Boogie Freestyle w/ The L.A. Leakers - Freestyle #068

Published on Jan 24, 2019 101,525 views

Boogie checks in with the L.A. Leakers for Freestyle #068.

#Boogie #EverythingsForSale #Eminem

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  • J. A. Jasmooth with the Groove
    J. A. Jasmooth with the Groove 3 months ago “Scary like an EX you told your secrets to” 🥶 that’s real
  • Imani Gordon
    Imani Gordon 3 months ago True that
  • idontdoodrugz AudioVisualCurator
    idontdoodrugz AudioVisualCurator 3 months ago #nopillowtalk
  • Guillermo Ruiz
    Guillermo Ruiz 3 months ago Facts
  • Dawan Smith
    Dawan Smith 3 months ago That line was too hard 💪💪💪
  • Messi Finessi
    Messi Finessi 3 months ago I was just about to quote the same line lol. Too relateable ....this album is so good. If it doesnt make you cry, you have no soul
  • D1stant feelin
    D1stant feelin 3 months ago (edited) Boogie from the westside The lyrical newschool goat
  • Joelis Present
    Joelis Present 3 months ago (edited) "I pray I finish this hurt before I finish my drugs" wow 1:29
  • theherbpuffer
    theherbpuffer 3 months ago He's actually been out for several years now. People just now catching on
  • Brady Blair
    Brady Blair 1 month ago Was just about to post this lyric after hearing it, glad it hit someone else like it hit me
  • Lorenzo McKenzie
    Lorenzo McKenzie 3 months ago Boogie holding it down for the West coast. Great story teller
  • l l
    l l 3 months ago "I ain't lose my friends to see ya'all playing with my culture"
  • Keonte' Sealey
    Keonte' Sealey 3 months ago This my favorite part of the entire freestyle. This speaks volumes
  • C.L.K.
    C.L.K. 3 months ago Opening line too
  • MCBrainpower
    MCBrainpower 3 months ago yeah man, that line is everything.... Bless up Boogie
  • GoodxJ
    GoodxJ 2 months ago so fuckin' dope right there!!!!!
  • xNomNomNom
    xNomNomNom 2 months ago (edited) whats that mean? hip hop? saggy jeans? crack. the rest of the freestyle talks about the 'culture' backstabbing murder and drugs. ya'll mad that anyone embraces the arts but call it 'culture'. taking care of your kids, getting an education, getting an actual job... stop playing with OUR "culture".
  • Jae Mike
    Jae Mike 2 months ago @xNomNomNom We don't wanna hear that bullshit Shareef!
  • Edwin
    Edwin 3 months ago Boogie is the future. He's bringing good energy to music. Glad Shady is promoting him well.
  • chaveal simmons
    chaveal simmons 3 months ago “You know your roots are bad when I leave” .....big lit 🔥
    FACE MOVIES 3 months ago Boogie a new school GOAT.
  • MrMaha H
    MrMaha H 3 months ago my man's album
    ESO TOWN BIZZ!!! 3 months ago Lol....... Word..
  • Jody Jo
    Jody Jo 3 months ago Big facts😂😂😂
  • -
    - 3 months ago MrMaha H she did. that's why he said it
  • Timothy Harris
    Timothy Harris 3 months ago “I used EBT to buy this chip that’s on my shoulder.” 🤯
  • idontdoodrugz AudioVisualCurator
    idontdoodrugz AudioVisualCurator 3 months ago Yuuck☠☠
  • Guillermo Ruiz
    Guillermo Ruiz 3 months ago Fucking hard
  • Mikee Lewis
    Mikee Lewis 1 month ago What's ebt?
  • Goat
    Goat 1 month ago @Mikee Lewis government assistance/welfare
  • Kadomatsu Joestar
    Kadomatsu Joestar 3 months ago This is a freestyle?? Its a whole entire song this is insane
  • IsaacGBaby
    IsaacGBaby 3 months ago Usually these freestyles are pre written and they use the verse on the album
  • Death The Kidd
    Death The Kidd 3 months ago That’s how he always raps
