Campskunk's Story: Living Full-time In A Motorhome

Published on Feb 6, 2013 169,242 views

This video is about Campskunk. He and his wife live full-time in their motor-home and has become an RV legend in the community for his modifications and maintenance on small RVs.

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  • Anti Petrolhead
    Anti Petrolhead 3 years ago Yes...Campskunk has done a wonderful job at taking care of their Roadtrek.
  • Dreamer OfDreams
    Dreamer OfDreams 4 years ago THAT Cat is Gorgeous!!!!
  • TheBoundlessJourney
    TheBoundlessJourney 4 years ago Thanks man, your story is inspirational. Sure wish I had your mechanic skills though.
  • JohnnyTango111
    JohnnyTango111 2 years ago Holy shit wind turbines too? And solar panels? What else does it have? A full shower? Jeez this is some setup.
  • EL Gee
    EL Gee 5 years ago 10.000 on those few panels and wind generator???? i can buy panels and power a compleet home with battery backup for that money......... omg..
  • Ray K
    Ray K 2 years ago Camp skunk is Da Man with the plan. I have a 1998 Dodge Roadtrek popular ,318 engine 160 k when this engine and transmission die I will not hesitate to repower. I think with the ever-increasing cost of new E Treks you will see more and more and more of the 1990s and early 2000s Dodge and Chevrolet chassys being refurbished and updated
  • Big Walt
    Big Walt 2 years ago I,m gona do it, but in a class c rv.
  • .
    . 1 year ago 300 watts for 10k no way man
  • Mark Handler
    Mark Handler 5 years ago Carmfully, Winnebago just came out with a class B and a B+ based on the Dodge Pro Line van which is the U.S. version of the Fiat Ducato as part of Dodge's partnership with Fiat. It has the 6 cyl 280 HP gas engine. The class B is the Winnebago Travado and the B+ is the Winnebago Trend. They're also around 20 to 30 thousand less than a sprinter based B or B+.
  • Alan Heath
    Alan Heath 5 years ago I don't understand why he has only four hours of electricity after the sun goes down. I calculate that I could last around two weeks of no solar on my batteries. Computers don't take up much power, however televisions do.
  • Alan Heath
    Alan Heath 5 years ago I agree with your analysis and as opposed as I am in general to subsidies, I think the only way that solar is likely to take off is with these subsidies.
  • Monty Mathis
    Monty Mathis 5 years ago Absolutely correct.
  • Arrin Francis
    Arrin Francis 5 years ago Ugh, is it so bad that I totally want his cat? :(
  • Z Shark
    Z Shark 3 years ago +Arrin Francis Cats and RV'S do seem to go together :)
  • Ani Blair
    Ani Blair 10 months ago Arrin Francis That cat has a perfect triangle on her face! So cute!
  • Jaruco03
    Jaruco03 5 years ago Yea lets forget civilization and go to live in caves that will be nice
  • Wolfgang Snapplestein
    Wolfgang Snapplestein 5 years ago I do like your self built tilt on your panels. The construction looks clean, durable and user friendly.
  • Wolfgang Snapplestein
    Wolfgang Snapplestein 5 years ago The American tax payer paid for 30% of your solar cost. If your only able to get 3-4 hours out of your batteries after sun set your doing it wrong. First It's much better to have all of your batteries near each other, and not running wire all over the RV. It cost less, weighs less, and is more efficient. Placing your battery bank as close to the charge controller as you can will also help for the same reasons. More wire= more loss= more cost= less efficiency. Sprinter Chassis is superior IMHO.
  • Wolfgang Snapplestein
    Wolfgang Snapplestein 5 years ago How about not taxing and spending in the first place? The problem with the government is that it thinks it's entitled to take what ever it wants. They do it because people EMPOWER them to steal on THEIR behalf.
  • Willardj Jennings
    Willardj Jennings 5 years ago I have a 190 road trek....its 19 feet not 22...
  • JustinCredibleTV
    JustinCredibleTV 4 years ago Roadtrek 190 is indeed 19' (and most other extended Dodge/Ford/Chev vans). I think he was counting the addition on the back. The only ones that are longer from the factory are the Xplorer XLW widebody (I own one) and Roadtrek 210, both at 21'.
  • mpiazza000
    mpiazza000 2 years ago JustinCredibleTV love your Chanel. In terms of the overall length, it is depends in the year
  • Henry Miller
    Henry Miller 1 year ago Yes the stowaway box adds three feet.
  • popoqwer
    popoqwer 5 years ago You go Shunk!
  • Sukhwinder Singh
    Sukhwinder Singh 5 years ago Some people apply for jobs so they can pay for fule. Because they didn't plan it out or they planned on living in the RV while working. Others apply because they want something to do part time. And some even work over the internet. People do what fits there interests best. But you can RV full time with a $500 monthly budget - you won't be traveling as much but you can do it.