We installed the new UPR Suspension on the 2001 Bullitt in preparation for going even faster in the Turbo Bullitt!

UPR Suspension: http://uprproducts.com

Parts Installed:
UPR Pro-Series Upper Control Arms: http://www.uprproducts.com/mustang-ch...
UPR Pro Series Lower Control Arms: http://www.uprproducts.com/mustang-ch...

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  • S550 WULF
    S550 WULF 2 months ago You should be worried about fixing third gear before adding power
  • Saul Gomez
    Saul Gomez 2 months ago Saludos desde Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua Mexico ;)
  • Jeims Corona
    Jeims Corona 2 months ago Awebo
  • Wade Scott
    Wade Scott 2 months ago Oof I can’t wait to see what it does at the track with the two step !!!! Big fan of the 99-04 mustangs
  • Marcos N Neyla
    Marcos N Neyla 2 months ago Me tooo
  • Jeims Corona
    Jeims Corona 2 months ago You should put a rear v6 bumper in the back ... just an idea not a fan of holes with no exhaust
  • Marcos N Neyla
    Marcos N Neyla 2 months ago For real
  • RaceLegend01
    RaceLegend01 2 months ago I still can’t believe Turdzilla is gone
  • JHR2131
    JHR2131 2 months ago @mustanglifestyle man if you had of listened to me when I begged you put the stock exhaust back on you coulda ran true street!!!! Smfh 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
  • Julio Rodriguez
    Julio Rodriguez 2 months ago Team z motor sports say to cut one coil off the springs it will help with the hight and help it hook
  • Jamessr23
    Jamessr23 2 months ago Or Run fox springs
  • James Dunn
    James Dunn 2 months ago (edited) I've ran fox springs and stock springs with one coil cut. I personally preferred the one coil and my 60ft was slightly better, but the difference was so minute that weather and many other variables could've been the reason as to why. Both were with team z relocated adjustable uppers and double adjustable lowers and stock sway bar.
  • Machwon Mike
    Machwon Mike 2 months ago It would be awesome to see you build another block or at least contact Todd warren and get a killer set of cams I know you can’t go too extreme since it’s turbo charged but still would sound great
  • Jacob Arnott
    Jacob Arnott 2 months ago Great video 👍🏼 thanks for the content.
  • Reloaded
    Reloaded 2 months ago Great video big fan 👍🏽. That anti roll bar would be needed to help the rear end from moving and it would also help when u launch the car
  • Blake Manahan
    Blake Manahan 2 months ago Could you make a full tutorial on how to install the N2MB wot box? Along with the programming and such.
  • OH/PENN Moto *OBP*
    OH/PENN Moto *OBP* 2 months ago Blake Manahan this
  • Traenkner's Garage and Speed Shop
    Traenkner's Garage and Speed Shop 2 months ago very cool video nice work. it was a pleasure meeting you today at the longwood show and talking about our Bullitts, looking forward to seeing the progress in the future.
  • Jahdiel Sanchez
    Jahdiel Sanchez 2 months ago I want to see the 2step install vídeo full 🔥🔥
  • Zahi Rodriguez
    Zahi Rodriguez 2 months ago Can't wait to see all the good things coming for it!!
  • Ryan Bromley
    Ryan Bromley 2 months ago whats the background song you use?
  • Bigdaddytrucker
    Bigdaddytrucker 2 months ago Andrew the SN95 guy 👍
  • Bigsp0073
    Bigsp0073 2 months ago Famous last words for a stock bottom end 2v “....and maybe turn up some power!” Hahaha jk
  • Machwon Mike
    Machwon Mike 2 months ago (edited) I have the same ones on my Mach they’re not that loud at all upr makes a great product Have you thought about a antiroll bar
  • James Diaz
    James Diaz 2 months ago Since when did the bullitt have ambers??
  • boostghost
    boostghost 2 months ago Has 01 Cobra lights.
    USAxARMYSTRONG 2 months ago (edited) Where's Ozomeroman at with the videos?
  • MrSpeedysclassics
    MrSpeedysclassics 2 months ago USAxARMYSTRONG disappeared
  • HadoukenMaster
    HadoukenMaster 2 months ago you right tho. I miss the Mach 1
  • bigmaxcc
    bigmaxcc 2 months ago USAxARMYSTRONG wrong channel