Jim Yosef - Moonlight [NCS Release]

Published on Mar 2, 2019 1,773,516 views

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Watch: https://youtu.be/MvTYrjX4ve4
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  • Jim Yosef
    Jim Yosef 2 months ago Hope you like it guys! Always good to be back on ncs 😁🌙✨
  • EllytonCarvalhoMusic
    EllytonCarvalhoMusic 2 months ago I loveeeeee🔥💗
  • EllytonCarvalhoMusic
    EllytonCarvalhoMusic 2 months ago (edited) An avid gamer, 24-year-old Billy Woodford who hails from Preston, launched his modern version of a record label after he and his friends became frustrated with the problem of copyright when trying to include music on their gaming YouTube videos. (NoCopyrightSounds) ; )
  • Jim Yosef
    Jim Yosef 2 months ago @EllytonCarvalhoMusic <3
  • Piyush Waghulde
    Piyush Waghulde 2 months ago Lit as always 🔥🔥
  • EllytonCarvalhoMusic
    EllytonCarvalhoMusic 2 months ago ; )
  • 펠리시다지
    펠리시다지 2 months ago It is super awesome to see you in this channel as always! 🔥
  • Jim Yosef
    Jim Yosef 2 months ago @Piyush Waghulde :D
  • Jim Yosef
    Jim Yosef 2 months ago @펠리시다지 <3
  • BrainTech 619
    BrainTech 619 2 months ago The legend is here!
  • TheMathSquare
    TheMathSquare 2 months ago Jim Josef always has great music ;)
  • Master Pikachu
    Master Pikachu 2 months ago This is a lit song!!!!
  • 순록
    순록 2 months ago U always comeback with AWESOME BEATS :))))
  • joshua ooi
    joshua ooi 2 months ago This must be a ncs classic
  • Wild Beast
    Wild Beast 2 months ago Love u nibba Jim :)
  • Lunala Moon
    Lunala Moon 2 months ago Cool song
  • HutreGoxe
    HutreGoxe 2 months ago Hi jim ! Love it and your music forever you are the best 😍
  • Fede Campamix81™
    Fede Campamix81™ 2 months ago Jim Yosef is a masterpiece ! 👍🏼😀
  • #Teal #Grey!
    #Teal #Grey! 2 months ago (edited) ...Jim Yosef I love it so much...❤️🥰😍 And yes I am a huge fan of your songs BTW... I love listening Moonlight so much...
  • SamajuGames
    SamajuGames 2 months ago Your awesome man
  • わさび。
    わさび。 2 months ago Good music!❤️ I love Jims songs!!
  • Cryptosonix
    Cryptosonix 2 months ago You are the best dude!
  • Epic Tube
    Epic Tube 2 months ago Welcome back brother ❤
  • Starlust
    Starlust 2 months ago New song! (-^ᗜ^-)
  • 0_0
    0_0 2 months ago ❣️❣️
  • itsTU 12
    itsTU 12 2 months ago Omg!!! Long time no see you!!! Love u
  • SirBaconFace
    SirBaconFace 2 months ago (edited) It's one of the best house songs I've heard it ages <3
  • kokri apex
    kokri apex 2 months ago This is lit!!!
  • saadani brahim
    saadani brahim 2 months ago (edited) Your name should be called Jim Joseph because yosef is a moslim name Are you a moslim?
  • Ian Zhang
    Ian Zhang 2 months ago It great good job
  • Poilov Roman
    Poilov Roman 2 months ago XXXtenations 😭😭😭😭😭😭
  • abbrahamm nsj
    abbrahamm nsj 2 months ago Yes baby jim
  • ceasar capone
    ceasar capone 2 months ago i like it, this one is better than any music
  • what the fox say
    what the fox say 2 months ago I love it thank for bringing this to my life
  • Jana Antar
    Jana Antar 2 months ago Great job! 👍 your music is great
  • EE Music Nation
    EE Music Nation 2 months ago Yeah me too I love it 👍👍👍
  • Play With AA - Gaming and No Copyright Gameplay
    Play With AA - Gaming and No Copyright Gameplay 2 months ago 😍👌
    THUURMINATOR 2 months ago Sounds amazing!
