Soulja Boy Goes Off On Drake & Tyga, Drake Signs $10 Million Deal + James Blake Drops New Album

Published on Jan 18, 2019 3,025 views

This week Bryhana talks Soulja Boy's social media comeback, new music from Future and James Blake, and shares her #10yearchallenge.

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  • Dj Kaoz3
    Dj Kaoz3 4 months ago $10 milli. That’s how you get it
  • KayYoutube
    KayYoutube 4 months ago $10M is huge money for us but Jay Z and 50 Cent recently signed $100M+ deals so Drake got a long way to go to reach the OG’s
  • Asia Black
    Asia Black 4 months ago Draaaake! Lol
  • flamma
    flamma 4 months ago (edited) Musically he was never great. but he changed the way the music industry finds and promotes talent. including him having a great business mind with his other ventures that made him millions he had a bigger impact behind the scenes then sonically he still a goofball tho
  • Tawanda Smith
    Tawanda Smith 4 months ago I Love the fact she ain't acting like these other people...talking bout he some type of goat greatest where?
  • Young Papi
    Young Papi 4 months ago You talk about drake?? Drake?? 😂😂
  • l l
    l l 4 months ago (edited) She reminds me of baby d from friday..... in a cute way. (Lady rage)
  • Jev
    Jev 4 months ago One day I'll be big enough to make it on this channel....... as for now I'll just grow my channel
  • Jixzys
    Jixzys 4 months ago Lol you won't be that big, you're fucking trash
  • Gustavo Sifuentes
    Gustavo Sifuentes 4 months ago First?
  • Gustavo Sifuentes
    Gustavo Sifuentes 4 months ago Yeah I’m first view and comment but does it really matter? Nah 🤷🏻‍♂️
  • Jbusy Taty
    Jbusy Taty 4 months ago girl bye
  • charles baridam
    charles baridam 4 months ago Are you dumb?don't you know souljaboy just released a new banging joint "New Drip"?? Can you make hits and change the game as he did?
  • Antonio Miles
    Antonio Miles 4 months ago Soulja Boy Can't Rap even if he sold his soul to the devil he still Can't Rap
  • Antonio Miles
    Antonio Miles 4 months ago Girl stop lying Soulja Boy was garbage when he came out