Vaughn Gittin Jr. - Drift King of The Ring [Extended Cut]

Published on Oct 2, 2018 1,479,459 views

Watch as Vaughn Gittin Jr. takes you for a ride as he becomes the first person to drift the legendary 12.9 miles of the Nurburgring in his 900 horsepower Monster Energy Ford Mustang RTR!

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  • Midnight Madness 4x4
    Midnight Madness 4x4 7 months ago You know you're playing too many racing games when you know exactly where he is on the track in this video. Haha!
    DJ HUCKLEBERRY 7 months ago Haha true, racing games and races on TV :)
    CANYON KILLER 7 months ago amen to that. been playing Forza ever since motorsport 2 and I have to have atleast 5,000 laps around that track😂😂😂
  • Midnight Madness 4x4
    Midnight Madness 4x4 7 months ago @CANYON KILLER not only am I guilty of that but I've had leaderboard top times on sections of the nurburgring in forza when they used to have sections of track. Lol
    CANYON KILLER 7 months ago Midnight Madness 4x4 right on man yea the best I got was 10th in the world in U class in Forza Motorsport 2 with the Saleen S7
  • Midnight Madness 4x4
    Midnight Madness 4x4 7 months ago @CANYON KILLER I dont remember the class I ran but I was always driving the ferrari f50 gt and still am. I'm in love with that car no matter the game lol
  • Joe Rob
    Joe Rob 7 months ago gt sport > then forza
  • J P
    J P 7 months ago So true, we all knew the track.....shit I have favorite turns n never been on that track
  • Midnight Madness 4x4
    Midnight Madness 4x4 7 months ago @Joe Rob dont recall asking or caring. Move along little one.
  • Midnight Madness 4x4
    Midnight Madness 4x4 7 months ago @J P same here I love trying to take certain turns on full throttle. Feels so rewarding when I make it.
  • Horace Parkinson
    Horace Parkinson 7 months ago How the hell he got his tires to last that long. 🤔🤔
  • Midnight Madness 4x4
    Midnight Madness 4x4 7 months ago Probably the same way Ken Block did lol
  • Terry Skarry
    Terry Skarry 7 months ago About to play GT Sport right now and tackle the ring in the 787b, and enjoy the music.
  • Midnight Madness 4x4
    Midnight Madness 4x4 7 months ago kick some ass!
  • Vick Ramos
    Vick Ramos 7 months ago 😂😂😂 I’m guilty of that
  • Donny VR6
    Donny VR6 7 months ago Aahahahhahah
  • Midnight Madness 4x4
    Midnight Madness 4x4 7 months ago @Vick Ramos I know I am
  • TheSisko4876
    TheSisko4876 7 months ago LOL !!
  • Jerzey Boy1995
    Jerzey Boy1995 7 months ago Midnight Madness 4x4 blame all the Forza and gran torismo, man.
  • skitone69
    skitone69 7 months ago Or drove there yourself, of course. :D
  • Aidan Dalisay
    Aidan Dalisay 7 months ago sadly i dont play to much gt sport on the nurburgring
  • FromZeroToDriftHero
    FromZeroToDriftHero 7 months ago I'm sure he changed tires on the way and there's also problem of cooling. Nobody with half brains would go full throttle at the Döttinger Höhe after drifting for 20km :) Maybe the sections that are missing were some service points.
  • Luke Holland
    Luke Holland 7 months ago Forza Motorsport ftw
  • Rico Crockett
    Rico Crockett 7 months ago Been beating in this track since 09 on Forza.
  • Tomas Palacios
    Tomas Palacios 6 months ago NFS shift, and shift 2 unleashed. Both on PC. I'm going to give it a lap right now. Try some rtr a have there also. Always tried to do it as clean as possible. But this might have just spoiled me. Also, this man, Vaughn Gittin Jr. is featured in Shift 2, as a mentor and then an opponent for drifts.
  • fresh nuggets
    fresh nuggets 6 months ago Haha if you think Forza is good, wait til you try literally any other game lmfao
  • A Classic Alabaman Girl
    A Classic Alabaman Girl 6 months ago Nurburgring 👍👍
  • Mrtz
    Mrtz 6 months ago @Horace Parkinson he didnt do the whole track on one set of tires LOL
  • Holger Becker
    Holger Becker 6 months ago You know you have spent sufficient time on the track when you know every curve. Thanks god I live near the Green Hell :-)
  • Mrtz
    Mrtz 6 months ago @Holger Becker ich hab mir auch erst gedacht "oder man kennt die kurven einfach weil man die nordschleife öfters mal fährt" xD
  • Midnight Madness 4x4
    Midnight Madness 4x4 6 months ago @Holger Becker I'd love to live near the Green Hell!
  • Holger Becker
    Holger Becker 6 months ago @Midnight Madness 4x4 If you ever have the chance to come to Germany, you definitely have to do a few laps on the Nordschleife. But be careful: even if you have track experience, don't go without an instructor. The name Green Hell says it all.
  • Midnight Madness 4x4
    Midnight Madness 4x4 6 months ago @Holger Becker you got it
  • Holger Becker
    Holger Becker 6 months ago @Mrtz Das echte Erlebnis ist für mich durch nichts zu ersetzten. Aber ich muss zugeben, dass beim letzten Track Day jemand deutlich schneller war, der vorher intensiv auf der Konsole trainiert hatte...
  • Mrtz
    Mrtz 6 months ago @Holger Becker ja auf der konsole kann man definitiv das layout lernen und so sachen wie braking-points, aber nicht die ganzen kleinigkeiten wie kompression etc.... ich muss meine erste erfahrung mit der nordschleife allerdings noch machen
    MARIUSZ 6 months ago Horace Parkinson they had to use 3 sets of tires to get around the whole track🏁 vaughn said that when he met JP performance at the SEMA show a few days ago...