    TEHAOER 3 months ago Freestyle usually means there is no strict subject to the verse, but that verse is written before. But in Europe, maybe except the UK, freestyle means rhymes off the top, no prewritten punchlines or lines.
  • Antonio Fowler
    Antonio Fowler 3 months ago naw boogie freestyle like dave east
  • Interstate 3
    Interstate 3 3 months ago Boogie don’t write. Not that there’s anything against writing. U gotta stay ready, if u write then write. It’d be stupid for a man that feeds his family off of rap to go on radio trying to freestyle and fucking up. Anyway, boogie just a goat bro. EVERYTHING’S FOR SALE
  • Mikee Lewis
    Mikee Lewis 1 month ago The term freestyle has changed in definition this type of freestyle is just a verse rapped on a beat chosen by the DJ
  • Mikee Lewis
    Mikee Lewis 1 month ago @TEHAOER freestyles aren't the same anymore and in the UK and the us they are now just a pre written verse rapped on a random beat
  • TheReaL CoMicBookGuY
    TheReaL CoMicBookGuY 3 months ago “My baby momma know my life good when I’m at peace wit her”😫🚨🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥#Snapple facts
  • ALVA
    ALVA 3 months ago "How my idols turns to rivals, we just call that realignment" 🔥🔥🔥
  • Felipe Bernal
    Felipe Bernal 3 months ago That’s the sauce right there chief. Is boogie szn now...🔥🔥
  • J. Spadez
    J. Spadez 3 months ago Meek Mill you see this , Tory Lanez you see this , Kendrick Lamar you see this , and anybody else. He's coming as long as Eminem push him copping the album now.
  • ConSCious
    ConSCious 3 months ago We witnessing a star.. bro bro gone be big watch
  • Zaire
    Zaire 3 months ago Glad he’s finally getting the recognition he’s been working on for a while now. As an artist myself and watching him over the years, how hard he worked to better his position in the music world is true inspiration. New and old boogie supporters, where yalll at??🙌🏾🙌🏾
  • Mad King
    Mad King 3 months ago Tbh he been working hard in the studio but lacking in most of the promotion and all that getting himself out there. But hes recognized that recently n been utilizing the help from Shady and Interscope. Love love love this dudes style and message. Have only been a fan for a couple years but dudes been a staple in my music rotation since he came into my view. Especially that thirst 48 part 2. Nuts. This album gonna be on repeat for a few days
  • Noah Nederlands
    Noah Nederlands 3 months ago I'm a new one. But the way it's looking i don't see myself going anywhere soon!
  • Three Eight
    Three Eight 3 months ago I been waiting for him to blow , didn't want him to sign to shady but seems to be going well so far
  • Trav Wilson
    Trav Wilson 3 months ago South Carolina here, still rocking wit boogie ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾 EVERYTHINGS FOR SALE
  • Picashi
    Picashi 3 months ago "I aint gotta talk you know my actions speak values"🔥🔥
  • Alchemy SevenSins
    Alchemy SevenSins 3 months ago Picashi volumes* still a fire bar though!
  • Picashi
    Picashi 3 months ago @Alchemy SevenSins oh yea that makes more sense
  • Patrick 25
    Patrick 25 3 months ago I had to pause. Damn
  • Rusty Tuber
    Rusty Tuber 3 months ago Boogie coming up, this guy got on Shade, Leakers, Cruz all in like 3 days, so happy for him
  • Fabian Sauceda
    Fabian Sauceda 3 months ago U know who he's signed to?x
  • Mad King
    Mad King 3 months ago @Fabian Sauceda shady gang gang gang
  • Fabian Sauceda
    Fabian Sauceda 3 months ago @Mad King Exactly
  • Omar Garcia
    Omar Garcia 3 months ago He's in the 'scope. ;)
  • Christopher Soto
    Christopher Soto 3 months ago AND he signed by Eminem