New COMIC BOOK Day Reviews | Gideon Falls | Immortal Hulk | Spider-Man Life Story

Published on May 15, 2019 3,698 views

Milton the Manimal reviews today’s new comic book releases.

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  • Cumberbatch Pepperpot
    Cumberbatch Pepperpot 1 week ago (edited) “Dick skinners”? Lol. Never heard that. That sent me straight to urban dictionary.
  • Gem Mint Collectibles
    Gem Mint Collectibles 1 week ago must be a KC term
  • Chris A
    Chris A 3 days ago @Gem Mint Collectibles Learned it in Paris Island in 1995. But Im glad to hear it again. So perfect....and fitting for when people touch your sh*t
  • Q8 Vonglia
    Q8 Vonglia 1 week ago Manimal I took your recommendation to read the uncanny x-men, and I've been loving it
  • Kyle Terry
    Kyle Terry 1 week ago No little bird??? The art the story.. missing out on that one
  • Comic Guy
    Comic Guy 1 week ago Great job thx for the review and have a great day .
  • David Hall
    David Hall 1 week ago Tom King suuuucks ✊
  • Ray Cook
    Ray Cook 1 week ago Digging that love for the Uncanny X-Men! Another great episode sir!
  • lime lime
    lime lime 5 days ago (edited) Appreciate that you do a review of each comic.!
  • Armando Lopez
    Armando Lopez 1 week ago Man I heard they were canceling X men Yesterday I guess we'll see if Hickman can deliver the goods
  • lime lime
    lime lime 5 days ago (edited) Thanks for the update gem.!
  • Cesar Perez
    Cesar Perez 1 week ago Cool. Weekly haul is a great idea. I guess I'll be checking in every Wednesday. You might inspire me to check out some extra books (though that's bad for my economy).
  • Milton Manimal
    Milton Manimal 1 week ago Cesar Perez join the cult and drink the kool aid. Glad to have you bro
  • Bryan Wilson
    Bryan Wilson 1 week ago I’m excited about Spider-Man Life Story 3. I’ve been enjoying that series quite a bit. I’m also excited for Hick-Men?...X-Hick?...I’m curious to see what he can do.
  • Mark Milton
    Mark Milton 1 week ago I'm same with superman after you advised it back in man of steel. 💎💪
  • Milton Manimal
    Milton Manimal 1 week ago Mark Milton love a satisfied customer
  • Grant Sherrill
    Grant Sherrill 1 week ago I stopped ordering Uncanny X-Men when I found out about Hickman's run. Didn't see the point.
  • Milton Manimal
    Milton Manimal 1 week ago Grant Sherrill it’s not a reboot. What is occurring in the current run will still play into Hickmans run
  • Joseph Cocchi
    Joseph Cocchi 1 week ago Always cool to see what is coming. I don't know if you collect the variant but it would be cool to share them so we can pick them up. Also, if you know of a special edition that is coming up (like those variant metallic cover that DC released) a heads up would be great!
  • Milton Manimal
    Milton Manimal 1 week ago Joseph Cocchi I don’t do variants but maybe I can highlight them
  • Ben NG
    Ben NG 1 week ago Your tastes are generally similar to mine but I fired that Snyder JL run about 12 issues in. It felt really inconsequential. It reminded me of Hickman's Avengers. I hope his Uncanny is more similar to his FF run.
  • Milton Manimal
    Milton Manimal 1 week ago Ben NG I think the payoff will be down the road
  • Ben NG
    Ben NG 1 week ago When they blew up the moon I said "aw hell no!". Did they ever reconcile that?
  • Nathan Drake
    Nathan Drake 1 week ago Gonna go get mine later today. Already have those first two Spider-Man issues but haven’t read them yet can’t wait
  • Caolan Dillon
    Caolan Dillon 1 week ago (edited) Do you sell your trades when an omnibus comes out collecting the same run? I've got Geoff Johns' Green Lantern in trades and omnis and can't decide if I want to sell them or not lol
  • Milton Manimal
    Milton Manimal 1 week ago Caolan Dillon yeah I totally would. No reason to have double formats
  • Caolan Dillon
    Caolan Dillon 1 week ago @Milton Manimal Yeah that's fair, might do the same once all Morrison's Batman is released too because the trades are so messy.
  • EarthsGeomancer
    EarthsGeomancer 1 week ago Is the current Venom run any good? I heard it's controversial...
  • Always Bet On Dunc
    Always Bet On Dunc 1 week ago It plays around a lot with the mythology surrounding Venom and does kind of introduce a lot of retcons. I guess it depends on what your tolerance for that kind of thing with retconning is. Personally, I think it's the most interesting Eddie Brock's Venom as a character has been for a while so I'd definitely recommend it.
  • Milton Manimal
    Milton Manimal 1 week ago EarthsGeomancer the only controversial aspect in my mind is if you aren’t reading it and you like Venom. It’s amazing
  • Adrián Lukáč
    Adrián Lukáč 1 week ago Who can give you tumb down 😔Morons everywhere?....You know how to energize people to read comix 😂 Btw I like a cap 👲
  • Bob Blanton
    Bob Blanton 1 week ago G’day Manimal-Man, what’s your favorite fast food restaurant????????!!!!!!!