  • 3 h
    3 h 6 months ago owcarnia he had a conversation with JP (JP Performance) on Sema. He sad they need to change the tyres 3 times a round. Overall they drove 3 rounds. First for acclimatization, other two for filming.
  • JaayOnPC
    JaayOnPC 6 months ago GranTurismo, Assetto Corsa, Project Cars xDD
  • quattrogoms
    quattrogoms 6 months ago Mhhh play is ok but i prefer to drive the Nordschleife in real.
  • Unk Rafa
    Unk Rafa 6 months ago I can know 85% of the times, too much Gran Turismo 😂
  • Ahmad Hasif
    Ahmad Hasif 5 months ago This is my go to track after buying new car, Enjoying out the stock version before heavily mod, lol
  • Dgisch
    Dgisch 5 months ago yee
  • Alma Ramirez
    Alma Ramirez 5 months ago hopes and dreams
  • SamDaven 28
    SamDaven 28 5 months ago I've played too much GranTurismo 4 so when at the beginning of the video I saw a turn that there is many writings, I've noticed that the circuit was Nürburgring😂
  • Kevin
    Kevin 2 months ago Nah, it's also a famous track for testing out cars
  • Derp_wolf
    Derp_wolf 2 months ago fresh nuggets thats kinda.... dumb I played all the other games and the only ones that hold a candle are gt5 and before. Gt6 and gt sport were bad.
  • supmo68
    supmo68 2 months ago @Derp_wolf I think GT Sport is good the ceo of Polyphony said that their target was realism and motorsport and not tuning and I think they did their job pretty well and also the updates with new cars and tracks are all free, and btw I love the Nordschleife and nearly all of it´s parts I had driven it every day to get better in GT3 cars and now this beautiful track teached me the basics of motorsport and how you can drift on it
  • Stretch 324
    Stretch 324 2 months ago So ture
  • William Lafre
    William Lafre 2 months ago I know the track from races. Last race I saw on this track a Ford super car was kicking ass. Only race game I have played was midnight club
    SMKABLK07 2 months ago I started drifting in forza Motorsport 2. I was on a drift team smokin aces my old GT was blacknite07 back then. Currently playing forza horizon 4 my GT is Dankmacaroon135 on Xbox 1
  • Tilent Gamer
    Tilent Gamer 1 month ago (edited) @SMKABLK07 I start drifting coz gta sa lmaooooooooooo That game deserve lot of respect My first game and racing game is gt4 So in sa I only intrested in driving car That way I found a gta car community on internet that speaking about drift lolol
  • jakob
    jakob 1 month ago So true😂
  • Jumble Drops1029
    Jumble Drops1029 1 month ago Never too many racing games, my man.
  • Tilent Gamer
    Tilent Gamer 1 month ago @Midnight Madness 4x4 how many points will he get on fm??
  • Midnight Madness 4x4
    Midnight Madness 4x4 1 month ago @Tilent Gamer dont wanna know lol
  • Travis Mincey
    Travis Mincey 3 weeks ago This is one of my favorite courses to race on because it truly tests your skill
  • Midnight Madness 4x4
    Midnight Madness 4x4 3 weeks ago @Travis Mincey and tuning knowledge
  • ty gje
    ty gje 3 weeks ago Joe Rob fr forza’s trash
  • Nazier Sharrock
    Nazier Sharrock 1 week ago ty gje come again?
  • Bil Cozbi
    Bil Cozbi 1 week ago @FromZeroToDriftHero 20km is like 8 minutes.. i only drift on games but I would have thought the car/tyres could take that?
  • FromZeroToDriftHero
    FromZeroToDriftHero 1 week ago @Bil Cozbi Not with 900HP :)
  • Vaughn Gittin Jr.
    Vaughn Gittin Jr. 7 months ago Let me know which part you liked the best! 👇
    ŠČERA 7 months ago All of them
  • Kory Chesher
    Kory Chesher 7 months ago The parts at the beginning, the middle and the end. :)
  • Tm'250 gasgas125
    Tm'250 gasgas125 7 months ago 360 entry and saved it !! just !! sick !! hope you and chelsea do well in next round
  • Xtraordinary XTD
    Xtraordinary XTD 7 months ago the part where you wrooom wroom skrrrrr wrooooom
  • ilios
    ilios 7 months ago 2nd carousel drift, some sick control. looks like a super sketchy area.
  • Loveshaker
    Loveshaker 7 months ago from 0.00 till 7.09! One of the best rounds on the Green Hell!
  • G1 Smokescreen
    G1 Smokescreen 7 months ago This makes me think: what I think I do with my own car. Lol This is awesome! 😁
  • hikkusubei
    hikkusubei 7 months ago The part when you were drifting.
  • Simson Tuningteam Oberlausitz
    Simson Tuningteam Oberlausitz 7 months ago The part from 0:00 to 7:10. Epic!
  • Антон Петров
    Антон Петров 7 months ago All parts!
  • TheGhost
    TheGhost 7 months ago The part where you drifted the track faster than most cars can just driving normally.
  • Dennis Confue
    Dennis Confue 7 months ago All of it 👏
  • jeremy nelson
    jeremy nelson 7 months ago driving the piss out of that car !!! Lol damn
  • Edis Felić
    Edis Felić 7 months ago the part where you cut out a good section for drifting if you ask me - the Stefan Bellof S ;)
    GARAGE BUILT 7 months ago 4:27-4:34. Lit turn.
  • RetroRides
    RetroRides 7 months ago The part where we get to see what Bryn was filming at The Ring ... looks incredible, hats off to you for the drive and the filming team for the filming, epic stuff all round! More of this type of thing.
