We are very excited to show you our recent tour of The RV Hall of Fame in Elkhart, Indiana. President Darryl Searer gives us a tour of all these wonderfully restored, historical and luxury RV models. Would you believe, RVs are over 100 years old?

Come along and marvel at the history on display at this awesome museum.

Learn more about the museum at https://www.rvmhhalloffame.org/

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  • David Brickey
    David Brickey 7 months ago This before was one of your grade videos for me. Thank you for sharing . happy journeys be safe out there ☕️🍩
    GARY GREEN 7 months ago Great video , i didn't see a class B ? , i hope you told them they need a vinage roadtrek on display ! lol .
  • Jeff Foster
    Jeff Foster 7 months ago My grandparents had a 1979 Camel pop up camped with them at Selkirk Shores State Park And Wellsley Island State Park was very fun.
  • Nadine Scott
    Nadine Scott 7 months ago Love that place. Thanks for posting
  • Tinlizzy
    Tinlizzy 7 months ago That was SO cool! That place seems immense. Who would've thought. What an amazing part of history of travel. I'd love to go there but for now thanks for sharing!
  • Keith Pankow
    Keith Pankow 4 months ago Thanks for the tour, did not know about it.
  • Tom Spurlock
    Tom Spurlock 7 months ago Thanks so much for sharing this. I've added it to my travel bucket list!
  • Bruce H
    Bruce H 7 months ago Great tour, thanks for the video.  If you get back that way, another good tour would be of their restoration facilities.  It would interesting to see what kind of shape some of these RVs where in before restoration and how they deal with the fact that many of the part and pieces are no longer available.
  • Lotzie Sand
    Lotzie Sand 7 months ago (edited) Hi Bruce, on the travel channel is a program called flippin rv's . They show restoration, sometimes almost rebuilding the whole thing.
  • Bruce H
    Bruce H 7 months ago Thanks.  Is that show still on?  I remember seeing a few episodes a couple of years ago but nothing recently.  They did amazingly good work.  It was interesting to see how they brought some of those near wrecks back to like new.
  • Lotzie Sand
    Lotzie Sand 7 months ago Yes they seem to be on a loop! But as I keep missing some and only watching bits of others it's not too bad
  • bruce Wintersteen
    bruce Wintersteen 7 months ago Thank 's for taking us along
  • Bruce R.
    Bruce R. 7 months ago Thanks for the tour. That was a lot of fun.
  • 805gregg
    805gregg 7 months ago Nice, in some ways I prefered some of the old RV's, you are camping simplicity is better, who needs fancy countertops, a TV in every room, so fancy you never go outside and experience what you came for.
  • Alexandra Stevens
    Alexandra Stevens 7 months ago (edited) Excellent, the one thing those vehicles had that most of the models of today don't have is a feeling of luxury, today every thing comes across as a little clinical so thank you for reminding me as to why I have always had older models that you can actually make feel like home from home. UK
  • Gail JOHNSON
    Gail JOHNSON 7 months ago Thank you for this video. Very interesting..
  • Laura Kirby
    Laura Kirby 7 months ago be safe out there.
  • Lotzie Sand
    Lotzie Sand 7 months ago Wow what a great place, I didn't know that caravans and motorhomes were around that long ago. You have inspired us to look at the British side of campers
  • Paul Betka
    Paul Betka 7 months ago Awesome , interesting 😃 Video folks 😍👍
  • Maureen Tweedly
    Maureen Tweedly 7 months ago Wonderful....brought back memories of our little Shasta.
  • Patti C
    Patti C 7 months ago Wonderful tour!!!
  • 1bike10
    1bike10 7 months ago What a cool place!!
  • Hurikán OM7AHU
    Hurikán OM7AHU 6 months ago Good video.