What's Your RV Lifestyle? Mike and Jennifer Chat with RVers

Published on Mar 21, 2018 9,177 views

We love meeting other RVers on the road and recently during a trip to Texas, we had an informal meetup with a bunch of folks who follow our reports. We thought you’d enjoy meeting some of them, too, as they share just what the RV Lifestyle means to them.

Notice that the RVs they have enhances their passion for other activities that are as varied as their RVs.

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  • CAJUN Jamis
    CAJUN Jamis 1 year ago Enjoyed all the interviews, Mike/Jennifer! Love the young lady from Texas and her music!
  • Elementary Explorers
    Elementary Explorers 1 year ago It’s so fun to meet people on the road or through this platform. Thanks for sharing! We love the RV lifestyle and have met only amazing, sweet, helpful people on the road.
  • Debbie Fisher
    Debbie Fisher 1 year ago I want to hear more about all of these people! Excellent
  • Monica Lewis
    Monica Lewis 1 year ago Hi Mike and Jennifer, I'm looking for a 2016 Roadtrek Simplicity SRT. Do you have any suggestions for finding one? I have looked at several websites including RV Trader with no luck. Enjoy your vids Thank you
  • RV Lifestyle
    RV Lifestyle 1 year ago Finding a used one will be very hard. Best solution is to call various Roadtrek dealers and have them look for one. Try sunshinestatervs.com or vancity.com to start as they specialize in used Roadtrek RVs.
  • Our Wandering Footprints
    Our Wandering Footprints 1 year ago Mike and Jennifer, I just found your channel and Loved this video. I like hearing other rver's stories. My husband and I have a new TT and have only been out once in it, but are planning a longer trip in June. Are ya'll full time rver's or do you have a home base? Hugs,Judy
  • John Butler
    John Butler 1 year ago How do you get your mail?
  • RV Lifestyle
    RV Lifestyle 1 year ago (edited) We just did a video on that! https://youtu.be/oFj_gc4eO1c
  • tinkerfeet
    tinkerfeet 1 year ago Really enjoyed the interviews 💗
  • Big Daddy & Bubbles - Full Time RV Life
    Big Daddy & Bubbles - Full Time RV Life 1 year ago Great video, awesome to see all the different styles of rv'ing. The RV community is an awesome one and we love making friends wherever we go and then running into them again down the road - that's an added bonus. Continued safe travels to you guys !
  • Jan
    Jan 1 year ago I love to hear how people get started in the RV lifestyle. Thanks for the great Wendland storytelling
  • Jeff Foster
    Jeff Foster 1 year ago Love the Mountain Dulcimer I play one too Learned to play from youtube and we have also a 26 foot travel trailer that we camp locally in as a matter of fact I met an 80 year old woman traveling in a Minnie Winnie at Selkirk Shores State Park when I was 18 and she played the same song for me Amazing Grace I had forgotten about that experience till I turned 45 when I bought my first Mountain Dulcimer I am now 49 yrs old and love to play that old hymn God Bless you folks and take care Happy Trails to you P.S. I live in NY STate
  • Asif Adeni
    Asif Adeni 1 year ago wow awesome interviews
  • Mark Robert
    Mark Robert 1 year ago Very inspiring video thanks!
  • ShoreLooksNice.com
    ShoreLooksNice.com 1 year ago Great video!
  • Faye Calder
    Faye Calder 1 year ago Thank you so much for sharing! Getting a Class B soon. I’m a small town entertainer and love making everyone laugh! Safe Travels and Hugs to you both! Faye