Crossing Into Canada and Algonquin Provincial Park

Published on Oct 25, 2018 5,256 views

Come along with us to the beautiful and wild Algonquin Provincial Park in Ontario, Canada, a great destination for RVers. We attended another of our Roadtrek Gatherings, swapped stories, and marveled at the natural world around us.

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  • Danny Taylor
    Danny Taylor 6 months ago (edited) I was a canoe trip guide at Camp Tamakwa, a children's camp on South Tea Lake in Algonquin Park, many decades ago. Algonquin Park is 2,900 square miles in area and has 2,100 lakes that are connected by short portages or streams and make for excellent circuitous canoe trips. Several places to shoot rapids in aluminum canoes or portage around them, tons of canoe access only tent camping sites. And yes many places where the wolves at night will answer your howls. Also a great place to see the Northern Lights.
  • Lake Lili
    Lake Lili 6 months ago Went to Tanamakoon back in the mid-1970s... a golden age...
  • Marco
    Marco 6 months ago (edited) I love Canada scenery, have't been there in awhile. Also, Mike .... You may need to "Slow Down."
  • Token Veteran
    Token Veteran 6 months ago Great video! Thank you so much for sharing! Looks so peaceful and fun!
  • Lisa Lamb
    Lisa Lamb 6 months ago Welcome to Canada. Enjoyed watching the video, and I found the sound loud and clear on my iPad. Sweet Bo!
  • RV Lifestyle
    RV Lifestyle 6 months ago I love it that Canada's parks are dog friendly! Bo does, too!!!!
  • Aileene Fields
    Aileene Fields 6 months ago Great Video& Beautiful Scenery&Safe Travels😇
  • Maria Czarzasty
    Maria Czarzasty 6 months ago Fabulous film, great photography, breathtaking night footage.👏 Thank you for sharing, best regards from Mississauga, Ontario 🇨🇦
  • Paul Betka
    Paul Betka 6 months ago (edited) Awesome 😁😀😍👍 Love are neighbors 🇨🇦
  • Andy Fyon
    Andy Fyon 6 months ago One of our favourite Ontario Provincial Parks. Glad you were able to enjoy it as well.
  • Team Terry RVing
    Team Terry RVing 6 months ago Great video thanks for sharing your video from Team Terry rving on YouTube
  • Bob Reed
    Bob Reed 2 months ago (edited) Algonquin Park is my favorite place to camp. I've driven there from Maryland more times than I can remember. The interior camping is the most remote I have experienced. You can camp for days sometimes without seeing another soul. And by the way, Algonquin Park would be considered Central Ontario. Now Hudson's Bay area...that's Northern Ontario.
  • Pamela Redford
    Pamela Redford 6 months ago Welcome to Canada. You got some great pics!! Next time you need to visit Tobermory.
  • Steven Hornostaj
    Steven Hornostaj 6 months ago And Killarney, French River, Temagami, Lake Superior.......
  • RV Lifestyle
    RV Lifestyle 6 months ago Yup. We've been there! See
  • Ilene Satchell
    Ilene Satchell 6 months ago I'm drawing up plans for a van conversion and noticed the wall behind your driver's seat. Do you ever glance over your left shoulder and wish the wall wasn't there?
  • RV Lifestyle
    RV Lifestyle 6 months ago Nope... Doesn't bother me
  • Phyllis Khare
    Phyllis Khare 6 months ago This is one part of the country I've never visited! Thanks for showing us around. 😁
  • Wanda Willoughby
    Wanda Willoughby 6 months ago So I presume you did not have to have anything for Bo to be able to cross the border.
  • RV Lifestyle
    RV Lifestyle 6 months ago You are supposed to have his vaccination records. We always travel with them. But we have never been asked and we travel to Canada numerous times each year.
  • RV Free
    RV Free 6 months ago Your videos are getting better and better and you are the professional.
  • RV Lifestyle
    RV Lifestyle 6 months ago Thank you. We are spending more and more time on them. I am disappointed by the sound while we are driving but I just invested in a couple of new mics that I think will improve that. Also new camera gear for different shots. I appreciate your encouragement. Camera gear is like a never-ending money pit! But really fun.
  • Yvonne Davis
    Yvonne Davis 6 months ago What beautiful park! WA State offers Enhanced License, which allows you to Canada and Mexico in place of a passport. It costs more too, of course. lol
  • Jackie Downs
    Jackie Downs 6 months ago When crossing the border to Canada do need any kind of special pet permit or license to prove that your dog has all its vaccinations? I really enjoy your videos - thank you. Jackie D.
  • RV Lifestyle
    RV Lifestyle 6 months ago Just have all the vaccinations up to date and bring proof of them in case you are asked. In seven years of entering Canada numerous times each year, we have never been asked.
  • VAN TREKKING lifestyle
    VAN TREKKING lifestyle 6 months ago I’m going to go back and count how many times Jennifer says “slow down” or “speed bump”. I noticed that she says slow down and Mike doesn’t really slow down. I must do the same thing when Lynn says that to me. When I’m really going too fast the tone of her voice changes and I listen. I mean this affectionately... you guys are such an old married couple. We resemble that remark too.
  • Fly Fish
    Fly Fish 6 months ago (edited) Beat me to it. I was going to say my wife has the same active gene as Jennifer, the SD3 gene, at least 3 times on a trip she'll say slow down:)) Nice video!
  • VAN TREKKING lifestyle
    VAN TREKKING lifestyle 6 months ago Fly Fish SD3 gene. HAHA!
  • HDLowrider
    HDLowrider 5 months ago Thank you for sharing. Bo looks so happy. I lost my Ellie a Rhodesian Ridgeback rescue 2 weeks ago. I miss her so. Give Bo a big hug for me.
  • Jerry Daminato
    Jerry Daminato 6 months ago Welcome from Guelph Ontario 🇨🇦