In this video, we explain how to prepare your RV for winter. I shot this video several years ago on a 2006 Roadtrek that we owned (our first RV!).Many of the newer RVs no longer have an anode rod because they have different heating systems. But the general steps described in this video are still applicable to most RVs. Be sure and check the specific winterizing instructions for your make and model. Also one more update: American RV is now known as Camping World of Grand Rapids.

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  • Jevin Deml
    Jevin Deml 5 years ago Winterizing is moving south.
  • Pat Bertschinger
    Pat Bertschinger 3 years ago Excellent Educational Video !!!!
  • BigJohn
    BigJohn 4 years ago Thanks Mike, excellent step by step explanation!!
  • Dave Thompson
    Dave Thompson 4 years ago thread tape was wrapped backwards
  • RichardandLynne Schmidt
    RichardandLynne Schmidt 1 year ago I noticed that also...
  • Nila Repard
    Nila Repard 7 months ago Then it's a good idea you don't do it that way
  • 12thDecember
    12thDecember 3 years ago Excellent instructions with very clear closeups of each step along the way. Thank you!
  • David Hayes
    David Hayes 2 years ago Thanks for making the video Mike. Gotta do this myself today and it was informative!
  • Bill Malec
    Bill Malec 2 years ago Anode :)
  • RC
    RC 4 years ago He did a great job of explaining this!
  • Dgonyou
    Dgonyou 5 years ago Or the low point drains.
    TOY MAKERZ 5 years ago One more thing do not forget you can not get the water out of the water pump by blowing the water lines out. You should always run RV anti freeze through the water pump including the filter or it will freeze as air will not pass through the pump- lines and filter which leaves water in them. Cheers
    TOY MAKERZ 5 years ago It's cheap insurance to both blow the lines out and use rv anti freeze. Sometimes there may be just enough water in the lines and faucets by only blowing the lines out to freeze. I know of some places that only use RV anti freeze and do not blow them out which is just fine. From watching this video by the service person you were able to see both ways - I still recommend using RV anti freeze even if you blow the water system out. Cheers
  • Patrick Sullivan
    Patrick Sullivan 5 years ago he never drained the water out of the shower faucet inside
  • R Coray
    R Coray 2 years ago Its ANODE, not ANOID:)
  • Marie McPherson
    Marie McPherson 5 years ago Thanks for the great video... I think I will leave it to the pros!
  • rlachermeier
    rlachermeier 5 years ago Sorry wasn't finished..... I understand blowing the system out with air and adding antifreeze to the traps but is it really necessary to suck the anti-freeze into the system where it comes out the faucets.
  • rlachermeier
    rlachermeier 5 years ago I understand blowing the system out with. A
  • Alan Heath
    Alan Heath 6 years ago The best way to winterise a camper van is to move south with it!
  • stephen drysdale
    stephen drysdale 4 years ago did not winterize city water connection check valve. which is fine when it freezes if you only hook up to city water supply. but when running water pump will pump water from f/w tank right out city water connection. (although he did blow the lines out first. but if your just pumping antifreeze you have to winterize the city water connection check valve). a highly missed item when winterizing with antifreeze. just fyi very good video
  • ka1133
    ka1133 6 years ago Thanks to Mike for producing this video for all us Sprinter RV owners. Mine is the Winnebago ERA, which is slightly different ... but a GREAT VIDEO!!
  • tdeloriea
    tdeloriea 4 years ago Thanks for posting. First camper and I found this easy to follow and thorough.