Location Independence with an RV! Living on The Road with Mark Fawcett | The RV Lifestyle Channel

Published on Mar 2, 2018 7,292 views

Who says you have to rich to afford the RV lifestyle and the ability to work from the road wherever you want? In this video we meet an RVer who got a great deal on an old RV and has location independence as he enjoys van living while still earning a living.
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  • Joan Hazelgrove
    Joan Hazelgrove 1 year ago Would have liked to hear how much he paid for it.
  • Mark Fawcett
    Mark Fawcett 1 year ago Hi Joan, after years of searching on EBay and Craigslist I got lucky and got if for a steal. They normally sell for many, many thousands of dollars, but this seller just really needed to move on and sell it, so I got it for $1,500 and an iPhone! By getting it so cheap, I could finally afford a Roadtrek and I have loved it and made great use of it ever since.
  • Charlie the Tuna
    Charlie the Tuna 1 year ago wow that was a steal. Good score Mark.
  • Joan Hazelgrove
    Joan Hazelgrove 1 year ago Mark Fawcett That is an awesome price for such a nice rig. Congrats!
  • john doe
    john doe 1 year ago still waiting for my dream van....
  • Mark Fawcett
    Mark Fawcett 1 year ago I was too. Searching EBay and Craigslist daily for a few years. It finally paid off and was worth it. Being able to hit the road has made me very happy. It’ll happen for you too. Best of luck and take care.
  • john doe
    john doe 1 year ago cheers mate!
  • thomas hanlon
    thomas hanlon 1 year ago What was the name on that cool fireplace? Where can I get one?
  • 242rox
    242rox 1 year ago Looks like it says Puraflame.
  • ItsaLovelyRide
    ItsaLovelyRide 1 year ago Inspiring interview....love hearing great stories! Yes, we wish we did it sooner, but better late than never!
  • Debbie F
    Debbie F 1 year ago Yes, if you can enjoy life early. As I’m retirement age I can’t do what I would like it .
  • Melissa Oltman
    Melissa Oltman 1 year ago Love hearing stories like this - thank you!!
  • The Urban Stealth Campervan Man
    The Urban Stealth Campervan Man 1 year ago Another great video really enjoyed it thanks Brett
  • Eric Van Eck
    Eric Van Eck 1 year ago This movement of younger people being on the road will continue until the gas prices get back to $4/gal. or interest rates go back up and they can't afford the life style. It is a good time for them now but I seen to many ups and downs over the years.
  • tinkerfeet
    tinkerfeet 1 year ago Great interview 💗👍🏻
  • Jacqueline Chaplin
    Jacqueline Chaplin 3 months ago Please change the first word in the title to Living versus Live, so it reflects what the video is about.
  • ben arnold
    ben arnold 1 year ago Get. H.