  • Boogie D
    Boogie D 7 months ago Airborne to power slide
  • Raffaele Najera
    Raffaele Najera 7 months ago Now let's see Ken Block's Mustang do this
  • Trumps Left Testicle
    Trumps Left Testicle 7 months ago The part where the rocks broke the drone haha
  • Antonio Lloveras
    Antonio Lloveras 7 months ago that end shot going up the s to the start/finish line and that proximity with the barrier.
  • RumbleBelly
    RumbleBelly 7 months ago Easy: every single second ! Also I like the "making of, behind the scenes" from another Tuber I respect a lot (not advertising his channel, but you know who I mean :) )
  • Barry O' Neill
    Barry O' Neill 7 months ago (edited) Caracel corners , ones with the concrete, you could hold a drift event there with 3 different stages of the track would b class if your tyres would last a full lap 😂
  • Joel Strickland
    Joel Strickland 7 months ago Drone work is amazing when it is chasing, great to see the incar footage as. No favourite part as the entire video is just awesome. How did the engine handle running hot for the full length of the track
  • Chris_The_Autotech
    Chris_The_Autotech 7 months ago Honestly man, favorite part of this is the way that thing screams @Vaughn. Damn, fine foot work. Favorite section has to be 5:00m on, the elevation change at 5:59 where all 4 tiers leave the ground and basically all the remaining corners leading to the strait. Had to watch it two... or three times.. haha. Cool session, I'd like to see what the section times where :)
  • Christian Martin0106
    Christian Martin0106 7 months ago All of it vaughn you keep up the great drifting you hear you will always be the number 1 drifting champion
  • Khrisna Adhytia
    Khrisna Adhytia 7 months ago Vaughn Gittin Jr. I lovr the last turn
  • Javierm0n0
    Javierm0n0 7 months ago (edited) 3:15 slappin the limiter
    DEADRED 7 months ago Sound of engine, part you drifted.
  • Essa Putra
    Essa Putra 7 months ago All of them 😍
  • The_bearded _5.7
    The_bearded _5.7 7 months ago Every bit of it especially the part where you smoked the drone with rocks
  • Schafer Cunningham
    Schafer Cunningham 7 months ago I liked the part when you went into the gravel and the rocks broke/hit the drone camera! Also how many tires did you go through?
  • Sérgio Oliveira
    Sérgio Oliveira 7 months ago Karoussel from above, using the grass everywhere, especially into flugplatze 1:38, getting close to the wall 3:45 and the last set of corners...
  • Seth Davis
    Seth Davis 7 months ago 360 and then cracking the drone camera lens
  • Midnight Madness 4x4
    Midnight Madness 4x4 7 months ago The v8 bouncing of the rev limiter!
  • matt colton
    matt colton 7 months ago All of it, wow!
  • ahmadnurfauzi TV
    ahmadnurfauzi TV 7 months ago all the best
  • Rickk R.
    Rickk R. 7 months ago @Chris_The_Autotech yeah at those turns he wasn't letting off to use the handbrake, he's just sending it in those corners
    ARTEM DAVYDOV 7 months ago Since I havent saw the whole video I liked the Drift King of the Ring the most, especially the drift into the last 3 corners and the drift onto the last straight! Incredibly drifted Vaughn!-o
  • Direkte Demokratie Deutschland
    Direkte Demokratie Deutschland 7 months ago (edited) I like the 360 entry at 1:55👌 perfect
  • mo qa
    mo qa 7 months ago All of it 👌 , but the director was bad , he did not appears as desired . My point of view
  • 1MillSubs no videoChallenge _
    1MillSubs no videoChallenge _ 7 months ago Yeah fr that 360 entry was lit
  • Austin Miller
    Austin Miller 7 months ago Everything! You're a legend!
  • I love Beer
    I love Beer 7 months ago Vaughn Gittin Jr. How to the rear tyres last so long man? , Nice drive..btw
  • Skyler Sy
    Skyler Sy 7 months ago The 360 spin
  • Piotr Nowosielski
    Piotr Nowosielski 7 months ago I love the sound, I can just listen that video.
  • andy Murtagh
    andy Murtagh 7 months ago Like A boss
  • The Wheel Man
    The Wheel Man 7 months ago Has this car always been procharged?
  • Austin Miller
    Austin Miller 7 months ago @Skyler Sy RIGHT?!?!?!
  • Tarantulas America
    Tarantulas America 7 months ago You should take random ppl from youtube and drift #sign waver for legal reasons 😁
  • Woesty420
    Woesty420 7 months ago 360 rear entry for sure.
  • shiftdnb
    shiftdnb 7 months ago Loved seeing this after watching some behind the scenes stuff on Misha’s YouTube page. Seeing how the shots were done and then seeing the final product. Makes me in aww of not only your talents but the crew as well. Great stuff
  • DoZeR Pb
    DoZeR Pb 7 months ago One askes and they shall receive xD I was just hitting this same track and car on assetto this past week, great Video right here!
  • Jovan Solomon
    Jovan Solomon 7 months ago I liked the part when..... Ahhh fuck... it was all great. Oh my goodness what was the lap time? Just simply amazing the way you finest the corners, maintaining a smooth line. Damn that was hot
  • dee. M
    dee. M 7 months ago The part where you gave rest to rubber😉
  • Алексей Емельянов
    Алексей Емельянов 7 months ago Hey. Are you going to visit the competition of the Russian drift series?
  • Ari H.
    Ari H. 7 months ago I was waiting the three wheel drift but you didn't do that .. it would be cool if you made the car to do the three wheel motion...
  • EzDruug original
    EzDruug original 7 months ago The part with music
  • Kenny K
    Kenny K 7 months ago The Carousel with the drone footage. How many sets of tires did you go through?!
