Looking at a GT500 and had a TERRIBLE Experience...

Published on Feb 25, 2019 47,763 views

I went up to Arlington Toyota in Jacksonville FL to look at a 2014 GT500. I had a terrible experience with the sales person there. The car was something I was really interested in.

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  • AlexSVT
    AlexSVT 2 months ago People in the comments,” I don’t wanna watch if you’re selling the cobra” first off it’s his life his choice and 2nd, a GT 500 is just as badass IMO. It’ll bring more content to the channel and this is coming from a cobra owner lol. Keep it up Andrew.
  • Mustang Lifestyle
    Mustang Lifestyle 2 months ago Thanks buddy. And as always I love watching your videos with the Terminator!
  • Marathonrunner 97
    Marathonrunner 97 2 months ago AlexSVT Yep! I don’t get why people get so emotional over someone else’s life
  • AlexSVT
    AlexSVT 2 months ago When you get the GT 500 just tell the subs to come to my channel 🤣I’ll tell them to go to mustang lifestyle for all the GT 500 content. 😂💯
  • tominator
    tominator 2 months ago And it's also a viewer's choice to unsub and go elsewhere if the reason he/she joined is gone.
  • Coyote TJ
    Coyote TJ 2 months ago I agree...GT500 is the best of the best. I remember being at an NMRA event right after the Terminators came out and being awestruck how damn fast they were with just slicks in spite of grenading the irs on a few. So I'll always love the 03/04 Cobras but the GT500 is an awesome machine. Especially with these guys auto swapping them and killing Demons now😁
  • Matthew Eaton
    Matthew Eaton 2 months ago Yea man I started watching your youtube because you are trying to get a GT500 that is a dream car of my but also I am a Mustang Fan. working on getting one myself man. AlexSVT you have some great content to man. Love watching your guys Videos keep it up.....
  • SVT Vasquez
    SVT Vasquez 2 months ago The reason people are upset is because we watch and get attached to the car just as much or even more than the owner because some cant afford the car. With that said yes it does suck to see the terminator being sold but the gt500 is a great car and once people see it they will come around.
  • Marcos N Neyla
    Marcos N Neyla 2 months ago Damn AlexSVT u are every where kid LMAO go back at what u do best Clickbaiting your videos so u can get more views SMH lol
  • Cheyenne Obregon
    Cheyenne Obregon 2 months ago Mustang Lifestyle like me and some other subscribers have said, there is a lack of good gt500 content for the 13-14 mustangs. The only exception is Jacob R Doty’s mustang content which is on point with yours, no one seems to post good content on the 13-14 gt500s so I’m excited for you to change things up a bit and shake it up. Good lucky brother! Stationed in japan right now went to PBD because of you for my 14 480whp NA Coyote and I love them. I’m from Miami Florida I’ll be in quanico Virginia 4 months from now so I’ll be going to Orlando speedway and such maybe see you guys in person!
  • SVT Vasquez
    SVT Vasquez 2 months ago @Cheyenne Obregon I was stationed in Japan too follow me on IG same as my YouTube channel
  • Marquice Rowan
    Marquice Rowan 2 months ago AlexSVT young man out here dishing knowledge
  • Rushin AK
    Rushin AK 2 months ago (edited) Mustang Lifestyle apopka ford has a clean looking 14 track pack gt500 for $46k 16k miles, has everything you said you were looking for 👌👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
  • Latnlvr
    Latnlvr 2 months ago (edited) Jeez Alex get a room with him god
  • wizzjo1nt5
    wizzjo1nt5 2 months ago No one cares about you.
  • Mad River Reefs
    Mad River Reefs 2 months ago (edited) Fuck the weight of the GT500 keep the cobra turbo it run more boost get off the E85 and make up for power with boost . cant handle the boost power time to rebuild that 4.6 stroke it 5.0 with a bad ass bottom end
  • csr801996
    csr801996 2 months ago @Marathonrunner 97 when people make videos of their lives and post them on YouTube you're going to get people winding all sorts of things. Comes with the territory
  • ii Fumblez ii
    ii Fumblez ii 2 months ago So? They can still unsub there not trying to make keep it
  • Ahmed Kharsa
    Ahmed Kharsa 2 months ago nop, Cobra made his channel special, a gt500 is super common and boring to watch with nothing special. a cobra is a limited number of production and looks 10x better.
  • Marathonrunner 97
    Marathonrunner 97 2 months ago Ahmed Kharsa 100% agree!
  • iEatWifii
    iEatWifii 1 month ago GT500s are crazy nice, my brother has one and another is getting one, Insanely nice cars and worth it
  • Stinkertits
    Stinkertits 2 months ago Your intro reminds me of the GameCube startup screen
  • Alex Campbell
    Alex Campbell 2 months ago Your life, your decisions. Do what makes you happy. I'll continue to watch on whatever you buy. Except if it's a Honda or Camaro.
  • Barnard Studios
    Barnard Studios 2 months ago Alex Campbell wym Honda’s pull when you slap a turbski on em
  • Johnathan Buckner
    Johnathan Buckner 2 months ago Barnard Studios because the simple fact that we don’t watch this “Mustang Lifestyle” channel just for him to get a Honda 😂
  • greg black
    greg black 2 months ago Please buy a honda
  • Singh PvP
    Singh PvP 3 weeks ago Turbo 2 liter accord kicks
  • Tim Bryant
    Tim Bryant 2 months ago Your cobra is my favorite car on your channel. Sad to see it go.
