825 HP 2.9L Stage 2 Whipple Install on a S550 2016 Mustang GT

Published on Sep 5, 2017 100,346 views

It is finally that time! Whipple supercharger install on Ashley's 2016 Mustang GT. The kit is a Whipple 2.9L Stage 2 Kit with 132mm throttle body, 72LB Injectors, whipple tune, and larger exchanger. https://whipplesuperchargers.com/inde...

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  • Mustang Lifestyle
    Mustang Lifestyle 1 year ago Hi guys. Internet has been inconsistent here in Myrtle Beach SC but here it is. Ash finally got a supercharger and her car absolutely rips. Big shoutout to Whipple from the amazing kit. Shout out to everyone who helped: Bruce, Nick, George, Lee, and More!
  • Dominic Kirkwood
    Dominic Kirkwood 1 year ago Mustang Lifestyle very good 😇
  • allen cox
    allen cox 1 year ago Congratulations Ashley.😃
  • tominator
    tominator 1 year ago Ashley...please be very careful with that much power. It is easy to lose control especially in bad weather. I wish you well!
  • sb320
    sb320 1 year ago Mustang Lifestyle ..Suspension and brakes are still stock?
  • Dirt Shaker
    Dirt Shaker 1 year ago sb320 when could we see her blow the drive line?
  • Mustang Lifestyle
    Mustang Lifestyle 1 year ago stock suspension besides springs and stock brakes
  • Titan Six
    Titan Six 1 year ago Mustang Lifestyle When he shaved down the lower intake manifold before mounting the SCer, did he at least try and shop vac all the metal shavings out of the motor??
  • pdmustgt d
    pdmustgt d 11 months ago Really no need to use roto loc cleaning disc. Other thing what disc are made of is really really hard material can cause failure else where. I 've seen it happen
  • cmsundecided stewart
    cmsundecided stewart 1 year ago Not ganna lie I hate when she takes the camera ....
  • Mustang Lifestyle
    Mustang Lifestyle 1 year ago +cmsundecided stewart Don't watch those parts then. -She
  • Steve Berra
    Steve Berra 7 months ago Mustang Lifestyle wow way to be a A-hole. Nobody wants to see a chunky butt man handle that camera
  • Atrizzle
    Atrizzle 3 months ago I second the original comment only a year late
  • Jack Daniels
    Jack Daniels 2 weeks ago She sucks as a camera person
  • Solo Trucker
    Solo Trucker 1 year ago Kinda Annoying when she comes in and repeats everything that's already been said 🤦‍♂️
  • Mustang Lifestyle
    Mustang Lifestyle 1 year ago +Solo Trucker Idk if you know this, but I can't read minds about what other people have said. 😮
    ZELMAR HERNANDEZ 1 year ago That girl is annoying period.
  • Garrett Lucas
    Garrett Lucas 10 months ago Same I was like can you please give the camera back to the dude who somewhat knew what was going on😂
  • J
    J 5 months ago @Mustang Lifestyle you didn't have to read their minds, you saw the intake and bumper on the ground when you got there. Did you think they magically uninstalled themselves.
  • Jordan
    Jordan 2 months ago If the whipple wasn't so beautiful i would have stopped watching the video. She drove me fucking crazy.
  • vernon phillips jr
    vernon phillips jr 1 year ago You just shortened the life of that engine blowing all that shavings into the block that guy is trying get you in and out.
  • Jacques Townsend
    Jacques Townsend 1 year ago I cringed at the sight of that
  • Titan Six
    Titan Six 1 year ago @Mustang Lifestyle Why did he blow all those shavings down in there? Did he even attempt to suck them out with a shop vac or anything?
  • Sai Tinson
    Sai Tinson 1 year ago Wow, awesome. Putting on a SC with the bros, all I need now is a cold on- HAY YALL VALLEY CAR GIRL WAIFU HERE, LEMME TALK ABOUT LITERALLY NOTHING ABOUT THE INSTALL. O MAI GAADDDD.
  • Wylie Bell
    Wylie Bell 1 year ago I take it back. They all are annoiying
