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  • One Man On Fire
    One Man On Fire 5 months ago I can't believe i watched this whole video. I'm not even in the market for one.
  • Jonathan Fenwick
    Jonathan Fenwick 5 months ago One Man On Fire me too!
  • Shellyman Studios
    Shellyman Studios 5 months ago LMAO that profile picture tho!
  • String Cheese
    String Cheese 5 months ago I watched it too! No $ honey but it's sure a cool motor home! I wonder HOW much it cost?!lol!
  • Paco Mcfly
    Paco Mcfly 5 months ago me too! lol
  • Marty Schlosser
    Marty Schlosser 5 months ago @String Cheese Expect to pay in the order of $200K Canadian.
  • ratswordoow
    ratswordoow 5 months ago I live on my bicycle. I have no idea why I clicked on this video.
  • Dustin Cox
    Dustin Cox 5 months ago me too!
  • Brandon
    Brandon 5 months ago One Man On Fire me too
  • Butch Rider
    Butch Rider 5 months ago i just did the same thing lol
  • Rozza43
    Rozza43 4 months ago I am in the same boat....if i was in the market? This would be for me.
  • dredaylarue
    dredaylarue 4 months ago lol so did you find out the reason to why you watched the whole video
  • One Man On Fire
    One Man On Fire 4 months ago @dredaylarue Nope
  • dredaylarue
    dredaylarue 4 months ago @One Man On Fire well i know why I did, I act like I'am in the market for one when my bank account says another thing.
  • MEwithoutYEW
    MEwithoutYEW 4 months ago Ha me too.
  • Mehdi Mirian
    Mehdi Mirian 4 months ago Lol me too lol
  • cj th boss king
    cj th boss king 4 months ago One man on fire me to
  • cj th boss king
    cj th boss king 4 months ago @dredaylarue nope
  • Charles Washika
    Charles Washika 4 months ago You can say that again. Dude Knows his stuff
  • Ken N
    Ken N 4 months ago you're not the only one. We can't buy it but we can dream it.
  • Mohd Fitri Ibrahim
    Mohd Fitri Ibrahim 4 months ago Me too
  • Simple Sandals Media
    Simple Sandals Media 3 months ago LOL!!!! Same here!!!
  • Moe K
    Moe K 3 months ago One Man On Fire He’s a very good salesman
  • Kyle James
    Kyle James 3 months ago lol neither am i. The guy was a phenomenal presenter. This thing is badass.
  • François Béron
    François Béron 1 month ago me too wtf ahaha
  • 美猴王
    美猴王 1 month ago Count me in
  • zakkrick
    zakkrick 1 month ago I was looking at my lotto ticket, like what if
  • Jchathe
    Jchathe 1 month ago Third time for me lol!😂
  • Oblivious Xpert21
    Oblivious Xpert21 4 weeks ago Same
  • Sivuyile Magutywa
    Sivuyile Magutywa 4 weeks ago I watched the whole video, this guy is good
  • Deborney Armando
    Deborney Armando 3 weeks ago I'm watching it and loving it, eventhough I don't have a drivers license :)))
  • Saurabh Barve
    Saurabh Barve 2 weeks ago (edited) even i did. begin from India where such vehicles are rare or non existing
  • Morgan Merklin
    Morgan Merklin 3 days ago Everytime I see his videos I end u pl watching the whole thing lol! He is good at his job lol!
  • YES-TV
    YES-TV 4 months ago Anyone else waching as motivation.
  • Sourish Saha
    Sourish Saha 3 months ago anyone else watching just for fun and not for buying cause ur bank balance is zero
  • The_ Archer1202
    The_ Archer1202 3 months ago I don't even have a bank account
  • Craytos McFarfegnewton
    Craytos McFarfegnewton 2 months ago What is a bank account? Everyone seems to mention this?
  • Sourish Saha
    Sourish Saha 2 months ago @Craytos McFarfegnewton LMAO 😂..this is the best one
  • Christopher Vickers
    Christopher Vickers 1 month ago But one day i will have money! Dont think that day is any day soon but it will come!
  • Sourish Saha
    Sourish Saha 1 month ago man that must be tough:(
  • Abbey Roberts
    Abbey Roberts 1 month ago Ikr looking for cheaper ones tho haha
  • Caty Jo
    Caty Jo 1 month ago Muito versátil bom
  • Kennerth Allen
    Kennerth Allen 4 weeks ago Nope, My account's fat and I'm buying a toy!
