Ford Racing X-Pipe & Magnapacks INSTALL! Quad Tip Get's LOUD!

Published on Feb 22, 2017 84,768 views

In this video Brian (Mr. Quad Tip) and Scott visit Tyler to remove Brian's custom Bassani Cat-Back Exhaust on his 2015 Mustang GT and install a nasty sounding setup. A Ford Racing X-Pipe and Dual Magnaflow Magnapack Mufflers. The car now has a nasty snarl and is really bright up top! Enjoy the install and some Mexico!

Instagram: @justthequadtip

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  • Kristian A
    Kristian A 2 years ago Sounds about the same as the old exhaust.
  • quarawlis stafford
    quarawlis stafford 2 years ago can we just give credit to all the guys who work at muffler shops because that shit is art
  • Akron Ohio
    Akron Ohio 2 years ago I personally love the sound but I don't think he was happy with it to be honest. He was definitely expecting it to be louder
  • Justthequadtip 2.0
    Justthequadtip 2.0 2 years ago Mike Gauer it's breaking in and getting louder now. When I do long tubes it'll be perfect.
  • Jose Castaneda
    Jose Castaneda 2 years ago I was expecting more loud!
  • Alex Vest
    Alex Vest 2 years ago Needs long tubes
  • MotorLegends
    MotorLegends 1 year ago Jose Castaneda that's what happens when you install MagnaFlow
  • grim reefer0420
    grim reefer0420 1 year ago Jose Castaneda I bet it sounds more Loud in person
  • Oliver
    Oliver 2 years ago Those wheels ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
  • Spensar
    Spensar 2 years ago Sounds mean! Nice low rumble.
  • Michael G 1900s and up
    Michael G 1900s and up 2 years ago It sounds good but I was expecting it to be louder I always like the SLP set ups
  • Justthequadtip 2.0
    Justthequadtip 2.0 2 years ago Mikes trains O gauge Its starting to break in now.
  • Dazed Viking
    Dazed Viking 2 years ago nahh that shit is way to quite! you have super lax florida laws! Why no long tubes? straight pipe? cam?
  • Erfahn H
    Erfahn H 2 years ago needs more loud lol
  • Sonic Six
    Sonic Six 2 years ago (edited) You want it to be loud go high flow cats, long tubes and roush axelbacks then it will be loud.
  • l3anzai
    l3anzai 2 years ago Sonic Six lol like @Sublimemach? 2k rpms is loud as heck
  • Brandon Allen
    Brandon Allen 2 years ago Sounds really good. I like that it's not overly loud, it's tasteful. Has me contemplating taking out my resonators.
  • Ashley Ashton
    Ashley Ashton 2 years ago Tried to be first... that didn't work out so well. Maybe next time. ๐Ÿ˜‚
  • Jรธร‰ M
    Jรธร‰ M 2 years ago It would've sounded better just with the x-pipe
  • Justthequadtip 2.0
    Justthequadtip 2.0 2 years ago Jรธร‰ M That's a bit much for me.
  • l3anzai
    l3anzai 2 years ago GotahavitGRn 5.0 agreed, My 5.0 sounds way louder in person than videos
  • Justthequadtip 2.0
    Justthequadtip 2.0 2 years ago Jรธร‰ M My 14 was cat less and had roush mufflers. Don't wanna be that loud again although it was fun scaring people๐Ÿ˜‚
  • Mr. TAMW
    Mr. TAMW 2 years ago (edited) Quads look so freaking beast love quads๏ปฟ
  • Justthequadtip 2.0
    Justthequadtip 2.0 2 years ago Tyler Wallace Thank you!
  • El oSScarito
    El oSScarito 2 years ago i just did the xpipe and 4" tips. Best alarm for all my neighbors at 4 am๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
  • Jacques N
    Jacques N 2 years ago Can't believe you took off bassanis to put magnaflow.... that's bc I like magnaflow alottt but Bassani is much more high end!! Nice setup though
  • Mustang Lifestyle
    Mustang Lifestyle 2 years ago Brian said it was too quiet
  • Justthequadtip 2.0
    Justthequadtip 2.0 2 years ago Jacques N the bassani was great if you wanted a very mild sound. But I got tired of it.
  • Julian Tiobech
    Julian Tiobech 2 years ago Sounds good. My bros s550 is running a straight pipe MBRP exhaust and it sounds super beastly.
  • Florian P
    Florian P 2 years ago Nice! But why All Season tires in Florida?
  • Justthequadtip 2.0
    Justthequadtip 2.0 2 years ago Florian P Went with them because she's my daily but I'm happy to say these tires work really well. Cornering is solid and I ripped off a 12.5 last Friday with them. If you seen the dragon video you'll see that I'm not afraid to throw it into corner at speed. Didn't see the need to spend more money to have them wear out quicker.
  • baddbradd89
    baddbradd89 2 years ago Sounds perfect..
  • tspike
    tspike 2 years ago Nice and deep without that hideous cackle, well done. IMO you've taken the top spot for best sounding GT 5.0!
  • Justthequadtip 2.0
    Justthequadtip 2.0 2 years ago tspike thank you! I've been very picky on it!
  • sHaDoW5.0
    sHaDoW5.0 2 years ago "perfect" not to loud