  • Lloyd Christmas
    Lloyd Christmas 2 months ago Tim Bryant he’s upgrading to something he wants. I mean it makes sense to me
  • Jacob R. Doty
    Jacob R. Doty 2 months ago Well you already know 13-14 is the goat ;)
  • Marathonrunner 97
    Marathonrunner 97 2 months ago Jacob R. Doty Best GT500 ever made! One of the most perfect mustangs ever made
  • Jedi391
    Jedi391 2 months ago U-Indy Runner best GT500 ever.....until 2020. Progress is inevitable as time marches on....but if you like it, who cares if a better one comes out.
  • Jacob Damouni
    Jacob Damouni 2 months ago It really is. I own a roush and 2014 GT500, the GT500 makes the roush seem like a bitch haha
  • I3rave Souls
    I3rave Souls 2 months ago See I’m not the only want that believes that! I love mustangs but there’s no other I’d have over the 13-14
  • LetsGoToMarsMan
    LetsGoToMarsMan 2 months ago 2011 has better front end
  • Mustang D best220
    Mustang D best220 2 months ago Please get a wind muff for the camera
  • Matt Jones
    Matt Jones 2 months ago Jacksonville car dealers are trash. I live in Jacksonville. Better deals outside the city.
  • Matt H
    Matt H 2 months ago Yeah almost everyone i know goes down south for deals or you can go out to palatka and smooth talk a meth head and getchya a real good deal lmao but its funny, someone posted this car in jcm
  • Shaivon Williams
    Shaivon Williams 2 months ago Matt H , Texas Has Some Cheap Cars Too
  • Ronald Paul
    Ronald Paul 2 months ago I agree with Matt Jones. I knew the outcome when you said you were going to Jacksonville. Most of the motorcycle dealers there are the same way.
  • Taron Graves
    Taron Graves 2 months ago Never deal with car dealerships in a military town/city. Trust me man 90% of them are crooks!
  • Shaivon Williams
    Shaivon Williams 2 months ago Taron Graves , List Some Military Towns
  • Lloyd Christmas
    Lloyd Christmas 2 months ago Hinesville Georgia
  • Juan
    Juan 2 months ago Killeen, Texas
  • An_Auto _Addiction
    An_Auto _Addiction 2 months ago 2k prep package 😂😂😂😂...
  • Chris Gorczynski
    Chris Gorczynski 2 months ago Nitrogen in tires at my dealer is $35. If you need it Andrew, lmk hahahah!!! Tint for front windows is $75 for good tint. 2k my ass!!!
  • An_Auto _Addiction
    An_Auto _Addiction 2 months ago Chris Gorczynski I know right could tint 20 cars for 2k. Some dealer s are crazy
  • Adrian I-Mustang
    Adrian I-Mustang 2 months ago (edited) A lot of car salesmen don’t know shit about cars. Their just there to make a quick buck.
  • Robert Funk
    Robert Funk 2 months ago That salesman sounded like a total doucher! Good job on walking away from them. You'll find your car. Forget those guys.
  • H E C. M A N.
    H E C. M A N. 2 months ago Ill never go to that dealership do to your experience.
  • Governor Gibbs
    Governor Gibbs 2 months ago I had a similar experience at Koons Ford in Annapolis, Maryland. They tried charging me $1500 for Maryland state inspection, among other things. When I tried to get my keys to my trade in back, they actually made it very difficult to do so. Worst experience I’ve ever had at a dealership.
  • Joshua Alejandro
    Joshua Alejandro 1 month ago Governor Gibbs Koons is horrible! I’m also from the DMV area and I’m in the business and everyone knows Koons and Ourisman are the worst when it comes to customer service and stealing
  • ALL 4 FUN
    ALL 4 FUN 2 months ago (edited) Dude forget all the haters and do you Andrew!! There’s a 2014 GT 500 in Panama City with 12k miles for $47,894 6 Speed Charcoal Black with Performance Package and Navigation, just saying bud
  • Shaivon Williams
    Shaivon Williams 2 months ago jGOOD , You're Just A 'Weak' Male.
  • OnDay 7
    OnDay 7 2 months ago jGOOD how many miles does his cobra have? most that go for that price have less than 50k miles. on CC an 03 cobra with 32k miles is going for 23k
  • isan moldonado
    isan moldonado 1 month ago Jgood deleted his comment lol. Womder what he said.
  • cruze chevy
    cruze chevy 1 month ago $47,000, you're nuts
  • T N
    T N 2 months ago Thanks for the info on Arlington Toyota and ray. ⚰️
  • Raymond Delacruz
    Raymond Delacruz 2 months ago Its funny i was also considering that very same car that dealership will never get my business thanks for the video
  • Shaivon Williams
    Shaivon Williams 2 months ago Raymond Delacruz , I Wonder What's Their Store Rating.
  • Ronnie Welch
    Ronnie Welch 2 months ago Carvana has 2014 GT500 for 43400 in the Atlanta area
  • Glebb 21
    Glebb 21 2 months ago Oh man..I KNOW that dealership. I worked for a company & we provided services for them. I've heard HORROR stories first hand & seen IRATE customers. Hate U had to experience that..CAN'T wait to see your new ride👍Great Channel.
  • Dan Cobra Man
    Dan Cobra Man 2 months ago I mean you are upset at the dealer for the pricing yet you justify your absurd asking price in the same video. You gotta be realistic man.
  • Tyler Jones
    Tyler Jones 2 months ago I've had bad experiences at a Ford dealership. The car salesman had bad attitude problems, didn't want to work with me, and they wouldn't allow me to test drive a stock 5.0 Mustang. So I walked away went to a different dealership, test drove and bought one at a cheaper price.
  • DylanSN95
    DylanSN95 2 months ago (edited) Deep Impact Blue 14 GT500 is my #1 dream car It’s gonna be insane to see a GT500 on here