Dean takes us on a tour through the 2019 Unity Corner Bed, featuring two sleeping areas, seating for up to 4 people, large exterior storage, 3-piece dry bath, and expandable living space.

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  • Snoope Fiasco
  • Randy Scholz
    Randy Scholz 2 months ago Snoope Fiasco because you need to set goals
  • Joe Gutierrez
    Joe Gutierrez 2 months ago I call it dream material!
  • Randy Scholz
    Randy Scholz 2 months ago If I was to buy everything I like on YouTube I would die with no money
  • Shannon X
    Shannon X 2 months ago For the same reason I do - we've got to dream! :o)
  • Ben Arthur
    Ben Arthur 2 months ago same lol
  • Clen Mc
    Clen Mc 2 months ago Me too. But enjoyed watching this. 😅
  • Me Xxxx
    Me Xxxx 2 months ago (edited) Me too! Boo Hoo
  • Met Met
    Met Met 2 months ago same, i watch it cause im poor and want buy some van one day, i watch it cause this guy gives me energy :-D
  • Fiza Nasution
    Fiza Nasution 2 months ago One friend! Its dream planning
  • Michael Swisher
    Michael Swisher 2 months ago Because it's fun.
  • Santiago Lapiz
    Santiago Lapiz 2 months ago Snoope Fiasco lol , my wife and sons laugh at me, watching all nights videos of RVs. It’s like Steve Jobs with the dots, one day you will use this information. My poor experience (we travel with the family 4 years ago along California, and we loved it) plan a trip, decide the route, check videos, focus you there, one day you will happen. Watching/thinking/planning/enjoy it is like being there.
  • ghlyall
    ghlyall 2 months ago Van porn.
  • Random Dude
    Random Dude 2 months ago Randy Scholz this isn’t a goal lol this is an impulse buy for an already wealthy person. A person who set a goal that saved enough for this could’ve built a real house or a better mobile tiny home lol
  • Roxy Girl
    Roxy Girl 2 months ago One day YOU WILL💯& When YOU GET IT You'll At least Know What To Do WITH IT😂😅🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈
  • Fran Ross
    Fran Ross 2 months ago Shannon X we can dream.
  • Robbie Lucero
    Robbie Lucero 2 months ago Idk why aswell
  • OneWayofLiving
    OneWayofLiving 2 months ago You are like me.... buy it used in 20 years :)
  • Shari B
    Shari B 2 months ago Very few of us will ever be able to buy one of these but it's fun to dream, keep dreaming you never know what the future holds😊
  • Ann inGG
    Ann inGG 2 months ago I watched the ones about the more expensive Vans to get ideas for my own custom van conversion that's going to be cheap but sometimes the expensive ones have the newer technology like he mentioned a couple things that I hadn't thought about before so it's always good to get ideas but yeah this is a millionaires fan cost as much as a small cheap house. I did like the fact that they had that Corner Bed and bathroom in the back that's kind of an interesting idea but my favorite is still something I found a gypsy Caravan they had the kitchen crosswise at the back that moved up a little bit and then there was a hidden door in fact you could do it with a Pantry Shelf the swing open and the bathroom was in behind the kitchen I thought that was great because the door was just not a door and then I would put my bed sideways I don't know he's like the long Galley kitchen with the walkway seems to use a lot of space it keeps and you space for walking that's not that necessary to go the length of the van and I don't want my bed in the back by the back doors that somebody can open
  • Randy Scholz
    Randy Scholz 2 months ago Random Dude it an opinion my friend some people will never buy one or want to buy one just like some people aren’t wealthy and some people a just wealthy with their families
  • Reiq
    Reiq 2 months ago Same here
  • Daniel Berdichevsky
    Daniel Berdichevsky 2 months ago this guy is such a great salesman though, he'll convince your broke butt to buy it anyway
  • Jeff Hambleton
    Jeff Hambleton 2 months ago Same as me. You want to watch this totalling relaxing video which will give you pleasant dreams or videos about Trump and crooked cops that will give you PTSD?
