Ljay Currie Says Lil Wayne + Getting Kicked Out of His House Are Why He Makes Music

Published on Nov 12, 2018 2,578 views

Ljay Currie answers questions about his music, hobbies, personal life + more on Now You Know. Follow him at @ljay on Instagram / @iamljaycurrie on Twitter for all his latest projects.

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  • Prod. Paragon
    Prod. Paragon 6 months ago I remember you jumping into that pool Hahahaha 🤣
  • Tamim Dotarachi
    Tamim Dotarachi 6 months ago Lil Wayne 💯🔥🤟🏻🤟🏻
  • John Luke
    John Luke 6 months ago Wayne easily has the biggest impact in hip hop history.
  • prince hoop
    prince hoop 6 months ago Why he stop playing ball scholarship is something I'm looking for but is to late I'm bout to graduated
  • The Village Hidden In The Hood
    The Village Hidden In The Hood 6 months ago prince hoop it’s never too late to follow your dream bro✊🏾 do what’s make you happy and what satisfies you my G.
    4THEKING 2 weeks ago I use to watch him in HS and dude was raw! You can see some of his old mixtapes