Marlon Wayans Says Kevin Hart Should Have Hosted Oscars + Calls Out Online Trolls

Published on Feb 7, 2019 15,920 views

Marlon Wayans hangs out with The Cruz Show and talks about his family's impact on Hollywood, delivering us classics like Scary Movie and White Chicks. He also talks about the current state of Hollywood and why Kevin Hart should have hosted The Oscars.

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  • Exist N Nature Media
    Exist N Nature Media 3 months ago (edited) Marlon has been in the business for a long time. He kicks plenty of knowledge as a creator. One of the most well rounded guys in the industry. We definitely have to start investing in one another.
  • Lucky Jackson 2020
    Lucky Jackson 2020 3 months ago cruz talks too much
  • Dr.greenthumb Martinez
    Dr.greenthumb Martinez 3 months ago 7:58 Marlon goes in on cruz! 😂
  • The Table Talk Podcast
    The Table Talk Podcast 3 months ago Marlon been sweating the last 15 yrs
  • Kadian burkhart
    Kadian burkhart 1 month ago Still sweating off the white chick custume 😂
  • Pablo Escobar
    Pablo Escobar 3 months ago You should’ve told Marlon why the hell he be wearing the tightest pants
  • Van Sic
    Van Sic 3 months ago Always on point , salute Marlon
  • Exist N Nature Media
    Exist N Nature Media 3 months ago yup!
  • Christopher Chesler
    Christopher Chesler 3 months ago Marlon finally looks 28 😂
  • StreetMoney Polo
    StreetMoney Polo 3 months ago Love Marlon
  • Smoky Carterson
    Smoky Carterson 3 months ago Just go bald fam...
  • Blaze Simpson
    Blaze Simpson 3 months ago Marlon holding on to every last hair follicle for dear life lol
  • arsenio Smith
    arsenio Smith 3 months ago Let it goo let it go
  • Red Pill Vegan
    Red Pill Vegan 3 months ago (edited) Dude is so #UnderCarbed he runs "red bull and coffee" - and asked Marlon Wayans if he was a "vitamin guy"?! 😂😆 Damn people are clueless about food.
  • Roland Green
    Roland Green 3 months ago Marlon Is The 🐐
  • Dion Ingram
    Dion Ingram 3 months ago Ha! I think you have breast milk. #Leche
  • Danyelle Coleman
    Danyelle Coleman 3 months ago This man never age✨
  • Edwin
    Edwin 3 months ago Hi danyelle.
    J.ACE POETIC PROPHET 3 months ago Radio hosts talk way to much
  • Lamar Whitney
    Lamar Whitney 3 months ago Dope interview #Goodphit
  • stunnaboycodotcom
    stunnaboycodotcom 3 months ago 4:21 - 7:43
  • Grimey Gordo
    Grimey Gordo 3 months ago not enough views y'all to big bit not to have enough Holla at me for fresh ideas on promotions and content... ez call
  • Gideon Haile
    Gideon Haile 1 month ago Dropping gems Marlon that was dope
  • draman
    draman 3 months ago Shout out to new York 😂😂
  • Kadian burkhart
    Kadian burkhart 1 month ago Johncrow 🦅 draw breaks in marlon Waynas head.