  • Gustaf Grei
    Gustaf Grei 7 months ago 2:05 when the drone got a load of gravel in the lense
  • Jeff Stein
    Jeff Stein 7 months ago FPV footage in the intro!
  • zac mcclain
    zac mcclain 7 months ago The add at the beginning telling me i don't have enough money to re-create this stunt.
  • Smooth_Ops
    Smooth_Ops 7 months ago The drone follow footage.
  • Lucas Torget
    Lucas Torget 7 months ago ...that you edited out the straight. short gears dont a long straight away shot make. lol
  • Jon Waterfall
    Jon Waterfall 7 months ago the very last scene was bad ass! good cmera agle and sick drift with some serious proximity!!
  • Apotheotika
    Apotheotika 7 months ago This was insane, man! That cut for the corner right before the finish line with the wall on right made me pee a little. You're an incredible driver. Thanks for the video!
  • Jack Gardner
    Jack Gardner 7 months ago And that ladies and gentlemen is how u drive....... Oh yeah and that spin was pretty impressive also!!! Tyre change might be needed
  • and in the darkness meme them
    and in the darkness meme them 7 months ago the part where you were sideways and fast how many tire changes between cuts btw?
  • Carrie Starner
    Carrie Starner 7 months ago It's a dream to even do a lap. And you just go and shred it. Awesome. I liked it all
  • Daniel Green
    Daniel Green 7 months ago just after the 360 that near wall tap at full noise
  • Creative Vision
    Creative Vision 7 months ago I like the part where no music was added over the roaring sound of the Beast.
  • jane blogs
    jane blogs 7 months ago A monster bid with no talking
  • Interceptor MLM
    Interceptor MLM 7 months ago The 360 drift was my favorite. Did you wisper sweet nothing'z in your cars ears
  • Aryan Sachdev
    Aryan Sachdev 7 months ago (edited) The part between 1:50 to 2:05
  • Knight Operator
    Knight Operator 7 months ago All of it.
  • boosted six
    boosted six 7 months ago Every part, amazing driving loved every moment thank you
  • 1J Clae
    1J Clae 7 months ago The best part for me was not hearing compressor surge. Mean driving Vaughn.
  • 1J Clae
    1J Clae 7 months ago Sounded so good bro.
  • Paul Crocker
    Paul Crocker 7 months ago Watching Misha's behind the scenes. How many sets of rears did you go through? That 360 entry into hanging the left rear in the stones, breaking the drone's lense, was 🔥🔥!
  • doubleutubefan5
    doubleutubefan5 7 months ago The part where you held a drift on a straight section inbetween turns. Nice job.
  • ImportRacer4Life
    ImportRacer4Life 7 months ago The whole damn thing. Man you fucking killed it!!
  • Tdl Australia
    Tdl Australia 7 months ago Liked the behind the scenes stuff. But when you broke the down flicking rocks up, that was cool.
  • Tdl Australia
    Tdl Australia 7 months ago I really didn't think it would be possible to drift nearly every corner of the ring. Certainly proved me wrong.
  • Bigwes 95
    Bigwes 95 7 months ago Everything but that 360 was jaw dropping
  • manxox
    manxox 7 months ago Vaughn Gittin Jr. every single second absolutely made my day 👍👍👍
  • Jesus Gonzalez
    Jesus Gonzalez 7 months ago Vaughn Gittin Jr. 360 entry n long skid drift entry that how I drift on GTSPORT 😇😎check my video have some clips for you to look😂👀
  • Frug Star
    Frug Star 7 months ago
  • kip knowles
    kip knowles 7 months ago (edited) the insane drone shot where the rocks kick up and hit the drone as it comes right up behind the car after the 360 is absolutely nuts
  • 1320 Ent.
    1320 Ent. 7 months ago Who said muscle can't drift
  • kgray59
    kgray59 7 months ago All lol
  • Dagan Williams
    Dagan Williams 7 months ago Loved how you came out of the 360, tossed dirt up at the drone and then hooked and took off. So rad.
  • daniel vidal
    daniel vidal 7 months ago 7:00 the most famous curve
  • Frank Timmerman
    Frank Timmerman 7 months ago The making of by @micha
  • BrokeBoiTjj
    BrokeBoiTjj 7 months ago Alll but 360 was extra crazy
  • Bartek Usowicz
    Bartek Usowicz 7 months ago I like the Caracciola carousel scene the best! 🤙
  • U-H8R
    U-H8R 7 months ago Why do you need a drift brake with 900 hp...i learned how to drive on a dirt road,proper set up = back in slides. All of this is for show not go. Power slide if you want likes from old-school duke boys...enough said.
  • U-H8R
    U-H8R 7 months ago Ooh yea vaughn i forgot ken block is the real king
  • kiljoysvnzr0
    kiljoysvnzr0 7 months ago I can't deny that the drift around the karussell was something phenomenal, just an amazing display of skill. Also seeing the actual footage of the of the rocks hitting the drone at Aremberg after the 360 was really incredible. Nice work to you and all the camera crew!
  • Baxter
    Baxter 7 months ago All of it. The carousel was really cool, though
  • Jerzey Boy1995
    Jerzey Boy1995 7 months ago Vaughn Gittin Jr. how are you not drifting on your rims halfway through the track? I was expecting your tires to pop.
  • Jaybruhh Wolf
    Jaybruhh Wolf 7 months ago 360!
  • ubnubprayr5000
    ubnubprayr5000 7 months ago just came from watching porn. Your backwards entry into throwing rocks at the drone 1:55 made me scream louder
  • Andrew Bowdler
    Andrew Bowdler 7 months ago All of it - but especially the sequence up to where you nearly killed the drone. Awesome (as Misha would say)
  • THE plovs
    THE plovs 7 months ago I love everything specialy that great looking mustang😍
  • David Bergweiler
    David Bergweiler 7 months ago 5:13 - 5:58 .. nice transition ! But it isnt it fancier driving in a fucked up silvia door to door with your friend than being alone on the track?