  • Jeff Hambleton
    Jeff Hambleton 2 months ago @Randy Scholz If you have some money, it gives you more than one choice but with no money, you have one choice.
  • Don Solis
    Don Solis 2 months ago same as me , but it's great to dream!
  • Walter 777 Smith
    Walter 777 Smith 2 months ago @Randy Scholz so that mean you are dad
  • ODD-one out n about
    ODD-one out n about 2 months ago We can all dream 😍😢
  • Rob Reuler
    Rob Reuler 2 months ago It's nice to dream
  • Kevin Schettko
    Kevin Schettko 2 months ago Credit, credit, credit. America lives on credit
  • Phil Ceb
    Phil Ceb 2 months ago u can do zero downpayment, so you can have this van
  • ericbdavis22
    ericbdavis22 2 months ago A shopping list... if you ever win the lottery.
  • Brian Yi
    Brian Yi 2 months ago so, don't looking this
  • Piet Velkens
    Piet Velkens 2 months ago you can buy an awesome leisure t-shirt though
  • M FX
    M FX 2 months ago Because with no money, you may be looking at you future motorhome and lifestyle as you ponder chucking the home ownership on fixed land idea out the window. Much cheaper too.
  • Chu-Hao YEN
    Chu-Hao YEN 2 months ago Funny, you might come across a lump sum of money, maybe one of your relatives passed and gave u a lot of money
  • Javier Deleon
    Javier Deleon 2 months ago I have no money either but we love to dream don't we.
  • Gloria Metayer
    Gloria Metayer 2 months ago How much is this toy? Not that I have any money. Lol
  • Rudy Texas
    Rudy Texas 1 month ago I'm hoping one of kids will buy for me lol ,
  • Gislo A
    Gislo A 1 month ago haha, same!
  • Jammineyeonline
    Jammineyeonline 1 month ago Its because of this guy!!!
  • Amberlyn Gold
    Amberlyn Gold 1 month ago Lol, me too. I keep watching these and wishing.
  • Creative Crow
    Creative Crow 1 month ago Same here dude 😂
  • Frizzy Karen
    Frizzy Karen 1 month ago I'm like 5 there's no point in watching this for me
  • Burcin
    Burcin 1 month ago Sameee😂
  • Anton Gunawan
    Anton Gunawan 1 month ago (edited) Because dreaming is free and the beautiful thing is you can manifest any dream into reality if you dream it deep enough. It motivates you to make it happen and the good news is there's One up there who appreciates dreams and more than willing to help you and give you the resources needed to make any dream come true. All you have to do is focus on your dream and set your intention to it. Everything is possible for them who believe.
  • Nabila Nur Amalia
    Nabila Nur Amalia 1 month ago you are not aloneee
  • Patrick Sherman
    Patrick Sherman 1 month ago Same
  • e r
    e r 1 month ago Me too
  • IceWarrior101
    IceWarrior101 1 month ago Same here. I started watching sprinter van conversions and feel like I know nothing about that stuff so I found my way here. This may be easier for me... if I ever get this kind of money haha
  • Duncan Wallace
    Duncan Wallace 1 month ago Keep the dream alive, I am
  • Jchathe
    Jchathe 1 month ago Im addicted to watching these Unity vids 😂 ... Someone buy me a lottery ticket!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  • Mohammad Imran
    Mohammad Imran 4 weeks ago You are not the only one😂
  • Kait _ duh
    Kait _ duh 3 weeks ago stop being negative,If I was you I would wait for the perfect time to come get that
  • Nad Natze Supernatural
    Nad Natze Supernatural 2 weeks ago Same!😭😭😭😂
  • Quettawal
    Quettawal 1 week ago I hear ya ..
  • Drunk Boss
    Drunk Boss 1 week ago Snoope fiasco feelings mutual haha
  • Knox carmack
    Knox carmack 2 months ago I believe this guy could sell ice to an Eskimo.