  • SVT Yossii
    SVT Yossii 1 year ago lmao
  • jrvbamafan1
    jrvbamafan1 1 year ago Wow....did they really just blow metal particles into the OPEN INTAKE PORT....lmao. I wouldn't let this guy touch my lawnmower let alone my mustang.
  • Eddie J
    Eddie J 1 year ago Grinding around the open ports, and then blowing it off with the blowgun was horrible! Never ever do that!!!!!
  • royzcustomz
    royzcustomz 5 months ago agreed, you can get it into the engine and cause damage
  • Alex Wilcox
    Alex Wilcox 4 months ago i shed a tear during that scene
  • phildo4prez
    phildo4prez 1 year ago Bring your car to Nick! 11:58 He’s the best!!
  • The Street Car Channel
    The Street Car Channel 1 year ago Please tell me that's not how you gap your plugs...
  • Tyler Lewbart
    Tyler Lewbart 1 year ago The Street Car Channel lol I was thinking the same thing. Let’s just bang it until ceramic breaks off then falls into the motor
  • T. L.
    T. L. 1 year ago I usually disconnect the battery before any work is started..
  • royzcustomz
    royzcustomz 5 months ago it's what you should do.
  • Jared C
    Jared C 1 year ago Never clean a gasket surface with a fiber wheel. Dude just blew all that particulate in her engine. Abrasives in ur bearings are NOT good. 3m makes a rubber finger wheel specifically for that purpose. Those wheels also remove too much material off the surface, uneven gasket surface could leak on you. Awesome whipple though... they run well. Good luck and be safe guys.
  • Jack Messina
    Jack Messina 1 year ago J Rod I cringed when I saw the air gun blowing stuff into the open ports.
  • Jared C
    Jared C 1 year ago Jack Messina Not exactly the dude i would want workin on my car. I stuff my ports full of tape balls. Better than rags i feel. They are usually covered in trash they caught when i pull em out. I feel bad for the bearings in that one. Oil filter wont catch em when introduced through the valves. Scarey huh?
  • Mark2ube
    Mark2ube 1 year ago I stopped the video after the open ports/cleaning wheel bit to come read the comments about that. Oy!
  • Chuckles
    Chuckles 1 year ago I cant believe he just did that, taping the intake for all the time only to expose and use a grinding wheel OMG! thats horrible!!
  • Eddie J
    Eddie J 1 year ago J Rod I agree!! 😳 I was shocked!! 😱
  • Sam Manda
    Sam Manda 1 year ago I was looking for comments about that ....made me cringe
  • Dustin D
    Dustin D 9 months ago its running
  • Samuel Paniagua
    Samuel Paniagua 1 year ago Dont hand the cam to ash again if shes gonna be using that kid voice.
  • Mustang Lifestyle
    Mustang Lifestyle 1 year ago +Samuel Paniagua lmfao. But that's my real voice 😂😂😂
  • Maynor Sandoval
    Maynor Sandoval 1 year ago Be careful with the hurricane headed to Florida
  • Iceytho
    Iceytho 1 year ago 5 weeks later its gonna be around a tree
  • Oakey Banks
    Oakey Banks 1 year ago Should’ve never let the woman touch the camera
  • jrvbamafan1
    jrvbamafan1 1 year ago All that and no upgraded clutch?
  • Shane Batten
    Shane Batten 1 year ago Next video: clutch blew up in the s550 😂. That thing rips!
  • Alvin Davis
    Alvin Davis 1 year ago Okay, why did she get in the video?
  • Clayton Pfenning
    Clayton Pfenning 1 year ago Wu - Stang because it’s her car
  • Mustang Guy
    Mustang Guy 1 year ago wow!! Where do you think all those metal particles go with wide open exposed intake ports? Shade tree mechanic I am a Ford tech and I cringed when I saw that.
  • Jared C
    Jared C 1 year ago Sports Guy Particles went straight too the bearings. That motor wont last long. I would say oil pressure was already down by the time they got too the beach. Whata hack!
  • Jets Set 5.0
    Jets Set 5.0 2 weeks ago Can u tell me wats wrong with my ac