month ago (edited) Bounty, smart to not fight idiots. Only way to beat them is to not fight at all. Maybe if you added the zero to 5.1 they might understand, LOL. He should have compared WATTs to be more accurate.
  • j mcmann
    j mcmann 1 month ago 5.1=somewhere between 5.0 and 5.2:)@JustGoFlyVinnie
  • JustGoFlyVinnie
    JustGoFlyVinnie 1 month ago @j mcmann not sure your getting my point. 5.97 - 5.1? Just a hint. How about 5.970 - 5.1 ? Or does that even help? Hmmm
  • j mcmann
    j mcmann 1 month ago 5.97-5.1 means 0.87 plus or minus .1 you are limited by the decimal places in the least precise measurement@JustGoFlyVinnie
  • M. Otto
    M. Otto 1 month ago you all suck ass
  • JustGoFlyVinnie
    JustGoFlyVinnie 1 month ago @j mcmann math is precise, except in your posts. Plus or minus .1? You should become a teacher, and lead the next generation into oblivion.
  • j mcmann
    j mcmann 1 month ago Precise? well if you can repeat the same result even if its not accurate thats precison..Surely you meant accurate?..BUT since Math ISNT "precise" in all its areas whats the standard deviation on your response? :)You are one level of stupid below a snakes belly
  • j mcmann
    j mcmann 1 month ago Now .tell me wise one..10.0000001 minus 10.01 equals what? Answer is for final in physics lab fourth year..MAkE SURE you carrying the right number of SIGNIFICANT digits..we in Engineering know what that means:)
  • j mcmann
    j mcmann 1 month ago Check out "JUSTGOFLYVINNIE"' s response..he thinks he is a God of mathematics and a mathematical answer is "precise"..when he clearly doesn't understand precision versus accurate:)
  • Laurence Warriner
    Laurence Warriner 3 weeks ago @Michael Metzler Sr This is a regional thing. For the word 'Mathematics', most of the world uses 'Maths'. The US uses 'Math'. "If i've done my mathematics correctly..." or "If I've done my mathematic correctly". It kinda makes sense though, as he used multiple calculations, so used the plural (Mathematics=Maths). If you wanted to get really picky, both are actually wrong and it should be 'Mathematica'.
  • I'm Curious
    I'm Curious 3 weeks ago @Jim Jong What the?. Looks correct to me????
  • Jim Jong
    Jim Jong 3 weeks ago @ I’m curious.. comment was directed at someone correcting original post which was wrong and has since been deleted
  • Ronald Grabast
    Ronald Grabast 3 weeks ago Amazing how being so mind blown he forgot math. :D
  • fifi23o5
    fifi23o5 3 weeks ago @theSolarisDragon It's not measured at the panel than rather at the charge regulator which feeds the battery with the same voltage in both cases, so comparison is quite realistic.
  • FanOfRockNRoll
    FanOfRockNRoll 3 weeks ago he says he's 'literally blow minded'
  • bounty hunter
    bounty hunter 1 week ago @JustGoFlyVinnie i Just wanted to warn " seek adventure".😀😀
  • king cres
    king cres 1 week ago @Michael Metzler Sr - Correct in North America. In Britain, Australia, New Zealand etc we call it "Maths". Should still be singular though, not plural ..
  • Brian Jones
    Brian Jones 1 week ago @Michael Metzler Sr In "English" it is "Maths" in "American" it is "Math"
  • Πάρις Αζής
    Πάρις Αζής 1 week ago @Laurence Warriner Mathematica is the Greek word for mathematics. And it is always used in plural number exclusively as regards the relevant science.
  • Terry Figel
    Terry Figel 3 weeks ago Thank you for the video, I thought it was very interesting! I am curious on your math at the end though. 5.97-5.1 = .87 A diff, and 6.19-4.71= 1.48A difference right?
  • Jadyn Elsworthy
    Jadyn Elsworthy 2 weeks ago Terry Figel atleast I’m not the only one who is frustrated at the maths on that piece of cardboard
  • Houman M
    Houman M 1 week ago Terry Figel yup. His math is wrong
  • Aaron King
    Aaron King 1 month ago math is off. sunyi did better than 1.22 A more. what about lower light performance? what voltage was the output? how well do they compare at the end of the charge?
  • jasmijn ariel
    jasmijn ariel 1 month ago (edited) So for the same money you have 18.6Amps instead of 4.7...
  • Benny Banger
    Benny Banger 3 months ago The problem is not that the "cheap panels" are always nasty - you proved some are not - but the expensive panels can be just really cheap panels with a brand name attached and huge mark up. It's not that I don't trust the cheapies - you get what you get, but I don't trust the pricey ones - maybe it is a good one, maybe its not, yet you pay through the nose - you can't judge by the price. What a great review Michael! Please keep them coming. Your enthusiasm and fun spirit is such a change from the others (not saying others aren't good, just not as good as yours!)
  • Mikey Gee
    Mikey Gee 3 months ago So many things are like this. I'm into indoor gardening now, and led grow lights are the same way! A sucker is born every minute
  • johno425
    johno425 3 months ago @Seek Adventure I have a classic example of this. I advertised my old car to sell. I was asking $500 and couldn't sell it for 2 weeks. Then someone said to raise it to $1500 and I sold it 2 days later for $1200. Just shows if something has a big price tag on it, people think it's better.
