Buying My Dream Car at Age 18! SVT Cobra Terminator

Published on May 30, 2018 81,606 views

Buying My Dream Car at Age 18! SVT Cobra Terminator

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  • michael M
    michael M 11 months ago was cool to hear the history of where you came from...keep it up...
  • Zachary Robbins
    Zachary Robbins 11 months ago My first car was a 1999 mustang gt for $2000. It had no a/c , no radio, no back seat. But now got 03 gt for $4500 with all the bell and whistle now waiting to get procharger
  • Lord of the Riffs
    Lord of the Riffs 11 months ago man 17,000 for a low miles redfire cobra is a deal
  • bosschannel 1100w
    bosschannel 1100w 11 months ago Lord of the Riffs for real man low mileage cobras now is 20k to 30k but I've found one for 10k that had long tubes and xpip with borla attacs a pulley made 525hp with 47k miles blacked out it was nice af
  • Sean Romero
    Sean Romero 11 months ago what??? thats too good to be true
  • Tony Stevens
    Tony Stevens 11 months ago Sean Romero I had a 2003 terminator for 9k but it had 155k miles
  • christopher krause
    christopher krause 11 months ago Here in Utah there 5-10k lol
  • Tony Stevens
    Tony Stevens 11 months ago christopher krause I sold it for 12k
  • Daniel Romero
    Daniel Romero 11 months ago Hell of a goal. All the ones I been looking at are like 23k up
  • christopher krause
    christopher krause 11 months ago Daniel Romero wow
  • S1 Cali
    S1 Cali 3 months ago got mines for 9k
  • HolyBaconLord
    HolyBaconLord 11 months ago My first car was a 2002 mustang gt 5 speed with and 150k miles. I still have it to this day and have loved every minute of it. Good ol 2v lol
  • MexJoker
    MexJoker 11 months ago He looked so young in the 01 Cobra
  • Never Ending Rain
    Never Ending Rain 11 months ago MexJoker and skinny
  • Austyn Burfeind
    Austyn Burfeind 11 months ago It legitimately pisses me off that you stole that car for 17k😂 find me a deal like that too please
  • Justin Fahnestock
    Justin Fahnestock 11 months ago F 150 FORD LIGHTNING 2003
  • Mario Becerril
    Mario Becerril 11 months ago yessssssss
  • Emily Padron
    Emily Padron 11 months ago 01 svt lightning
  • Carlos 619
    Carlos 619 11 months ago Im a chevy guy when it comes to trucks but those are nice asf
  • corteezy
    corteezy 11 months ago did they let you do a burnout because this was before the mustang memes? lol
  • Sean McCarthy
    Sean McCarthy 11 months ago i already own my dream car it's a 2014 shelby gt500 but my ultimate ultimate dream car is ELEANOR and one day ill own it
  • Frankie Pacheco
    Frankie Pacheco 2 months ago Sean McCarthy your 2014 shelby is my dream car lol i guess my ultimate ultimate would be a gt350r or a flat crank in a 2014 shelby.
  • fohgo
    fohgo 11 months ago I can’t wait to own a 03-04 cobra! Dream of mine as well. Currently have a 03 torch red GT 5 speed that has a broken motor 😥
  • Kaiju_King189
    Kaiju_King189 11 months ago fohhgo There's a Purple convertible 03 Terminator by me for 18,000
  • PJ Morrison
    PJ Morrison 11 months ago fohhgo I’ll sell you mine for $17k
  • isaías n.
    isaías n. 11 months ago fohhgo i’ll sell you mine for $16,999
  • Tez_ Foe
    Tez_ Foe 5 months ago @isaías n. , Plus TTL
  • Joseph Bentley
    Joseph Bentley 4 months ago Seems like 5 speeds dont last as long because people tend to redline them in every gear. Prolly only smart to get a manual car if you can buy them brand new
  • Bryan Veliz
    Bryan Veliz 4 months ago do you still have it?
  • Xan Escape
    Xan Escape 11 months ago Really couldn’t stop smiling because this is just badass. I have a 2012 f150 5.0 and have a 2011 Ford Fusion and plan on buying a 11-14 Mustang GT because of this channel honestly. I was never that much of a Mustang guy till these past 3 months and im saving and hopefully go down for Mustang week next year and get to meet you. Anyways keep going and don’t stop. Ps. About to turn 20 yrs old so I really can picture how it is.
  • Lazy46 Co.
    Lazy46 Co. 3 months ago Old thread but your story sounds a lot like mine.. I have a silver mustang GT like yours, and I also work on phones at the age of 16
  • Bull GT
    Bull GT 11 months ago (edited) Year 2095 still waiting for Andrew to get longtubes for the cobra 💀🙄😂❤... also what happened to Sebastian? I really like his Fobra😂
  • angie marin
    angie marin 11 months ago Same year DBP gets that vortech installed
  • Anthony Wayne
    Anthony Wayne 10 months ago I have never understood the fun, reason, need, want, purpose, attraction, or mindset of people that do burn outs. What is it suppose to be a sign of besides a propensity to subject your car to needless and impractical abuse.
  • Nader Saleh
    Nader Saleh 3 months ago Anthony Wayne u will understand when u do one
  • joshua nuno
    joshua nuno 11 months ago Was that Ashley in the 01' cobra? As always keep up the great content Andrew. This channel makes me cherish my 01' even more lol.
  • Mustang Lifestyle
    Mustang Lifestyle 11 months ago It was lol
  • Jersain Orozco
    Jersain Orozco 11 months ago Mustang Lifestyle What chin spoiler do you have now?
  • Pantera 5.0
    Pantera 5.0 11 months ago (edited) Awesome story man. Your cobra is awesome. Just throwing my opinion out there: I think instead of buying another car, you should just build the motor and add more boost to the Terminator. Getting above 800hp would be awesome to see.
  • TheLoneWolf11
    TheLoneWolf11 11 months ago El Patrón 5.0 it wasn’t a terminator tho
  • Noah Witt
    Noah Witt 11 months ago Wait, are you 20?
  • Mr. Mousey D.
    Mr. Mousey D. 11 months ago Noah Witt he looks 40
  • Masonb1100
    Masonb1100 11 months ago 26*
  • Masen
    Masen 11 months ago My first car was a chevy beretta but my first manual car was a 99 cobra. When I got the car it was in really bad shape. The guy I got it from took almost everything cobra out of the the car and replaced it with 98 gt stuff. The 4v and irs was gone and was replaced with a solid axle and npi 2v. The car had a stage 3 clutch in it so for someone who had never driven stick before it took some getting use to haha. I only paid 4700 for it. I’m planning on putting a 5.4 4v in it with a termi supercharger on top.
  • Sigrafix
    Sigrafix 11 months ago Damn bro.. you're younger than me?.. I thought you were older.. now I feel super lame with my ecoboost.. Lol. I could afford a GT when I got my EB.. what I couldn't afford was the god damn insurance premium which was literally higher than the car note.. What kind of numbers are you seeing at your age on a Cobra? I can't even imagine.. Lol.
  • TheLoneWolf11
    TheLoneWolf11 11 months ago I payed almost 300 in insurance for a base model ecoboost I got rid of that peace of shit lol
  • Frank Medina
    Frank Medina 11 months ago Man im trying to live this life lol