Discover Samples Used On Prince Paul's 'A Prince Among Thieves'

Published on Feb 23, 2019 6,507 views

VinRican Showcases Classic Samples Used By Prince Paul's 'A Prince Among Thieves'

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  • Jr. James Fuller
    Jr. James Fuller 2 months ago I remember when this came out in 1999. I cant beleive it is 20 years old, this was just as good as Dr Dre's 2001! This is a great education. Prince Paul has always been a genius!
  • M D
    M D 2 months ago Absolutely, very underrated album!
  • gweah
    gweah 2 months ago OMG I love this album. Highlights galore but the De La track shines through in all possible ways
  • muti bacon
    muti bacon 2 months ago Yes! Thanks for showing this underrated classic the respect it deserves and giving it some shine! Another amazing video, Vin.
  • A9amis
    A9amis 2 months ago One of my favorite concept albums; this and then Disposable Artz/Long Hot Summer from masta ace had me looking everywhere for concept albums constructed like this
  • Michael Burley
    Michael Burley 2 months ago Classic
  • Justin Carr
    Justin Carr 2 months ago (edited) One of the best concept lps in Hip Hop,I loved this LP,Everlast,BigDaddy Kane and Chubb Rock kill their cameos,and Prince Pauls production is fantastic,Vinny well done for bringing this back oh forgot about that crazy Kool Keith track oh well I thought that Gwen McRae sample was a violin,I remember Blazhy Blazhy used her hum in a similar way,I never spotted the E.T Boogie sample even though I have owned that track since 1984
  • Spartan Savage
    Spartan Savage 2 months ago Welcome to Weaponworld....
  • A9amis
    A9amis 2 months ago Spartan Savage kool Keith killed that song
  • Spartan Savage
    Spartan Savage 2 months ago @A9amis facts
  • Weird Title
    Weird Title 2 months ago Kool keith is the best mc to ever touch a mic
  • Lemon Lemone
    Lemon Lemone 2 months ago (edited) Do Bone Thugs N Harmony Eturnal.E Album
  • Timothy Jones
    Timothy Jones 2 months ago At 7:00 that was a Kool G Rap line ( murder me you must aint heard of me)
  • TheMostBenevolentKing
    TheMostBenevolentKing 2 months ago Wow, just now discovering this in 2019. Sounds like a dope classic. I'ma look for the CD on Amazon.
  • A9amis
    A9amis 2 months ago TheMostBenevolentKing it’s definitely worth it
  • TheMostBenevolentKing
    TheMostBenevolentKing 2 months ago @A9amis Yezzzir. I take your word for it.
  • Sean Hinton
    Sean Hinton 2 months ago Welcome
  • def creator
    def creator 2 months ago didnt know people still buy cds these things are worth nothing today
  • TheMostBenevolentKing
    TheMostBenevolentKing 2 months ago @def creator Uh, yeah. Some of us even still buy vinyl records, too. Whether they're worth something or not is debatable.
    GROVER BOX 2 months ago I still buy CD’s. Having liner notes is priceless. And I put the tracks on my phone too.
  • TheMostBenevolentKing
    TheMostBenevolentKing 2 months ago @GROVER BOX Awesome! That's whussup. Go, you. 👍😃
  • mr anti everything ¿¿¿
    mr anti everything ¿¿¿ 2 months ago I remember this album the concept was so dope one of my all time favorites
  • Iam WhoIam
    Iam WhoIam 2 months ago Most satisfying video I've seen all week!
  • Reginald Williams
    Reginald Williams 2 months ago Please do Pete Rock Cl Smooth Main Ingredient
  • Vinny Pagan
    Vinny Pagan 2 months ago In November for sure. 25th anniversary this year
  • Eric Murphy
    Eric Murphy 2 months ago @Vinrican when can we get the Soul Tape from Fabolous
  • You Tubed
    You Tubed 2 months ago classic album
  • Jamie Craig
    Jamie Craig 2 months ago That album is class !
  • Cs Scott
    Cs Scott 2 months ago Classic
  • Cozmoe 1000
    Cozmoe 1000 2 months ago Thank u Dj Vinyl!!! It’s like clockwork ⏰ bcuz it takes me back P2TG
  • OG 730 SIN-BO
  • Prah Eightsixty
    Prah Eightsixty 2 months ago This was a dope ass album...I thought this was amazing...that collage/medley video is what made me buy the album