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Fashawn Freestyle w/ The L.A. Leakers - Freestyle #070

Published on Feb 13, 2019 26,086 views

Fashawn checks in with the L.A. Leakers to freestyle over J. Cole's "1985" beat.

#Fashawn #Fresno #JCole #Nas

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  • Salvador Ibarra
    Salvador Ibarra 3 months ago Fash is underrated, hope this shines light on the brother from the Home of the PA. West West y’all
  • tbohfela
    tbohfela 3 months ago Nas has the dopest team at Mass Appeal. Fash is dope...happy to see him get the spotlight.
  • Uber Matic
    Uber Matic 3 months ago “Nuff of dat, brush it under a rug, my rugged path, found anotha path to come up with cash that’s legal, stats that’s regal, fash stacks zeros, I attract money like Magneto” 🔥🤐
  • Reign Vertz
    Reign Vertz 3 months ago Uber Matic 🔥🔥🔥🔥
  • A Tribe Called Hip Hop
    A Tribe Called Hip Hop 3 months ago (edited) Wiggling through the industry as If it was the Avenue. You in it for the clout, I’m in it for the collateral
  • Zach Samulka
    Zach Samulka 3 months ago Fresno baby!! Fash is dope man. Kicked it with him and he knows he’s dope but is super humble
  • moonwlk90 _
    moonwlk90 _ 3 months ago (edited) 0:45 "i made it out the jungle like jabari" if you are a real Nas fan you will get this reference. Fash is dope
  • Jacoby Smith
    Jacoby Smith 3 months ago Not too many people know Nas has a brother that spits under the name Jungle. Dope metaphor
  • The Hive Productions
    The Hive Productions 3 months ago Ironically my name is Jahmari.
  • Mar Snare
    Mar Snare 3 months ago "Shout Out To My Boy ZeeWill, He In the Buildin' Too!"
  • IIIRevolt
    IIIRevolt 3 months ago A real freestyle...🔥💯💯
  • KinGNaNa
    KinGNaNa 3 months ago (edited) Yo that Jungle bar was tough if you break it down.Massappeal is here this 2019 and beyond Nas what up! They don’t need to freestyle for more than 5 minutes to an hour to get their point across great job
  • Crowny Michael
    Crowny Michael 3 months ago Clean. Pure. Fresh. Hip-hop that, not that trap. Fashawn fo' real.
  • MoonLight Watch
    MoonLight Watch 3 months ago Where fashawn been at yo
  • Gunpla Alecks
    Gunpla Alecks 3 months ago MoonLight Watch been killin it for a long time!
  • JahRandom
    JahRandom 3 months ago I been wonderin the same. Just yesterday or the day before I looked him up, figuring I must've missed some videos/singles it's been so long since I saw something new released. Then today this!
  • Peter Cortez
    Peter Cortez 3 months ago 559 on the map
  • Travias Shamsid-Deen
    Travias Shamsid-Deen 3 months ago WOW🔥🔥🔥Delivery was smooth AF
  • MrAlwayz100
    MrAlwayz100 3 months ago (edited) 1,000,000 likes!!!!! BARS I'm here before 0 dislikes! It's just pure hate if you hit the dislike button!!!!! FACTS
  • GoodxJ
    GoodxJ 2 months ago Boy Meets World!  whadddup FASH! ?
  • Knox Pops Productions
    Knox Pops Productions 3 months ago Man it’s so great to hear from Fashawn!
  • Faisal Ibrahim
    Faisal Ibrahim 3 months ago Hard!
  • young Vibes
    young Vibes 3 months ago Fresno On The Map
  • Jorge Zepeda
    Jorge Zepeda 3 months ago solid bars. im proud to say im from central cali too
    LIL ROB DA GOER 5 days ago 🔥🔥🔥Fashawn You Did That Big Bro🤦🏿‍♂️ Hands Down You The Hottest Out Of Fresno Bruh 🚫 Much Love & Respect Keep Doing you Bruh