Exclusive in-studio #Snippets of Jonn Hart’ new album ‘Cross My Hart'

Published on Sep 14, 2018 1,284 views

Jonn Hart lets Power 106 come through to his studio to preview new music off of his latest body of work 'Cross My Hart'.

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  • GamingwithLucha
    GamingwithLucha 8 months ago My boy jentry is the man behind all the magic happy birthday jentry 🔥
  • Max Palmer
    Max Palmer 8 months ago Jonn you never let me down bro your the best your number one In my top 5 RNB/hip hop artist the new record is fire bro
  • Lovens Presume
    Lovens Presume 8 months ago That whistle sample with the Too Short feature, definitely hot.
  • Khristopher Hinds
    Khristopher Hinds 8 months ago Glad to see Jonn Hart making a comeback in the industry
  • Kuuipo Kahalehili
    Kuuipo Kahalehili 8 months ago Khristopher Hinds https://youtu.be/aB_BEj7fnm0
  • Johnny R
    Johnny R 8 months ago Universal Audio👍
  • Razakai
    Razakai 8 months ago Keen!
  • Kuuipo Kahalehili
    Kuuipo Kahalehili 8 months ago https://youtu.be/aB_BEj7fnm0