Filipina Life Rural Mindanao Philippines Coconut Harvest

Published on Oct 7, 2016 1,870 views

Filipina Life in Rural Mindanao Philippines. Life of a young Filipina harvesting coconuts in Mindanao province Philippines. They make money from harvesting coconuts every few months in the jungles of Mindanao.

  • Sir Paul
    Sir Paul 2 years ago I really enjoyed your first video. πŸ˜€. I hope you continue making more.
  • Todd XoX
    Todd XoX 2 years ago +Sir Paul she was actually out in the jungle yesterday taking some more video with her family. I will forward your comment to her.
  • Crishel
    Crishel 2 years ago I'm glad you like the video thanks. I use only mobile phone that time so it doesn't really look good. I'm here in my province now and taking videos of the hidden beauty of Mindanao.
  • Sir Paul
    Sir Paul 2 years ago Crishel the video looked good for cell phone video. I look forward to seeing more about your province Mindanao.
  • Crishel
    Crishel 2 years ago thank you Sir Paul... the videos will be uploaded soon...
  • Brad Kynoch
    Brad Kynoch 2 months ago Cute that little girl showing u the way through jungle I think this is your family horse cool Your mum is hard working
  • teslaphysics
    teslaphysics 3 months ago That was great! It was interesting to see your 1st video, and your rual home. Btw, where is this in Mindanao?
  • Bill Rockmaker
    Bill Rockmaker 2 months ago Why is that little girl so far away from home alone? She’s gonna get eaten by a snake or something!
  • WanderLusting
    WanderLusting 2 months ago Kids in the philippines are a bit more independent and resourceful similar to kids probably in the 50s in the us .
  • John Liu
    John Liu 1 year ago My suggestion is get off the horse. 100 kg of coconuts is 220 pounds plus if you weigh 80 pounds yourself, that's 300 pounds or more the horse is carrying. That's really cruel and you would have a better video if you just walked.
  • Todd XoX
    Todd XoX 1 year ago +John Liu thanks for your concern...
  • Crishel
    Crishel 1 year ago John Liu yes your right they don't usually ride the horse while it's carrying coconuts but i want to try at least once and i told me uncle not to put a lot of coconut in the basket.. 😊 thanks for the concern..
  • emma Marley
    emma Marley 2 months ago U
  • WanderLusting
    WanderLusting 2 months ago R