  • NerfEchoFlix
    NerfEchoFlix 2 months ago Sick dude!
  • EE Music Nation
    EE Music Nation 2 months ago @THUURMINATOR Yesh it's true
  • NCS Osman Taşçı
    NCS Osman Taşçı 2 months ago Jim Yosef Lovers? I Love ♥
  • Its Oofhead1234
    Its Oofhead1234 2 months ago @Jim Yosef nice song! :D
  • 狼Alex
    狼Alex 2 months ago It's fire :oof:
  • Leixas
    Leixas 2 months ago (edited) I love you Jim Yosef
  • Ernesto CC
    Ernesto CC 2 months ago Jim Yosef Jim yoseeeeeeffffff the beeeessst
  • NicoStudio [GMD]
    NicoStudio [GMD] 2 months ago YES I DO
  • NicoStudio [GMD]
    NicoStudio [GMD] 2 months ago You are a legend
  • Hapo Music
    Hapo Music 2 months ago like always , its awesome
  • Mr. Potato
    Mr. Potato 2 months ago We love you Jim (not in the romantic way)
  • adeq fiq
    adeq fiq 2 months ago @Jim Yosef 👏👏👏
  • IceWizzGT _
    IceWizzGT _ 2 months ago Ur one of The Best NCS authors
  • KK FTW KK Haters FTL
    KK FTW KK Haters FTL 2 months ago Thanks For A Goodnight Song To Help Me get To Sleep Jim Yosef
  • Cody Sanchez
    Cody Sanchez 2 months ago Woo thanks for the classic background song been missing these as none have come out recently
  • Blubblib
    Blubblib 2 months ago Jim Yosef Sub to pewdiepie
  • FE4RR boi
    FE4RR boi 2 months ago love the kindness sounds at the beginning
  • Taku 0402
    Taku 0402 2 months ago your song is the best Jim Yosef !
  • Claudia
    Claudia 2 months ago Awesome job ♥
  • Mr Anderson Carlos Official
    Mr Anderson Carlos Official 2 months ago We did love it
  • pessimist
    pessimist 2 months ago Jim Yosef amazing!
  • SupraManG
    SupraManG 2 months ago You definitely got the skills to pay the bills! Love the track dude. Keep 'em comin'!
  • DjGlort
    DjGlort 2 months ago I finally got a notification! :D Sick track Jim! Keep it up! :)
  • Quartlex
    Quartlex 2 months ago I just love ur music man <3
  • Bibek Das
    Bibek Das 2 months ago Jim Yosef yes bro
  • mj05
    mj05 2 months ago Its great as always.
  • Stella Iman
    Stella Iman 2 months ago Your music makes my day so much better! Tysm!
    JAYKIK AK 2 months ago I freaking love your music jim please do a collab with Laura brehm
  • Yuna Kobayashi
    Yuna Kobayashi 2 months ago 😉 Yeah But I like your music too 👍
  • LegendGirl
    LegendGirl 2 months ago I See 666! Dont want people to freak out soo.. Presses Like Button
    LARA DI 2 months ago really amazing i loved it so so so much 🥰 thank you 😊 👍🏻
  • RumbleBelly
    RumbleBelly 2 months ago I luv it :) It's got both power and a fresh sound to it. Luv it!
  • Fidel Portillo
    Fidel Portillo 2 months ago I did
  • NeoMc
    NeoMc 2 months ago You make good beats sir, keep up the beatz
  • Fidel Portillo
    Fidel Portillo 2 months ago @NeoMc no i don't
  • ShadowDeveloper
    ShadowDeveloper 2 months ago Dude, don't ask it. We all love it
  • wero Gordi Papu
    wero Gordi Papu 2 months ago Jim yosef is the best
  • Danish Timelapse
    Danish Timelapse 2 months ago Very Very Very great song
  • عبد الرحمن مشحوت
    عبد الرحمن مشحوت 2 months ago The beginning is scaring but this song is very nice,BTW, Tobu and jim yosef have a similar style sometimes.