  • Harrison Hawkins
    Harrison Hawkins 7 months ago 1:50 - 2:35
  • Dillon Neufeld
    Dillon Neufeld 7 months ago My question is; How far would one set of tires last you on the track? 12.9 miles on one set of rears, ain't gonna happen. so spill the beans. how many sets of tires did you run through? lol
  • UniT X
    UniT X 7 months ago (edited) I liked the part when you drifted around that turn!
  • Jacob Bandy
    Jacob Bandy 7 months ago 1:35-2:08 High speed entries, rear tires in the grass twice, 360 entry to a slight touch of the tire on gravel hitting the drone. Perfection!
    NRG_CCCP4 7 months ago Сколько комплектов покрышек понадобилось,чтобы преодолеть 1 круг?)будь честен
  • Blame
    Blame 7 months ago the part where you could've practiced with a Mustang in Assetto Corsa on a laser-scanned Nordschleife.
  • Swampnutz10303
    Swampnutz10303 7 months ago Uhm, all of it? Wondering if that spin out was intentional or just a sick save.
  • Calvin Santana
    Calvin Santana 7 months ago Oh my god
  • 6ixphotos
    6ixphotos 7 months ago Vaughn Gittin Jr. the bov sounds lol
  • MIMCK Media
    MIMCK Media 7 months ago When the rocks hits the lens, Adenauer forst off track and the jump
  • rc ph
    rc ph 7 months ago All
  • Austin Stone
    Austin Stone 7 months ago (edited) Makes me wanna try to drift the whole track in forza but i know u had to change the tires no way they lasted That 12 mile track lol loved it vaughn
  • MofoWentFullRetard
    MofoWentFullRetard 7 months ago Your moms ass and tits
  • Eric S.
    Eric S. 7 months ago all of it. Did you also drift the Schuhmacher-S?
    JJSINISTER91 7 months ago That engine sounds wicked. Awesome job
  • M4R1N3
    M4R1N3 7 months ago The Jump at 6 minutes
  • Brandon O
    Brandon O 7 months ago can we get some uncut in car footage?
  • The MustangChannel
    The MustangChannel 7 months ago all of them, but special, entering the little Carussell and at from 6:45 to end. :)
  • Donald Smith
    Donald Smith 7 months ago the part where you gave me that car!!!!
  • Infinite The #48 Fan
    Infinite The #48 Fan 7 months ago The sound of the V8;it makes me wanna get a GT350R (wait a sec, I have one..)
  • Reptilius Maximus
    Reptilius Maximus 7 months ago I was looking at all the backstage work on Misha's channel so it is really fantastic to see end product. Highly recommend to see how much exactly work has been put to this video. Mr. Gittin very admirable drive!
  • KiDiLL
    KiDiLL 7 months ago My favorite was 4:48, fallowed by 3:55, 5:32, 3:09 for aggressive inner clipping points, and lastly for my top 5 I'd go with 6:21. That section is hard to commit being on full throttle, I give u props!
  • Jake LaSalle
    Jake LaSalle 7 months ago When you let off by the sound mic's on track
  • Nightmare MTG
    Nightmare MTG 7 months ago Vaughn Gittin Jr. the hole thing 💎🔥
  • rob 49erfan
  • Kian Wynter
    Kian Wynter 7 months ago Hey vaughn they shouldnt call you the drift king of the ring they should call you the green devil instead
  • Per Westermark
    Per Westermark 7 months ago @Tm'250 gasgas125 The 360 wasn't a save. Check Mishas behind the scenes and you can see they made the 360 a number of times to get it perfect and get enough camera angles. But one attempt looked like a close call - or maybe Vaughn just didn't want to continue through the corner on that attempt.
  • Gopherchucks Games
    Gopherchucks Games 7 months ago i am working on an assetto corsa re creation of this run in the same car. tho i think its 2016 version. but its a tough beast and i love it. and my fave going 3 wheel on the carousel. i have been practicing that and its not easy . im in VR and with a full sim rig. so i work for my peanuts.
  • DON'TwatchTVwatchME I'mDannyG
    DON'TwatchTVwatchME I'mDannyG 7 months ago Hands down that spin &catch
  • DrakotheHusky
    DrakotheHusky 7 months ago between 0:00 and 7:09
  • etim3power
    etim3power 7 months ago Vaughn Gittin Jr. For a moment i thought i was in a play station race ... 😂 this is the great max for a pilot 👏🔥🔥👑👑
  • Noel
    Noel 7 months ago That part where you were Gittin it!
  • Maurice Wynands
    Maurice Wynands 7 months ago Alll of it
  • Troy Hood
    Troy Hood 7 months ago That spin around dude we know we've seen others do it but with a mustang a slightly larger car than the others and the speed you was going and then still keeping it goin you hit it on the nail bro
  • J Speights
    J Speights 7 months ago Xtraordinary XTD 😂
  • J Speights
    J Speights 7 months ago Tm'250 gasgas125 most definitely!!
  • J Speights
    J Speights 7 months ago The green hell has 160 turns and Every apex you bent was epic! You ripped that shit!!
  • Batman's Fan
    Batman's Fan 7 months ago All of it brah 🔥
  • Ruan Garrêto
    Ruan Garrêto 7 months ago 1:57
  • Ian HM
    Ian HM 7 months ago 360 entry. Hands down. You sir, are amazing.
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    PuppetMaster_23 5 months ago All you did was drift a closed track, isn't that a little too safe and easy for you? Would've be a lot more cooler if you did this on a closed public street, places we know so we could be like, "damn, he got to drift that street, sick!" . You definitely have skill, but this was just too boring for me. You can make better videos than this.
