Nightlife in Siargao Island Philippines | Parties are everywhere

Published on Dec 11, 2018 46,460 views

I didn't expect this nightlife in Siargao Philippines. The parties in Siargao are by schedule and every night different destination.
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  • Filipina Life
    Filipina Life 5 months ago Order now my own t-shirt design and be part of MILES of SMILES. Here's the link to order. ;)
  • german411
    german411 4 months ago Lookin for Love in all the wrong places.O'too be young again.
  • Mike Akullian
    Mike Akullian 5 months ago God bless you and your family and friends Florida Keys Mike Cebu So soon FUN!!!
  • Danielle Muntain
    Danielle Muntain 4 months ago I miss this place so much! Time to go back ;)
  • Brad Kynoch
    Brad Kynoch 2 months ago Great to see u trying surfing again
  • edmhie1
    edmhie1 5 months ago (edited) Napasok na ng mga hostes ang Siargao...........nababoy na!!!!
  • Pearl bo Parks
    Pearl bo Parks 5 months ago Hahahaha that's true!wild iyong naka red top AMD yellow short !
  • dean and deanbear
    dean and deanbear 5 months ago I know gross.
  • Jaylan MC
    Jaylan MC 3 months ago (edited) @dean and deanbear yeah really really gross... I'm from Siargao, but I don't exactly live in general luna. In my municipality, We don't want to allow clubs like this exist in my place. I don't understand why general luna officials allow this club exists in their place..
  • Graeme Davin
    Graeme Davin 5 months ago Them women dancing are not the the ones you want to take home to mum and dad. Great video. Keep Rocking mate
  • Byte Enable
    Byte Enable 5 months ago Yeah, but those boobs.
  • Bobet Aitum
    Bobet Aitum 5 months ago Graeme Davin,....definitely not to Mom,....but after few beers Dad would love
  • Graeme Davin
    Graeme Davin 5 months ago @Bobet Aitum Gold
  • Graeme Davin
    Graeme Davin 4 months ago @RZZ nn she's half Australian that's why.
  • Graeme Davin
    Graeme Davin 4 months ago @RZZ nn all women are beautiful
  • Graeme Davin
    Graeme Davin 4 months ago @RZZ nn I think that's vain because every country is the same.
  • S, Lianis
    S, Lianis 4 months ago Aussie whale kunts no thanks femi Nazis thank God for countries like Brasil and the phils
  • Dean Nomad
    Dean Nomad 4 months ago They danced so cringe, him too πŸ˜‚ but they're out there having fun and I'm not so I'll stop being a hater ❀️
  • Graeme Davin
    Graeme Davin 4 months ago @Dean Nomad whatever mate
  • Geoffrey Davis
    Geoffrey Davis 5 months ago Crishel & Gia Gia nice swimwear Great video and crishel u getting good at surfing Another great video from u both
  • Warren Harding
    Warren Harding 5 months ago Great videos!!! I like your style. It’s good to see a travel video from your perspective. I look forward to more!
  • Lonnie Christopher
    Lonnie Christopher 3 months ago .....don't go in that deeper looks too dangerous....just stay in the's better....
  • Filipina Life
    Filipina Life 3 months ago It's OK I'm always careful thanks for the concerned. 😊
  • TM Adventures
    TM Adventures 3 months ago Wow girls what a great channel, thanks for giving invaluable information and advice, enjoy πŸ˜˜πŸ‘
  • Franklin J Standinghorse
    Franklin J Standinghorse 4 months ago Going to Zamboanga City soon but will be staying at the Garden Orchid Hotel because it’s very near to the airport in case I need to make a quick exit in a hurry!
  • Lawrence Camins
    Lawrence Camins 3 months ago (edited) What a brilliant strategic place to stay I must say. You'll be staying right at Camins Rd which leads to the airport. A name honoring my grandfather who was twice the Governor of Zamboanga when it was still whole. The province since then had been subdivided into 4. The significance of that name and road is something our family is proud of since as Governor when he appealed for appropriation for land to be given to the Moros and many times turned down by Zamboanga itself, he himself as a governor bought land from his own pocket and gave it to them calling them Camps. Yes, there was uncorrupted people in the Philippine government. Even with that name, more so, being an American now, I will still be scared to hang around long.
  • 82brutal
    82brutal 1 month ago Salamat sa video guys, salamat din sa info.
  • Bobet Aitum
    Bobet Aitum 5 months ago Crishel,....Naglami na ang action sa duha ka pinay dancers...(@9:50 mark onwards) the ones in yellow and red outfits.....pero duda ko murag burikat
  • Byte Enable
    Byte Enable 5 months ago Maybe she likes to party. Or maybe she is a prostitute.
  • terry ceballos
    terry ceballos 5 months ago Mura gyud πŸ˜‚ nanghunting cguro foreighners..
  • Pearl bo Parks
    Pearl bo Parks 5 months ago Wild gyud kaayo ang duha na babae na naka red top AMD yellow short!
  • Filipina Life
    Filipina Life 5 months ago I don't know them so I don't judge I'm just watching 😊.
  • Sarrah Mea
    Sarrah Mea 5 months ago Don't ever judge a person, those person are just really like to dance and they don't ever drink alcohol,
  • Sarrah Mea
    Sarrah Mea 5 months ago @terry ceballos your just watching how they love dancing, but in that case they don't even drink alcohol,, Its better for you to judge yourself than to anyone that your just watching..
  • littlesparrow34
    littlesparrow34 4 months ago (edited) No woman who is in her right mind do things like that normally, even in a party scene, unless it's an organize dancing, but even then. Those women are loose. Surigao, is warned once again( if it continues allowing party scenes to operate and pollute that place) God is sending the roaring seas to swallow it all up over again and devour may Filipinos and tourists who enjoys those carnal gatherings. These disasters are no accidents, with many fatalities... first of all those in the past who are victims were idol worshipers, bowing down to Santo Nino, Virgin Mary images and statues and bowing down to demonic entities and doing witchcraft, faith healers, card readers and all sorts. When there is no one left representing God in the area, just like lot, God will get rid of those and allow mega disasters as judgement of the evil population. Sad they were Filipinos. But Yahuah God should not be mocked.
  • bisdakdiay
    bisdakdiay 4 months ago Are Those 2 pinays on drugs? Tsaka yingvasal nila parang prostitutes. Sayang sila at kkhiyacsa mga foreigners.
  • littlesparrow34
    littlesparrow34 4 months ago No wonder God shakes Surigao by a 7 magnitude earthquake warning. Philippines and Surigao is special in God's eyes. If they keep doing and allowing lewdness, nakedness to operate, turning Surigao like the old Angelis city or Olongapo or Pattaya of Thailand, God will allow a huge Tsunami to swallow the whole place over again and we will only hear this on the news.
  • Smartee pants
    Smartee pants 4 months ago You may not be aware of this but these ladies are nuns on holiday
  • Aaron
    Aaron 5 months ago Two beautiful girls, neither one at all boring - stuck with absolutely nothing to do!! So sad..... Hey it was a lesson learned right?
  • the Grubby Pirate
    the Grubby Pirate 4 months ago Don't worry, most of your so called "surf instructors" can't surf any better than you.
  • Den Kiwi
    Den Kiwi 5 months ago many foreigners there so yes of course they are there to party :) ingat :0
  • Dan The Man
    Dan The Man 4 months ago Hay naku! You two are soooo cuteπŸŒΉπŸ˜€βœŒπŸΌ
  • Filipina Life
    Filipina Life 4 months ago Thank you. 😊