  • Hugh Leyton
    Hugh Leyton 3 months ago The best, and simple way to check the best Solar Panels is to measure the Open Circuit Voltage and the Short Circuit Current. Now take 80% of the Open Circuit Voltage multiplied by 90% of the Short Circuit Current, to give you the POWER The Open circuit Voltage should be fairly consistent regardless of how much sun or cloud there is. It is the Short Circuit Current that is the all important one that varies with how bright the Sun is. Good panels will give you more Short Circuit Current under identical conditions. Divide your power by the surface area of your solar panel in square meters, to get the Power per sq.meter. These should be around 16% to 18% efficiency from the actual Sun's energy on your panel. Full Sun on a cloud free dark blue sky around midday should deliver about 1,000W. So at 17% efficient, you could get 170W. Quality may then simply come down to how long they will last. Solar Panels can last 50 years or more, if looked after and protected from damage.
  • Helveteshit
    Helveteshit 3 months ago You should generally not trust companies that can't give you product specifications. It is 101 of buying anything on the internet or real life.
  • Benny Banger
    Benny Banger 3 months ago (edited) @Helveteshit That is likely true, but the companies that do give out specifications may also be fabricating or exaggerating those specifications. Now if you've paid top dollar for the fabricated specification product....
  • Red Leader
    Red Leader 3 months ago @Hugh Leyton I agree. I came here to say the same.
  • bill
    bill 3 months ago @Mikey Gee Just got to love those 1000 watt led that pull 105 watts from the wall. By the way, Quantum Boards penetrate much better than Plurple leds.
  • Mikey Gee
    Mikey Gee 3 months ago (edited) @bill you have to know how LEDS are rated to understand that wattage rating. It's not like with hps, mh etc, lights. Wattage is useless anyway. It's all about the micromoles, light distribution, etc. Blurple lights are already phasing out in favor of full spectrum even on the cheap ones. I do hear quantum is good, but if you're just a hobbyist grower you don't need to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to get good returns
  • bill
    bill 3 months ago @Mikey Gee Micky I understand all that. I was making a joke about those plurple lights that claim they are 1000 or 2000 watts (and sell for a couple of hundred dollars) but can barely support one plant. Besides QB's penetrate better than plurple anyway.
  • Mikey Gee
    Mikey Gee 3 months ago @bill right on brother. I'm looking to getting into quantum myself, dyi. Any suggestions?
  • bill
    bill 3 months ago @Mikey Gee Atreum Lighting has board/heatsink combos (3000k) for $75 that use the same Samsung diodes as HLG's (and have been tested to have same output).
  • bill
    bill 3 months ago @Mikey Gee Atreum is about to take preorders for QB strips: "Comes in 4-ft and 2-ft versions (1154mm and 594mm, to be exact) 4-ft version is rated at 120W (2.3A @ 52V), 2-ft version is 60W (1.15A @ 52V). These are matched for the Meanwell HLG-120H-54 and HLG-60H-54, respectively. The spectrum is 4000K + 660nm deep-red supplementation. CRI is 90+. The light output is gorgeous! Custom-extruded heatsink, matched to the strip. By custom, I mean we did the thermal analysis, designed the profile, made an extrusion die, and machined in all mounting holes. We also include brackets to hang each strip individually, or mount to a rail. Comes pre-assembled with a 2-foot pigtail, ready to plug and play Pre-orders opening soon"
  • James Van Daele
    James Van Daele 3 months ago I noticed the expensive panel had 2 different agencies sign off on them, chances are, that's expensive. Plus markup if not sold by the manufacturer
  • Trumpet Player
    Trumpet Player 3 months ago @Seek Adventure Another thing to look for, is also how much the performance deteriorates over time, for a cheap v.s. a more expensive panel. A certain percentage over time. That can be quite difficult to evaluate.
  • Allen Blum
    Allen Blum 3 months ago @Benny Banger Well put. Before I buy, I try to find several independent opinions. On Amazon, I look at the ratio of 4-5 star reviews to 1-2 stars. I look at the low ratings to see if there is a common thread Something to keep in mind is that many reviews only cover features, performance, and initial quality. Medium- and long-term Reliability info is much harder to find.
  • John Smith
    John Smith 2 months ago @Hugh Leyton You Sir seem qualified to make some good YouTube videos on this and other subjects. I'd subscribe 👍
  • autohmae
    autohmae 4 days ago My best guess is: the expensive one in this store were gathering dust and not being sold, exactly because they are expensive and they are from a previous generation.
  • autohmae
    autohmae 4 days ago @Hugh Leyton As someone who is not an electrical engineer, this doesn't explain anything to me, but it sounds great. :-)
  • Sean Rojas
    Sean Rojas 2 months ago Cheers mate! Seriously helpful and entertaining vid!!! B)
  • grewn d
    grewn d 1 month ago Dude, you just pooped on quite a few people's parties. Not mine though, Ha Ha Ha
  • Wade Smith
    Wade Smith 1 month ago Would be keen to see how they are going say 12 months going strong in the Aussie sun.