  • Nathan Carr
    Nathan Carr 2 months ago Awesome music! Keep up the good work!
  • GiO Sisto
    GiO Sisto 2 months ago Very good music bro! Congrats
  • BBalls Stårz
    BBalls Stårz 2 months ago Nice, i use your songs in my videos
  • BBalls Stårz
    BBalls Stårz 2 months ago I used the song firefly in 9ne of my videos and it was nice
  • xx.schlmp!
    xx.schlmp! 2 months ago Its beautyfull
  • Alex Or123
    Alex Or123 2 months ago Great track THANK YOU SO MUCH
  • Zdikry Aditya
    Zdikry Aditya 2 months ago I love your music ❤😁
  • Kalon Wulves
    Kalon Wulves 2 months ago What a nice weekend morning with Jim Yosef! Thanks ya!😂
  • Leo Phoenix
    Leo Phoenix 2 months ago I love your music jim! ive been following your music for years! as always, an incredible song 😃🔥
  • Nova Anime
    Nova Anime 2 months ago Amazing music man! You are one of my favorite people to ever be on NCS and I love a lot of people on NCS so it is hard to be on my top 3 list. (You are 2nd). I love all of you’re songs including this new release which I downloaded as soon as I got the notification! Keep up the AMAZING work!🔥❤️:)
  • Drunkguy Gaming
    Drunkguy Gaming 2 months ago Jim Yosef 🌙🌙🌙🌙🌙🌙🌙🌙🌙🌙🌙🌙🌙🌙🌙🌙🌙
  • Moon Cake
    Moon Cake 2 months ago (edited) Genius
  • Diamond Boy
    Diamond Boy 2 months ago Hello,I'm big fan
  • Ico Afun MLBB
    Ico Afun MLBB 2 months ago Iove it..............😍😍😘😘
  • Ico Afun MLBB
    Ico Afun MLBB 2 months ago Jim Yosef Love you so muchh....😍😘🙏
  • Muffin Choco
    Muffin Choco 2 months ago Love you! Welcome backkkkkk<3
    GAMERS LEAGUE TY 2 months ago Hello Jim yoself do you know Anna Yvette?
  • Yengkhom Meitei
    Yengkhom Meitei 2 months ago What is the difference between dubstep and brostep.
  • ΩJarvas Shepard†
    ΩJarvas Shepard† 2 months ago You're Legend!😍💖
  • Br0k3nn
    Br0k3nn 2 months ago Like it? No no no LOVE IT
  • Deep Tech
    Deep Tech 2 months ago Like it
  • Deep tech tips
    Deep tech tips 2 months ago It's super music for background
  • More Jimmy Robertson
    More Jimmy Robertson 2 months ago I love Jim Yosef and tobu
  • Harsh Raj
    Harsh Raj 2 months ago Jhakhas drop
  • Jonny the Twisted Rapper
    Jonny the Twisted Rapper 2 months ago (No disrespect intended) my blind ass thought it said “Jim Yourself” so I clicked on the video.
  • Yoonseong Do
    Yoonseong Do 2 months ago i hit like even before I listen to ur song, and i never regretted doing that
  • MacroHD
    MacroHD 2 months ago the master is here @jim yosef
  • ` Z-one
    ` Z-one 2 months ago NCS is my life
    AMIT KUMAR 2 months ago Love you jimm yousef
  • The Random Guy
    The Random Guy 2 months ago weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee XD so awesome
  • Mufti Faishal
    Mufti Faishal 2 months ago great work as always my dude!
  • Amara Turay
    Amara Turay 2 months ago I'm expecting nothing but fire.
