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Discover Samples Used On Ice Cube's "Lethal Injection"

Published on Dec 7, 2018 14,551 views

VinRican Showcases Classic Samples Used On Ice Cube's "Lethal Injection"

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#WaxOnly #IceCube

  • MrKing8050
    MrKing8050 5 months ago Ice Cube went full P Funk with this album 🔥🔥🔥🔥
  • Dj Stn1
    Dj Stn1 5 months ago The Real Ice Cube years👍
  • Michael Brown
    Michael Brown 5 months ago Back when hip hop was masculine
  • chris rock
    chris rock 5 months ago Cube back then was top of the game.
  • muti bacon
    muti bacon 5 months ago I feel like this album is kinda underrated compared to his first three. Incredible album!
  • Charlie Digital
    Charlie Digital 5 months ago Contemporarily it got a little bit of hate because it seemed like Cube was trying to cash in on the G-funk craze
  • doogie Five-Four
    doogie Five-Four 5 months ago Ice Cube and Scarface are 2 of my favorite OG lyricists
  • Gary Jackson
    Gary Jackson 5 months ago Need to do the Cactus Album by 3rd Bass & A Salt with a Deadly Pepa
  • Joseph Starkweather
    Joseph Starkweather 5 months ago No doubt...I seriously get furious when they are left out of top 5/top 10/top 20 discussions of the GOATS. if they both aren't in your top 10 let alone 20 I won't even acknowledge you as an equal and waste time on you.
  • Rakim #1Goat
    Rakim #1Goat 5 months ago Ice Cube Boot Legs And B Sides Is The Remixes To The Lethal Injection, And Predator Albums!!!
  • The Hive Productions
    The Hive Productions 5 months ago AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted (1990 next.
  • Jotaro kujo
    Jotaro kujo 5 months ago Up
    THEINFAMOUS1011 5 months ago You should do a behind the scenes on how u setup an episode.
  • cran08rb
    cran08rb 5 months ago (edited) DAMN!!! That transition on 3:36!!! Well done DJ!!! Whoooo!!! Got me lit!!!! Also, why does this sound better than what iTunes and other music downloads have?
  • L1am21
    L1am21 2 months ago sounds better cause its on vinyl. every time a song is copied digitally it losses it's quality.
  • Aaron Johnson
    Aaron Johnson 5 months ago Dr. Dre, Tupac, and Snoop should've collaborated with Cube on this album!!!
  • Kris Mars
    Kris Mars 5 months ago Wow I didn’t know he sampled a Evelyn Champagne King song
  • Charlie Digital
    Charlie Digital 5 months ago Yep and that joint knocks. Probably my favorite song on the album
  • Reginald Strong
    Reginald Strong 5 months ago Got me searching for it as we speak...
  • burrvisiontv
    burrvisiontv 5 months ago I was to stuck watching the DJ instead of reading the Sample titles.
  • Ashton Green
    Ashton Green 5 months ago This album is so underrated it needs to be recognized more
  • dreazy34
    dreazy34 5 months ago Could be said for all ice cube albums. I know ice cube albums did sell in the day but albums like war and peace 1 and I am the west get no credit and I think they are some of his best
  • Ashton Green
    Ashton Green 5 months ago @dreazy34 that's your opinion
  • dreazy34
    dreazy34 5 months ago @Ashton Green you don't agree?
  • Ashton Green
    Ashton Green 5 months ago @dreazy34 I mean I agree
  • H Sassyk
    H Sassyk 5 months ago Thank you for posting. This took me back to a fun time in my life.
  • Sean Hinton
    Sean Hinton 5 months ago 😳😳😳 beautiful
  • Denis X
    Denis X 5 months ago Great! One of the favorite albums. Please do something off Naughty by Nature
  • Pawlotscha
    Pawlotscha 5 months ago I love driving and listening to You know how we do it. One of best masterpieces west Coast style ever. Underrated LP. Thx.
  • nesta 78
    nesta 78 5 months ago apparently this album was not very aprreciated by the fans and the critics, in my opinion this album is one the most underrated of the history of the hip-hop with killings like really doe or ghetto bird and enemy or or refers To great black such as farrakhan or malcolm x, i can not believe it was frowned upon at the time of it's release although i was born a month earlier PS : my favorite track will remain forever you know how we do it even that le the wonder of this album even it reminds too much summer and GTA San Andreas
  • Dejae Lowkixx
    Dejae Lowkixx 5 months ago nesta 78 his other album war & peace was wack , this was his last good album from that era . Smile now cry later was is last good album
  • Ceazs Vinyl
    Ceazs Vinyl 5 months ago The soundtrack of the 90s
  • Jeffrey Saunders
    Jeffrey Saunders 5 months ago Classic hip hop!!!!