Ragnarok M Eternal Love Battle of Kafra & New Costume Reviews

Published on May 14, 2019 7,986 views

Ragnarok M Eternal Love Battle of Kafra & New Costume Reviews

1. Event time: Every Tuesday night at 8:00 PM to 8:30 PM (GMT+7)

2. Event guide: At every Tuesday night 7:50 PM to 8:10 PM (GMT+7), adventurers can enter the dungeon through Prontera South Gate Guard NPC to challenge the Primeval Boss and protect Prontera. As the Primeval Boss's HP goes down, there will be "Demon Crystal" and "Guardian Medal" dropped as loots. When the Primeval Boss is defeated, it will drop a ”Costume·I, the Steward“ and a "Costume·I, the Maiden". The costume loot will not alternate to fit your character, it can be put on the Exchange and change costume's gender.

3. "Demon Crystal" is the "Battle of Kafra" exclusive reward, use it open up the shop. Adventurers can exchange Headwear "Katyusha Wrapping Lace", "Steward Top Hat", "Steward Briefcase", and "NEIKO".

New HeadWear Info Credit: Bearnard

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  • SF Ggaming
    SF Ggaming 1 week ago (edited) Namaste 😂 can put at exchange if loot with different gender item.may luck be with us!! ❤
  • rai bibek
    rai bibek 4 days ago this event is for sea? or global?
  • IceXgame
    IceXgame 4 days ago Sea
  • Knov
    Knov 4 days ago any info about size element for that mvp?
  • IceXgame
    IceXgame 4 days ago No info yet
  • Kadir 2811
    Kadir 2811 1 week ago Can u make guide for Pvp build thanks
  • IceXgame
    IceXgame 1 week ago hoo ok :D not pvp awhile lol
  • Kiz Gaming
    Kiz Gaming 1 week ago Im early :>
  • IceXgame
    IceXgame 1 week ago wow fast :D
  • Xai Vang
    Xai Vang 1 week ago Watch it be another Oracle dungeon lol.
  • IceXgame
    IceXgame 1 week ago lol
  • Rolly Mendoza
    Rolly Mendoza 1 week ago 2nd?
  • IceXgame
    IceXgame 1 week ago 3rd lol
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    OptioN Gaming 1 week ago Kumusta 😂😂😂😂
  • IceXgame
    IceXgame 1 week ago hola :D
  • PhilX Gaming
    PhilX Gaming 1 week ago So is it like killing Smvp/Mini? Who hit first will get loots? Or everyone who attacks can get loots?
  • Randolf Delos Reyes
    Randolf Delos Reyes 1 week ago (edited) it looks like an instance because it says on the description "can go to the dungeon through the guard at south gate but im not sure well see. but hey its free atleast good for f2p and it can be sell at auction
  • PhilX Gaming
    PhilX Gaming 1 week ago Thanks for the reply. Haha. I got confused on this one. Lol. But yeah we'll see.
  • IceXgame
    IceXgame 1 week ago first time too :D maybe they will have boss like UFO :D
  • Furry's Gaming
    Furry's Gaming 1 week ago see all gacha every month , and i cant afford it except premium lol
  • IceXgame
    IceXgame 1 week ago lol - still saving my orange voucher :D got 120+ :D
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    แดง เดือด 1 week ago ไม่เล่นรินเนจ2แล้วหรอคับ
  • IceXgame
    IceXgame 1 week ago เล่นอยู่ครับแต่ไม่ค่อยอัพเดทเท่าไหร่ :D
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    Yến Nguyễn 3 days ago Xin chào? In VietNamese
  • IceXgame
    IceXgame 2 days ago yes :)
  • nanoREZ
    nanoREZ 1 week ago another free costume?
  • IceXgame
    IceXgame 1 week ago Not free, need to do dungeon or buy from exchange
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    DANA 1 week ago "konnishiwa" konnichiwa
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    Chrnomeerr 1 week ago God otakus are annoying
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