  • ñane gaming
    ñane gaming 2 months ago can you do a collab with rynx?, anyway i love this. keep it up
  • Сергеич Лютый
    Сергеич Лютый 2 months ago You makes Super music
  • vda adf
    vda adf 2 months ago l ove U Jim Yosef
  • Richard Arthur B. MADARANG
    Richard Arthur B. MADARANG 2 months ago Man! I was waiting for a new release and all that patience was totally worth it!
  • Christian Maning
    Christian Maning 2 months ago A style we can never forget
  • Maxlopezz Playgames
    Maxlopezz Playgames 2 months ago Jim Yosef bro this is rlly good
  • Garrixer
    Garrixer 2 months ago The beginning of the song (from the beginning until 0:15) was not something and I was startled I thought to myself, "What happened to Jim?!" Then the came the really song and I told myself that "how he was continuing to surprise me every time anew?!"
  • OracleReloaded
    OracleReloaded 2 months ago Jim Yosef legendary!! I’ve found my new hardcore gamer boi song
  • Next-Century Music
    Next-Century Music 2 months ago Great to have you back. this is an awesome track. hope your gonna make more soon????
  • Alexandre Juquois
    Alexandre Juquois 2 months ago Amazing job dude. ♥
  • Myself Deadshot
    Myself Deadshot 2 months ago Luv you dude
  • Libu Sony Libu Sony
    Libu Sony Libu Sony 2 months ago I didn't like it, I loved it
  • NCS Release Remix
    NCS Release Remix 2 months ago You too!😁😆🤗 NCS!! Like it Like it :)
  • Green Road
    Green Road 2 months ago (edited) you are always good! your melody is always happy! <3
  • Hasnain8bp YT Pool
    Hasnain8bp YT Pool 2 months ago Bro I want to Your dp pic plz give me 😐
  • Nightcore Remixesღ
    Nightcore Remixesღ 2 months ago lul
  • Ro Pro
    Ro Pro 2 months ago The best part about jim yosef being on ncs is his himself his songs and everything about him and his songs
  • Becca and the horses
    Becca and the horses 2 months ago ι love ιт
    BILÉU_ GAMER 2 months ago And all the times you create new music are good (obviously)✌✌✌👍👍👍☺☺
  • ヅNwEsR
    ヅNwEsR 2 months ago @Jim Yosef You Muslim. ?
  • cobra games
    cobra games 2 months ago saya suka sekali, mantap
  • Orestis
    Orestis 2 months ago Jim Yosef probably one of the best artists on ncs 💘
  • 김송언
    김송언 2 months ago Love u since heard your song 'linked'
  • Top show video 7
    Top show video 7 2 months ago Oh big fan of your song firefly
  • Soumalya Pramanik
    Soumalya Pramanik 2 months ago You Making Future House surprised the hell out of me lol I've been following you since I started listening to EDM, and will never regret that. Good Stuff!
  • Julya Flyer
    Julya Flyer 2 months ago It's awesome don't worry! ;D
  • Jaime Arca
    Jaime Arca 2 months ago Nice Jim Yosef, your best track in NCS was Firefly, I mean it had reached over 28 million views all over the world. Special thanks to Jim Yosef~~~~~
  • Straw
    Straw 2 months ago Jim Yosef your music inspired me to make my own music! Thanks so much for all the wonderful tracks that you made!
  • Alan Walker大好き人間
    Alan Walker大好き人間 2 months ago good one
  • Evan Dear
    Evan Dear 2 months ago damn your good
  • Jacob Hallberg
    Jacob Hallberg 2 months ago Den är så grym!
  • interrobangings
    interrobangings 2 months ago was the dj satomi - hung up comparison intentional or nah
  • Evan Dear
    Evan Dear 2 months ago This is really goooooooooooood
  • 9lovealways
    9lovealways 2 months ago you'r music is amazing
  • Ishimwe Achille
    Ishimwe Achille 2 months ago We love it😍😍😍😍
  • The Pixel Foxy
    The Pixel Foxy 2 months ago ♡♡♡♡♡
  • Detriix
    Detriix 2 months ago You are my favourite DJ
  • Lization D
    Lization D 2 months ago Welcome back!