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    POUCAL 3 months ago (edited) Turbo : * exists * Engine : WAAAAABABABAABABABABABABABABABABABA PSSSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHH Me be like : I think I got an erection
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    Nate Swearingen 1 month ago Junior, the whole thing is a Masterpiece!! I haven't watched the "Making of" vids yet, but a couplea early thoughts: 1. GREAT JOB getting there before 4-wheel drifting Rally Master Ken Block!! 2nd, I did wanna know the "estimate" of how many sets of tires it would take to do a complete run-guy above said three sounds about right!!! Also, THE PIROUETTE SPIN!!! Be HONEST--did you do that on purpose;;"scheduled" in the run, or was it a spontaneous screw-up AND SAVE FIRST TAKE, or did you just end up backwards, but for a later take was like, "Ya know, there's room to do the Ballerina move here........maybe try it?!?!" Brilliant any way you go.
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    R.Walt61 1 month ago Vaughn your slogan should be tires smoke em if you got em.
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    Xbox Player 1 month ago Where Don Joewon Song became virtual drift king of the ring
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    TangoXrayNiner 1 day ago I liked the part where they cut out tire changes. Awesome to have them let you lay down so much rubber on that track. Im afraid of my 300hp v6 mustang, that 900hp must be insane! Then to drive out of control for 12.9 miles! haha
    RHENO DZN 1 day ago Only 7:10 of the video
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    Luis Ramos 7 months ago No way he did this on one set of tires
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    ViperTuner 7 months ago He stopped numerous times to swap sets. On IG there were photos of him sitting on the middle of the track ready for another take on different corners. The magic of editing.
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    Ste Eccles 7 months ago He didn't even do it in one day, each two or three corners is a different take. Still a cool video though.
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    Carlos Gonzalez 7 months ago He mentioned that it took him 3 sets of tires for one full lap around
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    Stefan de Bruijn 7 months ago I came here from Misha Charoudin's channel. He made a great BTS video.
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    The Bear E36 7 months ago (edited) That's like thinking gymkhana is made with one set. Yes we know it's not but that doesn't mean we can't use our imagination every now and then and just enjoy the video as is
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    RE 7 months ago Stefan de Bruijn which is way better than this video. Watching it come out of the container was more entertaining 😂
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    KV 7 months ago CobraTune just watch Misha Charoudin vlogs, he shows all the behind the scenes.
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    XoniC 7 months ago Easy to see if u pay attention to the weather. Sun, cloudy, sun, cloudy
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    Alex BausE 7 months ago Check out Apex Nurburg for behind the scenes movie.
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    Andrew Laputka 7 months ago It can be done in two sets of tires but my math after the Shoot. We shot this two days and on day two, we did chase-cam and linked about a third of the track at a time.
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    N54 Lord 7 months ago Let alone in a mustang!!! You've definitely have to have some kind of skills to use this car as your choice to drift with🤔
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    NRL Sledging Immortals 6 months ago No pedestrians were harmed in the making of this mustang video... I’m impressed.
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    CypHiLL2007 6 months ago He just confirmed 3 Sets of tires per Round #JPPerformance
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    Sascha Will 6 months ago 3 sets per Lap - he did 2 full laps (camera car infront 1 lap and camera car behind him 1 lap) and then they did sections....
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    mozin 4 months ago Luis Ramos it’s just not possible to do it on one sets still fucking crazy though. Beautiful video
  • Frank Rizzo
    Frank Rizzo 3 months ago Sure he did. Just like some guns you never have to reload...
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    I’M ON SMOKO! So Leave me alone! 2 months ago I mean, honestly if you just pay attention Penis Vagina
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    FUR 1 month ago No shit nigga
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    ayoub ibourk 1 month ago i was thinking the same cuz this track is long asf like no way he did this on one set of tires but than again just like porn videos it looks like one sex sesh but it in reality it took a day to make lmao
  • TheNasaOK
    TheNasaOK 1 month ago Well that be one awesome tire ad otherwise
  • Hexed Hero
    Hexed Hero 1 month ago You’re right, and that’s funny as hell too cause he actually uses a pretty hard and durable tire when he drifts with moderate psi. I think he drifts with like 22 in the back? Someone correct me if I’m wrong but.
  • Shinigami
    Shinigami 1 month ago I believe he used 3 sets of tires for this
  • MDDeGrande1994
    MDDeGrande1994 1 month ago Not one or numerous by only three sets
  • neoshi
    neoshi 7 months ago For the first time in a long time, I get to watch a YouTube video of a MUSTANG sliding around maintaining full control and not crashing... a new era for sure.
  • Dante S550 10R80'S
    Dante S550 10R80'S 7 months ago era? it's just 1 video 1 car bro. We'll be crashing again in no time.
  • neoshi
    neoshi 7 months ago @Dante S550 10R80'S 🤣
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    Daniel Gutierrez 7 months ago U live under a rock? U know who is Ken Block, and his mustang 65, check his video it's like 2 years old...
  • Daniel Gutierrez
    Daniel Gutierrez 7 months ago 4...
  • neoshi
    neoshi 7 months ago @Daniel Gutierrez So... There's something called a joke...
  • Jay Bomb
    Jay Bomb 7 months ago a well overused one lol, however true the crowd endangering may be lmaoo
  • Tim toft
    Tim toft 7 months ago it aint stock let me tell you
  • Toni666
    Toni666 6 months ago Because drivers of most mustang are terrible at controlling them because their egos are bigger than their driving skills
  • thomasj1026
    thomasj1026 6 months ago @Toni666 stop it plenty of videos of idiots driving every car out there. Mustangs are just more popular
  • Samuel
    Samuel 3 months ago Its because most of the parts got modified.
