Joey Purp On New Kanye, 'QUARTERTHING' & Names Best Artists From Chicago

Published on Nov 20, 2018 1,420 views

Joey Purp talks balancing fatherhood with being an artist, how he infuses Chicago culture into his music and more on #NowYouKnow. Follow him at @Joeypurps on Instagram + Twitter to stay up to date on new music.

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  • Mason Clark
    Mason Clark 6 months ago they really disrespected Towkio...
  • FandumbSamurai
    FandumbSamurai 6 months ago Towkio not madeintyo
  • Edward Herrera
    Edward Herrera 6 months ago It’s Towkio not madeintyo
  • Hazim Abdullah
    Hazim Abdullah 5 months ago listened to his music here and there before but didn't know this stuff
  • Allen Hadnot
    Allen Hadnot 6 months ago Young Purple !!!
  • Anthony Cooper
    Anthony Cooper 6 months ago no Kami?
  • MrSkinnyboy125
    MrSkinnyboy125 6 months ago Anthony Cooper it’s HIS favorites, not yours homie
  • Anthony Cooper
    Anthony Cooper 5 months ago @MrSkinnyboy125 he named people in savemoney. kami is in save money and they used to have a duo called leather cords...
  • DesNovo
    DesNovo 6 months ago What's the background beat used?
  • clemente villescas
    clemente villescas 6 months ago Yung towkey
  • Belladonna Devereux
    Belladonna Devereux 6 months ago JOEY FUCKIN PURP!!!
  • Michael Torres
    Michael Torres 4 months ago TOWKIO*