  • SkrillDubLex02
    SkrillDubLex02 2 months ago You will always put a smile on my face
  • oveotube
    oveotube 2 months ago LOVE THIS SONG 💗
  • {LULU free
    {LULU free 2 months ago @Jim Yosef hello
  • DJ DR3W
    DJ DR3W 2 months ago Love it m8 i make music too <3 :D
  • Nahuel Sueldo
    Nahuel Sueldo 2 months ago No entiendo una verga pero te doy 🖒🇦🇷
  • DJ DR3W
    DJ DR3W 2 months ago @BOSS BELA2 thats what he does sometimes
  • MR• Jones
    MR• Jones 2 months ago I enjoyed the best Song of NCS!😉😉😉😉😉
  • turky almaliki18
    turky almaliki18 2 months ago همم
  • ThatSimpleOne
    ThatSimpleOne 2 months ago Jim Yosef you always make wonderful music
  • Alveuro Kansil
    Alveuro Kansil 2 months ago i love it From Indonesia!!🔥🔥🔥😎😎😎
  • DobbeltD
    DobbeltD 2 months ago Amazing song :o <3
  • Unterhaltsam. de
    Unterhaltsam. de 2 months ago It's very nice
  • suma_ 07
    suma_ 07 2 months ago Hi
  • Huu Vidrer
    Huu Vidrer 2 months ago @Jim Yosef What if you do business with Retrovison?
  • Shahrul LOL
    Shahrul LOL 2 months ago Hello pls reply
  • Galih Channel
    Galih Channel 2 months ago awesome !
  • stav trian
    stav trian 2 months ago Not now
  • stav trian
    stav trian 2 months ago LCS not NCS
  • HappySmile
    HappySmile 2 months ago I don't like it... I freakin' LOVE it!!!! Great job man, keep goin'!!! 🤩🌙👏❤️
  • 간단 중독 Simple Addiction
    간단 중독 Simple Addiction 2 months ago Thank you for your great music!
    LARANG PH 2 months ago this guys making me your music like a man stronger i love all your hits and tracks and at the first time of the music like an beat master always like that idol..you...men are so...so...great but pls make some more like this sound thanks my idol...Jim yosef
    WOLFIK192PL 2 months ago Hi Jim Yosef 😃
  • Frepzter
    Frepzter 2 months ago dude its amazing
  • myers
    myers 2 months ago SLAY GUY ♡♡♡♡♡ AAAAAH
  • myers
    myers 2 months ago JIM I LOVE YOU
  • BestgamingCz
    BestgamingCz 2 months ago Jim Yosef this question is useless , your music is best ❤️
  • Earl Abalena
    Earl Abalena 2 months ago I Don't Like it! I LOVE IT! ❤💕
  • PeaceKnight YT
    PeaceKnight YT 2 months ago Luv this music
  • Gonsualo pro
    Gonsualo pro 2 months ago You are the best
    GTTOKEN GT 2 months ago Your song is always the best
  • Julya Flyer
    Julya Flyer 2 months ago I'm not that surprised, your music is ALWAYS awesome!!
  • hassan gaming
    hassan gaming 2 months ago @Jim Yosef u r arabin ? عربي صح 😉
  • Hayxem Tv
    Hayxem Tv 2 months ago <3
  • 돌진앞으로
    돌진앞으로 1 month ago Honor.
  • JayGames248
    JayGames248 1 month ago Jim Yosef thx for the amazing song!
  • 蒋彩瑛
    蒋彩瑛 1 month ago 我愛你!! ♡
  • Anders Nygård
    Anders Nygård 1 month ago Best ever
  • 小雞仔
    小雞仔 1 month ago OwI
  • 小雞仔
    小雞仔 1 month ago you are thebest
  • Datorgin.10
    Datorgin.10 2 weeks ago I loveee it
  • Datorgin.10
    Datorgin.10 2 weeks ago Thanks to ncs! He/She made your song popular! 😄😄😄
  • K7XQ- H
    K7XQ- H 1 week ago Good Brø😍❤
  • MoyMilksTheCow LOL
    MoyMilksTheCow LOL 4 days ago Your music is so good!!!!