  • Owen Lancaster
    Owen Lancaster 3 months ago I have to say, he did a good job.
  • Gabriel Kelekolio
    Gabriel Kelekolio 1 month ago You made this cool
  • Claudia Starr
    Claudia Starr 2 months ago This man sells. Wow no script! No ums or ahhs or pauses. He gets down to it! What a great unit. I am ready to buy, just need to win the lottery.
  • KnightMD
    KnightMD 2 months ago Yeah you only get this good if you actually love the product and have used it. He knows what people look for when buying a motorhome. I love many of the ideas and want to steal them for my camper van conversion.
  • phuck
    phuck 1 month ago Not like there is cuts or anything. jesus fuck.
  • Noscul Grab
    Noscul Grab 1 month ago Don't wait for that. Have a modified vehicle you live in and a job and upgrade vehicles until you get close to having something similar.
  • reeffeeder
    reeffeeder 2 months ago Mentioned sleep apnea devices. This man knows his audience.
  • HQ
    HQ 4 months ago this dude is bloody good in marketing
  • Jacob Gross
    Jacob Gross 1 month ago 99% percent of the comments are talking about the salesman lol
  • Rojikku
    Rojikku 4 months ago This guy looks like he absolutely loves his job. Just watch him jump on that goddamn bed without a care in the world
  • anocheceres
    anocheceres 4 months ago Wooah, this guy could sell me rocks for the price of diamonds and I’d walk away happier than ever 😂
  • un tizio su youtube
    un tizio su youtube 2 months ago ihihih
  • AngelicDiva1988
    AngelicDiva1988 1 month ago anocheceres LMAOOOOOOO
  • Joseph Amurao
    Joseph Amurao 1 month ago You know this man did a great job by getting us to watch the entire video
  • TJO
    TJO 2 months ago "This is a window, watch this, open it, you got airflow. Amazing."LMAO
  • Thomas Moses
    Thomas Moses 4 months ago Love this guy .. So passionate about what he believes in .
  • philipb
    philipb 1 month ago he only believes in making more sales
  • ziggzagg Zip
    ziggzagg Zip 1 month ago Just purchased a 2019, Unity. Love it!!! Just as long I don't wake up from my dream.
  • Punluer Punluer
    Punluer Punluer 4 months ago The bad point for this .. I don't have money
  • notsosilentmajority1
    notsosilentmajority1 3 months ago I never expected to sit through this entire video BUT...........this guy is great !!!!! IDK where Merceds Benz found this spokesman but they should never get rid of him. If there had been a different spokesman I would never have watched an entire "infomercial" but this guy was awesome. He was informative, interesting and funny without being too corny. It really seems like he owns this coach or at least has been using one for a while. He came across as honest and it seems like that was because he really has been using one of these coaches. It was really great until I saw the pricing at the end.......cough, cough, choke, choke, lol. Out of my league but I never thought I would even like a Class B or anything even remotely close. This is the first coach of this size I would ever even consider. Mercedes did a great job and seems to have a real winner on their hands. If you can afford it, it appears fantastic. Great job and keep this guy on as your spokesperson for all your coach ads.
  • Bethan Theunissen
    Bethan Theunissen 2 months ago Its not Mercedes although it's built on a Mercedes engine and base. Its Leisure Travel Vans from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
  • notsosilentmajority1
    notsosilentmajority1 2 months ago @Bethan Theunissen Thanks for the info....
  • manenkoff
    manenkoff 2 months ago Just what Bethan said. This isn't from Mercedes Benz, it's from Leisure Travel Vans (note it is all over the page and video) and they even have models that use a Ford chassis.
  • Metin Özkaya
    Metin Özkaya 2 months ago (edited) Making the bed “This is real time” Cuts scene
  • Lue Aranteed
    Lue Aranteed 4 months ago Beautiful presentation. Thank you.
  • Noah Body
    Noah Body 3 weeks ago Did the quality of this unit sell me or was it the absolute perfection in this man's sale pitch?
  • JO
    JO 4 months ago 10:59 “If the plate doesn’t fit, you must acquit.” Come on man 😂
  • sidney collier
    sidney collier 2 months ago JO love that oj ism!😂🤣😂😃 I totally got that!
  • Jonothan Doezer
    Jonothan Doezer 2 months ago This guy is great! Ha!