Are These The World's Most Expensive Class B RVs? Advanced RV Factory Tour

Published on Jan 31, 2019 42,753 views

We just visited the Ohio factory where Advanced RV builds its luxurious Class B campervans. They start at about a quarter million dollars each! Some cost $350,000, or more!. That's because all the design, all the extras and accessories are customized by the individual buyer to their exact standards. Here's our video visit that shows how the ultimate in Class B vans are lovingly built.

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  • Advanced RV
    Advanced RV 3 months ago Thanks for visiting, Mike and Jennifer! We enjoyed showing you around. Can't wait to see what your channel has in store.
  • RV Lifestyle
    RV Lifestyle 3 months ago We so enjoyed the visit!
  • Magnolia Emporium
    Magnolia Emporium 2 months ago we really like the custom book, gifted at the end, nice touch!
  • Steven Eskildsen
    Steven Eskildsen 3 months ago It was a pleasure to meet with Mike and Jennifer at the ARV factory. I loved sharing our new ARV motorhome. Well done video.
  • DieGoogleDie
    DieGoogleDie 3 months ago Wrong question. Correct question is: are they the best Clss B RVs? Answer: Yes.
  • IsRasna
    IsRasna 3 months ago I've been full time in my ARV for 4 years. Still a quiet ride, still luxurious, and still the best purchase I've ever made.
  • Larry Byle
    Larry Byle 3 months ago I wish you would have shown the bathroom to see if it was more accommodating than most class B’s
  • Rustic Nature Reimagined
    Rustic Nature Reimagined 3 months ago Thanks so much for the tour of ARV. They are amazing! I hope you guys are coming back for the May Fest.
  • William Reimund
    William Reimund 3 months ago An Advanced RV is a goal of mine.... Probably used!
  • Donna - Hoot- Marie
    Donna - Hoot- Marie 3 months ago Fantastic! I would like to see Pleasure Way factory. Thanks.
  • Bob Simcox
    Bob Simcox 3 months ago Me too!
  • Van Clouse
    Van Clouse 3 months ago I agree. Thank you!
  • Cary Alburn
    Cary Alburn 3 months ago As a very happy 2018 PleasureWay Ascent owner, which I’ve customized in many small ways, I’d like to see a tour of the PW factory, too.
  • George Hanson
    George Hanson 3 months ago Me too!
  • Mike R
    Mike R 3 months ago Yes, a PW tour soon please.
  • buddy kindermann
    buddy kindermann 2 months ago I'm 6-4 would I be comfortable in the bed
  • Ray Jones
    Ray Jones 3 months ago My wife & I are planning a trip to Cleveland next May (2019) to take a tour and visit with some of the other owners of ADV RV's. You mentioned that you wanted some suggestions on other places to tour? If not already mentioned / requested, how about Coachmen in Northern Indiana or perhaps SportsMobile. We are still in the research and planning stages AND waiting on my wife to retire. Oh and by the way, I just subscribed and also "rang the notification bell." The tour at ADV was very interesting and it makes me all the more interested in the vehicle. Thanks for sharing with us. -- a new subscriber from Indianapolis, Indiana
  • CJ
    CJ 3 months ago Hi Mike and Jennifer! Thanks for the wonderful tour of ARV. It's hard to find companies these days that focus on building the best quality with amazing customer service. Well done ARV! I would love to see some tours of truck campers. We have a Northstar Arrow U 8.5 on a 1 ton Ram 3500 SRW MegaCab with all the bells and whistles. We really like Class B's and were heading that direction but decided we wanted the 4 wheel drive capability and quiet ride of the truck. We also like having the comfy bed in the cabover and separate dining/work table. Really makes it comfortable for 2. . I was concerned about not having the driving area open to the living's actually turned out to be a positive. We have zero regrets on going this direction. You might want to check these out. We went with no slides so we could keep it lighter and go with a SRW. Northstar was great to work and let us customize our truck camper quite a bit. Another family owned company with superb customer service before and after the sell. We are 2 years out and still love the sleek looks of the vans but would buy a truck camper again instead. It's more nimble on forest service roads and hard to beat for boondocking with the 4x4 capability. Total pkg. with air bags and loaded truck was around 100K. Everyone's needs and likes are unique but wanted to put a shout out that this is a great option that I would never have considered if the hubby didn't mention it. Something to consider. Wishing you all the best! Happy travels!
  • Midway
    Midway 3 months ago The ecstatic customer picking up his new beautiful RV convinced me this is an excellent company to work with.
  • Don Davenport
    Don Davenport 3 months ago What a great tour! Keep up the good work.
  • D P
    D P 3 months ago Please visit a well built, but more affordable class B factory. I loved this tour, but could never afford 250,000. Yikes!
  • Jenny & Craig Adventures
    Jenny & Craig Adventures 3 months ago D P Yeah, for that price they should include a device that converts the blank tank contents to diesel fuel. 😁
  • D LG
    D LG 3 months ago I know it's hard to believe, but the vans ARV makes are worth that price. They build the highest quality most customizable vans on the market, hand crafted by true artisans.
  • Bob Shaw
    Bob Shaw 3 months ago $250 , 000 Yikes ! You got to be rich to buy it my goodness .
  • LS Osborne
    LS Osborne 3 months ago Worst mistake we made, renting from Advanced RV. ;-) After that it took us nearly a year to "settle" for another brand. The Advanced RVs really are beautiful and functional in a most perfect way. Maybe someday...
  • Dreamer
    Dreamer 3 months ago I can understand how it would be a huge let down to “have” to buy another brand, that’s why I would never waste my time or money renting theirs.
  • fredrik bergquist
    fredrik bergquist 3 months ago This is what I always wanted, an RV that is built like a luxury yacht!
  • RV Lifestyle
    RV Lifestyle 3 months ago That's a good comparison.. ARV is like a luxury yacht
  • Cipher Oceanus
    Cipher Oceanus 3 months ago R/V campers for rich people and jobs for regular people that's a good tradeoff everyone wins...
  • Raymond Harding
    Raymond Harding 3 months ago Pleasr visit and or review the Renagade RV factory. They appear to build above average, but still afordable class B vans.
  • Karen K
    Karen K 3 months ago Please tour Sportsmobile Texas
  • 1Warrior
    1Warrior 3 months ago The vans are nice but Well over Priced....if they made them for around $70,000 I would buy one .....
  • Susie Blanchette
    Susie Blanchette 3 months ago Wow....had no idea something like that was out there. I knew about big Earth Roamers which are stunning too but love the small one too. Thanks for great video.