    JD FLEX 3 days ago I can use it when I'm going to sleep😁
  • Guwaぐーちゃ/
    Guwaぐーちゃ/ 2 months ago (edited) Red = Drumstep Orange = Indie Dance Yellow = House/Electro Green = Trap Mint = Glitch Hop Turquoise = Melodic Dubstep/Chillstep Blue = Dubstep/Brostep Purple = Future House/Deep House Magenta = Drum & Bass White = EDM/Hardstyle/Miscellaneous Genere Black = Miscellaneous Genre ꫛꫀꪝnew✧‧˚ Moon = beautiful music
  • Tanya Barrett
    Tanya Barrett 2 months ago Thank you so much for posting this it really helped
  • 動画だけで登録者20人行く俺
    動画だけで登録者20人行く俺 2 months ago Guwaぐーちゃ/ 初めて知った
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    TBM Sneakii 1 month ago Thanks mate
  • Datorgin.10
    Datorgin.10 2 weeks ago Thanks for le guide
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    호림TV 2 months ago Ncs is song Ncs is love We like ncs
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    Almebo 2 months ago Jim, that's totally amazing! :)
  • ocdota ocoo
    ocdota ocoo 2 months ago Hello :)
  • Almebo
    Almebo 2 months ago @ocdota ocoo hey :D
  • ocdota ocoo
    ocdota ocoo 2 months ago What sup ✊
  • Almebo
    Almebo 2 months ago (edited) @ocdota ocoo i'm good, you? :)
  • ocdota ocoo
    ocdota ocoo 2 months ago @Almebo i am from indonesian, an you?
  • Almebo
    Almebo 2 months ago @ocdota ocoo i'm from Slovenia, central Europian country :)
  • Mystic Dragon EX
    Mystic Dragon EX 1 month ago @Almebo Hey what's up!?!
  • Shyyytkröte
    Shyyytkröte 1 week ago Agreed.
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    Gamiel 28 2 months ago (edited) I saw Jim yosef so I clicked...
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    Life is GG 2 months ago New song for new montage!
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    Its Oofhead1234 2 months ago @Life is GG yea
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    ToxiCFlamE - The Toxic One 2 months ago I am responding to a verified guy
  • Khaidar Zulkarnaen
    Khaidar Zulkarnaen 2 months ago can't wait for your new video dude
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    Best of Anime Edits. 2 months ago OMG I LOVE YOUR VIDS
  • Best of Anime Edits.
    Best of Anime Edits. 2 months ago @Khaidar Zulkarnaen SAME
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    elismart13 2 months ago same :)
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    Viinny 2 months ago Hey guys, I'm here to say that I have an AMV channel and give me a pass there if you can, I'll be very grateful! sorry for the spam!!!
    THUURMINATOR 2 months ago Haha yea it’s amazing
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    Rao Playz 2 weeks ago Good game bro.
  • Pixel Warrior
    Pixel Warrior 2 months ago The title reminds me of XXXTentacion 💔. This is a beautiful song ☺
  • Kaif Mohammad
    Kaif Mohammad 2 months ago 2019?? Now will i get likes? :/
  • James Wormsley
    James Wormsley 2 months ago yep
    FARICAPUT OFFICIAL 2 months ago this music juts been uploading by march 2019 bro
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    Capital Coasters 3 weeks ago yep
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    Datorgin.10 2 weeks ago Me
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  • Danixp3 180s
    Danixp3 180s 1 month ago 😂😂
  • Dante
    Dante 1 month ago Damn, such a nice community NCS has. I thought I would’ve got bullied for saying that. 😂
  • SnaY
    SnaY 1 month ago @Dante lol why
  • SnaY
    SnaY 1 month ago @Dante the only people that would get offended are the ones that don't get jokes
  • everythingsamsungpro Osborn
    everythingsamsungpro Osborn 1 month ago @Dante it made me life
  • Oodron
    Oodron 1 month ago spotlight, moonlight, n*gga why you trippin get your mood right, shawty look good in the moonlight, all these p*ssy n*ggas so bad minded
  • Ezequiel Hernandez
    Ezequiel Hernandez 4 weeks ago Oodron we don’t need the full lyrics but ok.
