Vietnam Street Scenes 2019 - Saigon Vlog

Published on Jan 14, 2019 217,975 views

Vietnam Street Scenes 2019 - Saigon in the Daytime - Vlog 294

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A Vlog from a day spent in Saigon, Vietnam. Including getting lost around some authentic Saigon back alleys...

Parts of this video include:
0:04 5pm, Bui Vien street
0:24 Massage ladies waiting for customers
1:45 Motorbike shops, they cater for the many people who do the classic Saigon to Hanoi ride
3:06 Starting a walk through some random poky alleyways, I really enjoy the authentic atmosphere. Some are right out of a movie set...
4:44 Dead end?
6:14 Cross road
8:33 Anyone want to purchase an empty plot?
9:44 Typical Spa massage prices
10:21 Pham Ngu Lao street
10:57 HEM 241 alley, one of the more popular ones with backpackers with many cheap rooms being available
12:37 Cheap room examples
13:01 A talking bird, not something you see everyday. The alleyways are very random
14:00 Men's hair cuts for $3, not a bad deal...
15:51 Spa central, be aware some are bait and switch places. You think you will get a rub down from a slim beauty in a short dress, but the reality is you'll get a 40 year old lady who can't speak English...
16:26 Bui Vien street
16:59 Guy getting seduced by the massage promo ladies
18:18 $0.78 for a beer and $5 for a bed, it's easy to see why many backpackers like this place...
19:07 Montage featuring some Bui Vien massage ladies
19:56 Bui Vien street scenes
21:57 The View Rooftop bar
22:31 Outro

Additional notes:

This video was from a Visa run to Vietnam, where I stayed in the capital city of Saigon for a few days.

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NB: Saigon / Ho Chi Minh City are the same city, the name was changed after the 70s. The locals all call it Saigon so that's what I call it here.


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    iForce08 4 months ago (edited) 18:23 how about $15 for a room with front desk lady 21:12 making sure ladies are ready
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    Kayos501 4 months ago Thanks for the great video Bkk 112! Visa run? I hope the tropical storm in Thailand didn't affect you too badly. I was just imagining the smells of going down the ally before the massage places. Motorbike, produce, meat (cooked and uncooked), the occasional smell of garbage...Places like that definitely fill the senses. Thanks for another great video and I'll have to look in to the Bitcoin thing to see about how I can support. Thanks!
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    Hugh Knot Cares 1 month ago Good. Well done. You carry the camera (I presume) & Saigon continues with its show for us all. Just one thing - could we have a translation for the caged black bird's commentary, please!
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    kik kon 1 month ago (edited) 10:59 a Vietnam Veteran? seems he is profoundly thoughtful??
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    James Bradley 4 months ago (edited) Excellent as always. Awesome backway paths. I can walk those all day/night. Great music blended with nice views. Thank you Sir Bkk112😎
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    Robanz ZZ 4 months ago This video makes me miss living in Vietnam. I love the alleyways, you never what you'll find or where it'll lead to.
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    phapnui 3 months ago During the war I swore I'd never go back. But I did and the country has changed so much for the better. When I have to be in the US, I get homesick for Vietnam. I married into a large family and most my family and friends are here. I'm here now for 6 months. Married to a Vietnamese, I get a 5 year visa exemption and can come and go as I please.
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    Pistol 4 months ago (edited) I walked down this alleyway came onto the main road @bangkok112
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    Kwaidan1905 4 months ago 17:30 ... Have had several massages in various Bui Vien parlours and it's always been the lady who took me in. Never had a bait n switch.
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