  • Nigel
    Nigel 2 months ago 😂
  • Hayden Misenti
    Hayden Misenti 2 months ago he can sell an Eskimo to ice
  • Drew L
    Drew L 2 months ago I would have bought 5 from him if I had the money
  • Anton Gunawan
    Anton Gunawan 1 month ago 😂😂
  • Nestor Villanueva
    Nestor Villanueva 2 months ago 5:35 no problem sleeping two people, LOL !!! He doesn't even fit in that bed hahahaha
  • Amberlyn Gold
    Amberlyn Gold 1 month ago I know, its too small for him, probably why he brought the pillow out to try to cover that up.
  • KZ
    KZ 1 month ago Was about to comment this! Lol 😂
  • Andras Libal
    Andras Libal 1 month ago He's 6'1" he did mention grandkids :)
  • DeadAtrocity
    DeadAtrocity 1 month ago Two people side by side idiot.
  • Wendy B
    Wendy B 1 month ago So funny and true
  • Jchathe
    Jchathe 1 month ago Be ok for one short woman and her cat I would think 🤣. Now where did I put that winning lottery ticket? 🤣
  • clark clarke
    clark clarke 3 weeks ago He doesn't fit because he's over 6ft not like the majority of.peolel are over 6ft ...but then again maybe you are 7 ft tall
  • CaptainX
    CaptainX 2 months ago I can't believe I'm subscribing to a luxury RV channel...
  • Jchathe
    Jchathe 1 month ago CaptainX Me neither 😂
  • PSUdoctor333
    PSUdoctor333 1 month ago I’m buying one.... great job! Now for the hard part..... selling it to my wife😁
  • Frank Biz
    Frank Biz 1 month ago Awesome, I definitely buying one after I win the lottery or Publishers Clearing House, lol.
  • cocobutter Chin
    cocobutter Chin 1 month ago Frank Biz hahaha,yes, Me too in 2019
  • Wohlf_craft SeniorElPommy
    Wohlf_craft SeniorElPommy 2 months ago You should replace the water pump switches with a toggle button to prevent confusion. Include an LED light to determine on/off
  • Minh Chau
    Minh Chau 2 months ago This is the best camper van I have seen. Once we are ready, we are definitely buying this model.
  • Jeni B
    Jeni B 2 months ago Check with "creative rv" and all her troubles before u do. She offers tons of advice and how to dwal with the warnitys
  • zvczvcvzxcv
    zvczvcvzxcv 2 months ago It looks sweet but the price is insane.
  • Reiq
    Reiq 2 months ago Gotta love the fix bed
  • MrNutsack100
    MrNutsack100 2 months ago 2 yr warranty...I'll pass, too bad because this is a beautiful van.
  • sherrcon
    sherrcon 2 months ago unity starting at $132,805's better to invest $132g's in gold, bitcoin or silver...ten years from now you will probably double your money while this unity is broken down and you still have 10 years left on your loan...the upkeep, license, repairs will be cost a lot just to replace tires on my car; imagine the cost for the will be expensive and more than double than an auto tire...the unity probably gets 10 miles to a gallon...but if you got lots of disposable cash, go and buy it...have fun road traveling/camping...
  • Coco Chanel
    Coco Chanel 2 months ago @sherrcon And the other person had 10 years of amazing memories and outdoor activities, travel and fun. Whats the value of that?
  • sherrcon
    sherrcon 2 months ago @Coco Chanel/ this is just my opinion; take it with a grain of salt...sure one can have a ton of family fun camping/traveling with this rig or any other rig mind had fun when you were young and your parents didn't have a rig like this...just remember paying this loan off will probably be over $180 g's...and how many times are you actually going to use it?...90x during the summer unless you live in it...and if you are rich and buying this rig, you are probably not worried about the $200+ you put in the gas tank every time you go on an excursion nor the over $500 per year for its license...but if you have your heart on this rig, by all means go right will be the envy of the campgrounds...the way the economy is going, you don't want to be a slave to this loan...and there's lots of ways to have family fun without going into don't want to save up for ice cream; you just want to go buy it..but this is just for me...cheers...
