We didn't intentionally choose US 129 on our route to the Smoky Mountains and the Bryson City area there. Our GPS system put us on that road, which we soon . learned is known far and wide as "The Dragon," and especially one 11-mile stretch called "The Tail of the Dragon.

Come on . along in this video...

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  • rcorn8114
    rcorn8114 9 months ago Please, please, everyone do not try to pull you fifth wheel or bumper hitch camper up or down the dragon.
  • Bruce H
    Bruce H 9 months ago Why is that?  Based on what was shown in the video, it does not appear that challenging and it was mentioned the speed limit is 30 mph.  It also looked relatively flat and it is a US designated highway.  Are there areas not shown that would be a problem?  I can see someone wanting to do a high speed run being annoyed of a trailer in front doing 30 mph, but if that  is the speed limit, then that is the way it goes.  It looks like a nice scenic parkway type drive.
  • James Ng
    James Ng 9 months ago I'm thinking the reason is that trailers tend to need more room for turns and curves, so either the vehicle will need to make wide turns, or the trailer will kick up dirt onto the road. Both aren't very good, and as Mike said, his class b was the biggest thing there (aside from pickups)
  • Bruce H
    Bruce H 9 months ago I understand what you are saying but the curves I saw in the video looked more shallow than tight.  I was wondering if there are other curves that are a lot tighter but not included in the video.  It might be a bit much for a 40 ft Class A or a long trailer but it looks like a trailer under 28 ft or so could do fine on the sections shown in the video.  Anyone have towing experience on Dragon?
  • rcorn8114
    rcorn8114 9 months ago Do a search on YouTube of Tail of the Dragon.  The curves are so tight that when you trailer anything of length you can not maintain your lane, that is, your trailer crosses the center line, endangering oncoming traffic.  Many people have died as a result hitting another vehicle be it a motorcycle, car, pickup truck, travel trailer, semi etc. not maintaining their lane.
  • Hector Betancourt
    Hector Betancourt 9 months ago (edited) Nice video. I own a 25’ B+ and a touring motorcycle as well. I’ve ridden the Dragon many times, I would respectfully disencourage anyone to drive even a “small” class B through that road, it’s challenging for the casual driver and probably an added risk for everyone on a bike. Safety first.
  • The Adventure Seekers
    The Adventure Seekers 9 months ago Love love this video , Thanks for sharing your adventure ! Keep them coming !
  • Latada
    Latada 9 months ago Thanks for sharing... That was very enjoyable and quite beautiful! I’m always looking forward for your next adventure.
  • The Memory Traveler
    The Memory Traveler 9 months ago You are in my country! Enjoy Bryson City. Take the train, if time allows. Lunch in Asheville.....my treat!
  • RV Lifestyle
    RV Lifestyle 9 months ago We did!!! See https://youtu.be/U6g2U__Fyxk
  • The Memory Traveler
    The Memory Traveler 9 months ago RV Lifestyle are you still in the area? No kidding! I’d love to take you to lunch. We have Grove Park Inn, Biltmore and a plethora of awesome sights and eateries. (Plus, very cool RV secrets!)
  • Kris Perez
    Kris Perez 9 months ago We took the road on a family vacation years ago when our boys were young. One of them was scared of heights and cried the whole time. It was sure not his favorite vacation memory.
  • tomnorman457
    tomnorman457 9 months ago Awesome scenery! The section of highway 89 between Flagstaff and Sedona is great too. Not nearly as long as the Tail of the Dragon, a portion of highway 89 is known as “The Switchbacks”.
  • D Ranger
    D Ranger 9 months ago I would probably get carsick. :-(
  • Eric Van Eck
    Eric Van Eck 9 months ago I don't think they built the highway just for motorcycles??? That would have been a big waste of state money to build an auto highway just for motorcycles.
  • c k
    c k 9 months ago Eric Van Eck exactly
  • Var Tan
    Var Tan 9 months ago (edited) Appreciate your efforts. God bless. Love from India.
  • Southern Adventures
    Southern Adventures 9 months ago Great video. So glad yall had a great time.
  • Al Miller
    Al Miller 9 months ago Did this, both directions) in 2006. Ford crew cab, long bed, and my arms were "exhausted" by the time I got back to Bryson City. Welcome To GOD's country.
  • AirStream Azza Dream
    AirStream Azza Dream 9 months ago We are in Sylva....just do the whole Blue Ridge parkway
  • john dumas
    john dumas 9 months ago It reminds me of 127 from Beverly to Manchester MA
  • Nannie K
    Nannie K 9 months ago We road this Hwy a couple of years ago on our motorcycle, it was awesome. I can't wait to go back again.
  • mpgolfzen
    mpgolfzen 9 months ago awesome!!! I need to check it out....Thanks for sharing.
  • Ani Blair
    Ani Blair 9 months ago Making me homesick! I miss my mountains!
  • Cynthia Howe
    Cynthia Howe 9 months ago "The Tail of the Dragon" is now officially on my bucket list !! Thanks for the great videos and the inspiration !! :)
  • Vicki Martin
    Vicki Martin 9 months ago not in your rv. did it in my little focus titanium, wow was it fun!
  • Cynthia Howe
    Cynthia Howe 9 months ago Oh yes, I agree, I'll be using my small tow car to make the trip ;)
  • Leona Weltzer
    Leona Weltzer 9 months ago How about the Berkshire Mountains? Beautiful, particularly in the fall.
  • Tennessee Traveller
    Tennessee Traveller 9 months ago If you tend to get motion sickness, this is not the road for you. My wife regretted doing it. I thought it was great.