  • Ruxy
    Ruxy 2 months ago This is how many years you will have good luck for 👇
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    LYMusics 2 months ago Jim Yosef never disappoints!
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    Crisant Arenas 2 months ago Exactly !!! 😉 🎊🎉💓 🖒🖒🖒
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    Joyce Chang 2 months ago Jim yosef is going to be a true legend!! Mark my words!!!
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    lonely 2 months ago he already became ;)
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    Gamologist FAHAD 1 month ago Sooo cute like a baby singing 😊😂💗
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    Priscillia Lestang 2 months ago You killed it like always! You're awesome thank you Jim Yosef ❤️
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    DM gamer 2 months ago That music make me excited
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    Randy Danindra 1 month ago Aw ❣️
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    Hesham Barakat 2 months ago Oh my God its really nice. Keep going 👍👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️;-)
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    Tom Chan 2 months ago Ruby? Ruby is "12 year old FL studio producer making music in bedroom " step
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    AyyitzDylan 2 months ago What about Linked? Lmao
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    Røcky 2 months ago Linked is trash, I actually like ruby tho lol
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    Abdul Bahi 2 months ago @Ozoch really original comment
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    Ralu - Ralu E.G.M 2 months ago very very nice to save the song
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    Subject 18 1 month ago @AyyitzDylan linked is a vocal VIP of link which is much closer to his usual style
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    Daniel Wang 1 month ago I liked linked...like A LOT@AyyitzDylan
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    Plush Gamer123 1 month ago Linked was good
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    Nova - Gaming 2 months ago @Jim Yosef Best song of the century !!! 🤩🤩
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    Jordan YT 2 months ago Tonight the 'Moonlight' will shine on Jim Yosef for releasing this great beat for us to listen to and share with others. This was a good song I liked it so keep up the good work Jim and you to NCS keep on reaching higher goals cause you don't know where it will take you unless you keep going higher and higher respect. ✌😁
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    Jebać mak kurwa chuj 2 months ago 🔥J🔥🎉🎧 🔥Ja🔥🎉🎧 🔥Jan🔥🎉🎧 🔥Janu🔥🎉🎧 🔥Janua🔥🎉🎧 🔥Januar🔥🎉🎧 🔥January🔥🎉🎧 🔥January 2🔥🎉🎧 🔥January 2K🔥🎉🎧 🔥January 2K1🔥🎉🎧 🔥January 2K19🔥🎉🎧 🔥January 2K1🔥🎉🎧 🔥January 2K🔥🎉🎧 🔥January 2🔥🎉🎧 🔥January🔥🎉🎧 🔥Januar🔥🎉🎧 🔥Janua🔥🎉🎧 🔥Janu🔥🎉🎧 🔥Jan🔥🎉🎧 🔥Ja🔥🎉🎧 🔥J🔥🎉🎧 january2k19 vs 2k18
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    Gaming Chat 2 months ago Mom : What Are you doing?? Me: Watching The Circle
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    Im called ONLY SILVER, but i hate csgo 2 months ago That was funny in 2014
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    John The Hacker 2 months ago Mom: Ok so tell me the value of pi?
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    iiSad_Vibezz 2 months ago Why is this funny? I never thought it was funny, even the first time i saw this joke. I dont get it either.
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    Joseph Beattie 5 days ago (edited) @Yuna Kobayashi never gets old. I could read them all day and laugh my ass off every time