  • Kevin C
    Kevin C 2 months ago He tore up the grass numerous times in this video. Not exactly full control. lol
    BONELESS CHEESE 1 month ago Kevin C yes because u could shit on him when it comes to driving
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    katrina andrson 1 month ago Love it
  • katrina andrson
    katrina andrson 1 month ago @Kevin C haha
  • Nate Swearingen
    Nate Swearingen 1 month ago @Daniel Gutierrez Uhhhh........broh......That's not a mustang. It's a mustang body-probably fiberglass- on top of a 4WD over-size custom rally car. The Hoonicorn. It might have a Ford-manufactured engine block, but that's about it. Never been a 4WD "Mustang" constructed, fabricated, sold off dealers lots, or raced ever before. Ken just picked it 'cause his current rally is the Ford Focus. Change of pace from the little Turbo Puddlejumpers that are actually used in rally.
  • really dude
    really dude 1 month ago Nate Swearingen just like most professional drift cars aren’t stock. Good luck drifting a stock 240sx or rx7
  • Daniel Gutierrez
    Daniel Gutierrez 1 month ago @Nate Swearingen no shit sherlock, I tought it was a mustang of 50 years old made out of metal that weights 1 ton doing some great donouts, I have one and even Ken Block wouldn't be able to drift like that with one of the worst traction STOCK. Ken Block's Mustang is for sure a mustang, even the Mustang Zombie 222 what is considered an abomination to muscle pony industry. Don't try to teach me, go and play forza so you learn a bit more.
  • Steven Groves
    Steven Groves 1 week ago @Daniel Gutierrez That's one punch for saying no shit Sherlock haha
  • Tim X.
    Tim X. 5 months ago One moment silence for all non-car-enthusiasts in this world, who are not celebrating what this guy did right here...
  • Alfredo López
    Alfredo López 3 months ago Maybe we would be billions of years in silence
  • Quarter Mile
    Quarter Mile 2 months ago Amen for all of them at once
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    iBFP 2 months ago Wanna hear a joke? Tesla
  • Quarter Mile
    Quarter Mile 2 months ago @iBFP lol till the government start forcing us to drive it
  • iBFP
    iBFP 2 months ago @Quarter Mile i rather crawl than driving that electric shit
  • Quarter Mile
    Quarter Mile 2 months ago @iBFP well be ready to use your stomach. Cause is they can force ride height and exhaust laws oh and stop paying Thier workers for 2 months just to build a get me G.
  • Rishabh Kaushik
    Rishabh Kaushik 7 months ago (edited) The best part when the drone hit by stones(1:57 watch it again if u missed it)....ultimate 🤩
    FOCUS ST 7 months ago Same here! Best part super dope!
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    razz K 7 months ago I wonder if he did it on propose or just managed to control it back 😅
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    C 7 months ago (edited) re uploaded bts
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    Garth Williams 7 months ago If you think thats the best part you must not like drifting much
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    kip knowles 7 months ago (edited) that shot is far more unique, innovative, and insanely rad than any of the drifting happening in this video. dont get me wrong, vaughn slayed it in this and the ring is the most rad race track of all time, but that shot is 11/10
  • Brian Park
    Brian Park 7 months ago Not trying to trigger any people but I think the word "pebbles" fits better than "stones." Again, please don't get triggered at me, I just pointed something out, that's all.
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    alan killer1250 4 months ago @FOCUS ST Deja Vu Confirmed !?
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    Aaron Foley 7 months ago Sick driving , just wish there was a camera watching his feet dancing on those pedals , Possibly have small screen for camera at his feet . PLEASE
  • Xtraordinary XTD
    Xtraordinary XTD 7 months ago So, how much points would this be in Forza??
  • Reef113
    Reef113 7 months ago 999999
  • Marshall MotorsSC
    Marshall MotorsSC 7 months ago All of them.
  • Silent Wafflezz
    Silent Wafflezz 7 months ago Not too much sadly because forza really likes killing streaks for being too long of a drift
  • ThatGuyNamedScott. C
    ThatGuyNamedScott. C 7 months ago 0... he lost them on the 360...
  • WEN WU
    WEN WU 6 months ago IT"S OVER 9000
  • DreamRosegod 0
    DreamRosegod 0 6 months ago Reef113 add two more 9
  • The Wheel Man
    The Wheel Man 4 months ago 9,999,999,999,999.99999999 +.99
  • Patrick Peench
    Patrick Peench 3 months ago @Silent Wafflezz yeah I hate that in horizon, but in motorsport in drift modes the points keep racking up the longer you drift
  • Big Lad
    Big Lad 3 months ago Ultimate drift Ultimate drift E-drift Good e-drift Awesome e-drift Ultimate e-drift Ultimate e-drift Ultimate e-drift
  • Quarter Mile
    Quarter Mile 2 months ago You instantly unlock everything
  • Taz
    Taz 2 months ago well, i mean he did do a 360 at 1.57 witch would kill his streak but i think after that point he would still be able to get around 800k-1.1Mil
  • Tilent Gamer
    Tilent Gamer 1 month ago I only get aroun 40'000 on gt
  • James Cory
    James Cory 1 month ago Well, he didnt get any points for when his rear tires were off of the track. So it's going to be slightly lower
  • Barney Ross
    Barney Ross 6 months ago Damn!!! Wow!!! Erstmal JPs Video pausieren und sich das hier geben
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    ta ok 7 months ago Only Mr. Keiichi Tsuchiya can name the drift king
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    Juanka Nava 7 months ago true
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    Raffa Bintang 7 months ago Yeaaa keiichi
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  • LEVIN6921
    LEVIN6921 7 months ago @Jay Tee just like Kazama
  • Juanka Nava
    Juanka Nava 7 months ago but Mr. Keiichi is a drift pioneer
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    HateFueled 7 months ago DK Forever
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    Aaron Hill 7 months ago Drift King of the Ring.Havent seen KT drift Nurburgring
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    Tilent Gamer 1 month ago Ikr
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    Young Rody 1 month ago @Aaron Hill never had the chance, not really fair
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    Richard Nixon 1 week ago Yeah.... keiichi = DK
  • Not all Gaming
    Not all Gaming 4 days ago @DJ_Renaultoax Gaming & Music the real DK tsuchiya was supervisor for: initial d and tokyo drift :)
  • Double-Edge
    Double-Edge 1 month ago My mom driving me to school when I took too long to wake up
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    Andrew T 7 months ago This guys living the dream😎🇺🇸
  • L I I F E S T Y L E
    L I I F E S T Y L E 7 months ago The 3 dislikes im seeing right now is from 1. Rockstar Energy 2. Redbull 3. Bang Energy 😂😂😂
  • Dante S550 10R80'S
    Dante S550 10R80'S 7 months ago bang energy? must be European or something.