  • Scott in MN
    Scott in MN 2 months ago sherrcon Bitcoin, gold, silver? Almost makes an RV look like they aren’t a huge money loss.
  • sherrcon
    sherrcon 2 months ago @Scott in MN/ lol...sure it's a dream come true to buy this rv or any other and it gives you the freedom only people dream of...but drive this rig off the lot one block and try to sell it back to the dealer and see how much it already depreciated... you’ll probably lose around 30% off of the manufacturer’s suggested retail price on your new RV; compare that to the around 19% average of a new car...RVs lose their value relatively quickly, at a steep rate of if you bought $132g's (the starting price of this rig) of gold/silver, five years from now, it will still be worth as much if not more...if you look at the precious metal market, it has never gone down...meanwhile, you will be looking for that extra $200 to put into the gas tank for your next rv excursion...but if you will be happy buying it, by all means do'll be the envy of your neighbors and campers... Do RVs Lose Their Value Faster Than Other Vehicles ... saying...cheers
  • Scott in MN
    Scott in MN 2 months ago @sherrcon You are preaching to the choir. My paid for Toyota Sienna goes on a lot of very epic trips with my family. In May (with two of my daughters) I will be backpacking into Havasupai Falls (Grand Canyon), going to Page, AZ and Bryce, and then on to Zion. Tent sights are cheap (had to book them months ago). A couple hotels along the way. Thirteen days later I return to our paid for house and my paid for truck. IMO, people should not be burying themselves in debt to chase the RV/boats/new car/motorcycle/ fancy vacation dream. There are too many people that sold their houses to buy an RV/motorhome. They then found out they hated their new life but they are upside down on the vehicle and unable to sell it.
  • sherrcon
    sherrcon 2 months ago @Scott in MN/ wow!!!!...what an adventure filled with lasting memories!!!, you are talking...and debt-free!!!! are very lucky my friend...
  • Daz555Daz
    Daz555Daz 2 months ago @Jeni B dwal?
  • Gary Mitchell
    Gary Mitchell 2 months ago @Jeni B one owner
  • salmonilaUK
    salmonilaUK 2 months ago yee only poor people wait
  • Albert Williams
    Albert Williams 2 months ago Why I keep watching,I like but can't afford.
  • FredFromBoston Fred
    FredFromBoston Fred 2 months ago Dean,,,nice looking rig, however what is the Carrying Capacity for people, pets, water food and supplies. What is the Min and Maxium weights Thanks
  • Novacayne
    Novacayne 1 month ago oh my, I would totally live in this if I wasnt broke AF :D
  • Kait _ duh
    Kait _ duh 1 week ago I WANT TO LIVE IN THAT VAN, IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL😍🚐❤️💝💗💓💟💕❣️💞
  • Ifollowmusic1
    Ifollowmusic1 1 month ago I can barely afford to pay my bills ... yet here I am
  • Malcolm MacLeod
    Malcolm MacLeod 2 months ago Wow! For a retired couple with a pet who wish to go places and do things, this is not only the perfect choice, but the best as well. I can see a lot of pleasure in this. Hard to resist.
  • Amy Jean
    Amy Jean 2 months ago I wish I could afford something like this, sigh
  • G H
    G H 2 months ago Two.small people on the day bed,🤣
  • Roxy Girl
    Roxy Girl 2 months ago He Did Great Explaining The Details👌
  • mikeokla01
    mikeokla01 2 months ago Worth seeing Dean do belly-flop.
  • Michael Farinola
    Michael Farinola 2 months ago Ahhh, Dean, you did not exactly fit in small bed, lol. Love your videos!
  • aso pol
    aso pol 2 months ago Absolutely amazing perfect ☺️