Magnapacks on the Cobra and Drag Strip 5.0L

Published on May 12, 2016 1,540 views

So in this video I drove the Cobra to Orlando with a dumped X-Pipe to get Magnapacks welded in and picked up the 5.0L to get ready for the track. We made 4 passes at Orlando Speed World

  • DcA79
    DcA79 2 years ago I saw in another video that you have low mileage. Did you by any chance buy it from a older black guy in Kissimmee/Poinciana?
  • Mustang Lifestyle
    Mustang Lifestyle 2 years ago I bought it in Mims with 27,000 miles. It had lovers, side hash marks, roof spoiler, and paint matched front lip. All of which I took off