  • L I I F E S T Y L E
    L I I F E S T Y L E 7 months ago @Dante S550 10R80'S it's in America.. Southern California that i know of. Its better for you and actually tastes really good compared to other drinks
  • Dante S550 10R80'S
    Dante S550 10R80'S 7 months ago (edited) Oh neat! I actually quit carbonated beverages last november succefully finally. Tried to cut out caffeine as a whole, but I got hooked onto dunkin donuts mocha iced coffee. XD A Good sports drink I've tried is Body Armor it has more potassium than any other drink i've seen and that really helps with sore muscles/ keeping muscles from being sore after you strain them.
  • L I I F E S T Y L E
    L I I F E S T Y L E 7 months ago @Dante S550 10R80'S yah i had those b4... Im addicted to starbucks mocha frapps... Because if work mainly
  • Israel Lopez
    Israel Lopez 7 months ago Anyone ever heard of Ciclon Energy Drink around the world? I believe it's from Austria and its popular in Puerto Rico, the Caribbean and Spanish Speaking Countries.
  • 1320 Ent.
    1320 Ent. 7 months ago And hemi and Ls lovers lol their pissed of at the YOTE
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    Eyeism 7 months ago Bang is amazing
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    Ethan Rice 7 months ago Ken Block is great, but he cant touch this guy. Did you see multiple rubber burns on the track like kens....? Nope, just because hes more famous doesnt make him better.
  • BlazingFastPulse 123
    BlazingFastPulse 123 6 months ago what about the 185 other dislikes?
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    M. Sami 6 months ago Chevy fanboys.
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    Rodrigo Bitschinski 5 months ago YES
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    zubair 2 months ago (edited) also camero owners
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    Rea1istic ._ 2 months ago I'm seeing another dislike from grand Turismo
    IGORGPARK 1 month ago Rich energy too
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    MDDeGrande1994 1 month ago No those are the crowd at Coffee and Cars
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    TheGhost 7 months ago He's drifting the course faster than some cars can...driving normally.
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    Rainbowbaxx 6 months ago DK? ... donkey kong?
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    DJ_Renaultoax Gaming & Music 2 months ago No ..... Drift King.
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    Pizza Boi 2 months ago Aki Kimura is the only drift king
  • Nakano Miku - San
    Nakano Miku - San 2 months ago Artur Zhe Sleeper No, Ryan Cooper
  • Pizza Boi
    Pizza Boi 2 months ago @Nakano Miku - San right, but Aki's RX7 is a even cooler than Ryan's 240SX
  • Nakano Miku - San
    Nakano Miku - San 2 months ago Sebaxruiz_ Fast and Furious Tokyo drift ?
  • Nakano Miku - San
    Nakano Miku - San 2 months ago I love that movie too
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    matheus magno 2 months ago Driftking
  • Tilent Gamer
    Tilent Gamer 1 month ago @Pizza Boi no Keiichi Tsuchiya
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    Enzo Ferrari 1 month ago Sebaxruiz_ Actually thought that it meant Donkey Kong LOL
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    Jacob Bennett 1 month ago Drift king? Or donkey Kong?! How about both
  • Hashim Alsawi
    Hashim Alsawi 7 months ago The drone filming is amazing
  • Nighthawk 009
    Nighthawk 009 1 month ago Hashim Alsawi it’s not a drone it’s a car following him with a 360 view camera mounted on it
  • World Domination
    World Domination 1 month ago Nighthawk 009 Yes there are parts with a car with 360 camera but also drone footage if you bothered to watch the full video
  • Tilent Gamer
    Tilent Gamer 7 months ago Nice but still for me the real drift king is Keiichi Tsuchiya
    SUBSCRIBE TO PEWDIEPIE EnderlordTEC 6 months ago OVER CONTINUED no it's Mac
  • Bauta_Drifter7
    Bauta_Drifter7 4 months ago @SUBSCRIBE TO PEWDIEPIE EnderlordTEC and ilegal jobs queen is jess
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    Patrick Peench 3 months ago Its actually Lucas Black
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    Tilent Gamer 1 month ago @Patrick Peench wtf dudr
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    Ofentse Mwase Films 7 months ago All I want is the Entire video only with this angle 00:43, who do I have to sleep with to get that..?
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    Neey Rodrigues 7 months ago 🖤🖤 Coisa boa de se ver ^_^ isso me acalma :-)
    •RDN•W4RNINGBR 7 months ago 2
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    cristian sampaio 1 month ago olha o barulho do turbo, acalma d mais,
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    Tobse1556 5 months ago (edited) The Camera in Karussell 4:29 is awesome. 🤤