Winter Camping in Upper Michigan | RV Lifestyle Gathering

Published on Jan 17, 2019 10,907 views

Who says you can't camp in the winter? We just returned from an awesome stay in the snow covered woods of Michigan's wild Upper Peninsula. What was it like? Check out this video and come join us next year!

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  • The Adventure Seekers
    The Adventure Seekers 4 months ago Wow , this video is awesome ! Love it . Thanks for sharing ! WE love the UP ....Enjoy
  • Patrick London
    Patrick London 4 months ago My wife and I use to go up there in the winter before she passed away. We always had a blast. It was - 25° one morning so instead of skiing we went birdwatching. We saw lots of birds from northern Canada vacationing in the UP.
  • Chris Czerwinski
    Chris Czerwinski 4 months ago Glad to see that there is electric hookups still active in winter.
  • Trekers
    Trekers 4 months ago Hey! That's our rig at 16:32. We're in the group shots by the campfire, too. Thanks for highlighting this event, Mike and Jennifer; it's always a good time! 🙂
  • Shenandoah Highlands
    Shenandoah Highlands 4 months ago This was just magical! Thank you
  • billg1527
    billg1527 4 months ago Great video, we own 10 acres ten miles north of Manistique, love the UP !!
  • Tom Flynn
    Tom Flynn 4 months ago Thanks for sharing! Absolutely breathtaking! Enjoy!
  • Rustic Nature Reimagined
    Rustic Nature Reimagined 4 months ago Wow I would love to do this one year!
  • RV Lifestyle
    RV Lifestyle 4 months ago We'll be back up there the second or third weekend in January next year. reservations don't open until six months before but as soon as they do, I'll post it on the RV Lifestyle Blog ( Honest, it's really fun. It got down one night to five below zero (F), but inside the RV, it was toasty warm at 73.
  • Louise Gallant
    Louise Gallant 4 months ago That was an absolute delight to watch....and I expect even more so for folks who were there... Nothing like crisp white snow and stillness that you get when in the wood in winter. What a great job putting this video together... you guys are living the dream for sure !!!!!
  • Steve Swanson
    Steve Swanson 4 months ago People are apprehensive of Mackinac Bridge for good reason. At least one RV has blown off of it. And it gets shut down on a windy day.
  • Jeffery Hammonds
    Jeffery Hammonds 4 months ago (edited) Hello, thank you for the beautiful video! We're from northern Ohio, on Lake Erie, and live in the lower Midwest, where winter and snow are rare. We miss the Great Lakes and winter (people here, who have never lived there, don't understand our longing). Skiing. Nordic skiing. Silently gliding through the forest is a contemplative delight. Our question is: when camping in an RV in the winter, what do you do about water sources? Are there frost free water pumps in the state park? Again, thank you for the taking us on your journey. (I remember going across the bridge soon after it was opened. I think there were only four other cars on the bridge. At least that is what my parents told me.)
  • Me and My Buddy
    Me and My Buddy 4 months ago Beautiful scenery - love the Falls. What a fun adventure .... Bo is in his element and gets to be a sled dog. Upper Peninsula is on my bucket list. Thank you for taking us along. -Susan in Maryland
  • RV Lifestyle
    RV Lifestyle 4 months ago Thanks, Susan. Come along with us next year!
  • NanL Phillips
    NanL Phillips 4 months ago I just got a grab handle for our RV on Ebay. They sell RV items on there. I got a RV faucet too. Just thought folks would like to know. It's much more user friendly than Amazon.
  • Tom Robinson
    Tom Robinson 4 months ago One of the best RV lifestyle videos I've ever seen thanks a million....
  • Tony & Monica's Plan B, Michigan
    Tony & Monica's Plan B, Michigan 4 months ago Living in Michigan, we've been to TF lots of time--even in the winter. It's beautiful all year round. Camping there looks like fun. I noticed all the campers are in Class B RV's. We have a TT and a Ford F-150. Hopefully we can meet up with you next January, as we'll be retired by then. Safe travels & happy camping!!
  • Trekers
    Trekers 4 months ago We have a variety of camping styles. The trip started with a group of Class B RVers so we tend to outnumber others, but we've had travel trailers, fifth wheels, and tents. Head on up next January, it's lots of fun!
  • Dona Harrell
    Dona Harrell 3 months ago I used to live up there on a 'gentleman's farm' in Levering. I loved it but driving 55 mph on slippery roads is a little crazy! I never did make it across the bridge. Chickened out every time!
  • Veg Nurse
    Veg Nurse 3 months ago This video is great. I can’t wait to get in my Roadtrek Zion and hit the road. Maybe I’ll see you up there next year. Thanks for all the time you take in making these informative fun videos!
  • Shelah Stanford
    Shelah Stanford 4 months ago Hi Mike and Jennifer! Loved the video, looks like you had a great time. I was just wondering what kind of dog you have? Is he an Akita? He is gorgeous!
  • Joyce Barber-Krauss
    Joyce Barber-Krauss 4 months ago Born and raised in Michigan, my heart will always be there. Up North is the place to be, so beautiful. Thanks for sharing!❤️
  • Jayne Price
    Jayne Price 4 months ago ❄️🚐💙Love everything about this! Thank you for sharing and I wish you continued fun in the snow!🌨☃️
  • Van's VanGestures
    Van's VanGestures 4 months ago Mildest winter I've seen in MI in a long time. Can't enjoy ice fishing in at this time. Great video, thanks for sharing.