Full Van Conversion of a VW Crafter / DIY Campervan / Vanbuild for Couple + Dog

Published on Dec 5, 2018 548,437 views

How to convert a medium wheelbase transporter (L2H2) into a selfconverted camper van for 2 Persons and 1 dog? Watch here my vanbuild step by step :D

In 2018 I fulfilled my dream and converted a van into a camper van. We decided to buy a VW Crafter with medium wheelbase (L2H2). In this video, you can see how we insulate the van, lay cables, cut holes for the window and roof hatch, build the bed and furniture and installing solar and the electric system. Our construction plan includes an extendable bed so that you can sit opposite each other when it's retracted.
I learned a lot from other youtube videos, how to convert a van into a camper. The electrics with the solar system wasn't so complicated as I thought before. We want to stay off-grid, so a solar system is a must. Our german pinscher Chico had also a lot of fun at the van build. Now it's time to travel with the pack! How do you like our home on wheels? Do you want to see detailed footage on specific topics? Are you planning to convert a van yourself? Feel free to like, subscribe & share :D

Behind the scenes and travel:
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How to convert a van into a camper step by step:

Insulation with Armaflex:

Pull-out faucet:

Thule Omnivent (roof vent):

Roof rack for your solar system:

Solar system:

Solar controller:

Want to charge your batteries while driving? Relay!

AGM Battery:

Our new Compressor Coolbox:

Do you need a GoPro for your next camping trip? Here is the one to go:

The drone shot was made with the Dji mavic air:

Do you want to experience the vanlife? Here you can rent your RV:

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