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#Ezri #JCole" />
#Ezri #JCole" />

Ezri Freestyle w/ The L.A. Leakers - Freestyle #069

Published on Feb 5, 2019 74,033 views

Ezri checks in with the L.A. Leakers to spit a freestyle over J. Cole's "Middle Child"

#Ezri #JCole #MiddleChild

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  • Casjack
    Casjack 3 months ago Anyone remember his Sway freestyle and then he just disappeared
  • KingTra Benjamin
    KingTra Benjamin 3 months ago Yeah he killed that freestyle to
  • ZBT Life
    ZBT Life 3 months ago Disappeared? Right after that he got on Empire, signed to Nas and mass appeal records, starred in a film called “the land”, dropped an ep titled “be right back”, and he’s back again with the freestyles
  • xx95.E
    xx95.E 3 months ago his tape was nice too
  • Richard Estrada
    Richard Estrada 3 months ago @ZBT Life I barely found out about him cause of this freestyle, then I went to look up all his songs. Now I'm just thinking why he isn't as popular as I thought he would, cause he GOT bars
  • Cameron Baker
    Cameron Baker 2 months ago He got a song on nba live .
  • Drew Griffith
    Drew Griffith 2 months ago The starting 5... just came out last month he’s in it lmao , Mass appeal guys it’s a fire mix tape look it up
  • Will D
    Will D 2 months ago Yo, anyone know what happened to his J Cole fire squad freestyle mix?
  • Cameron Baker
    Cameron Baker 2 months ago @Will D sound cloud I think everythingezzy
  • voedsel pakkett
    voedsel pakkett 2 months ago YUP I REMEMBER TOO ! THAT WAS MASSIVE , WHOOP - WHOOP .
  • o2.thinkr
    o2.thinkr 1 month ago Wasn't he name Ezzy before too on sway?
    MAX RAZZINI 1 month ago @o2.thinkr yeah that's what I thought too
  • Brandon Furlow
    Brandon Furlow 1 month ago I thought his name was ezzy
  • WhoEmmanuel
    WhoEmmanuel 3 months ago He caught a homicide on this beat 🔥🔥🔥
  • 43VA
    43VA 3 months ago fr
  • Gabriel Ramirez
    Gabriel Ramirez 3 months ago Ezri up next. Destroyed this beat.
  • Burhan Teneqja
    Burhan Teneqja 3 months ago WOOOOOOOOOOOOOHH we got a young kendrick/Jcole in the making... this kids got BARS
  • jude marshall
    jude marshall 3 months ago This is not your common cold
  • Bobby Booshay
    Bobby Booshay 3 months ago CLEVELAND!!
  • tbohfela
    tbohfela 3 months ago Nas has the dopest MCs on Mass Appeal Records. Ezri, Fashawn, Stro, Run The Jewels, Dave East
  • Amir Saleem
    Amir Saleem 3 months ago bro let's not forget Bishop Nehru either.
  • Vladimir Klizschko
    Vladimir Klizschko 2 months ago Thats a fact. Nas is what Eminem should be. He sees talent and lets them do what they want
  • Patrick 25
    Patrick 25 2 months ago Starting 5 is the ish
  • jasmine ridley
    jasmine ridley 2 months ago 070 phi
  • Francisco Davis
    Francisco Davis 3 weeks ago Ohhhh Fashawn is the mannnnn
  • Brandon Lockley
    Brandon Lockley 5 hours ago Dave East the least lyrical
  • Tyji Brown
    Tyji Brown 3 months ago I saw the a snippet on IG I had to find the full video 😭😭🔥🔥
  • Justin McRae
    Justin McRae 3 months ago Who here from Nas IG?!
  • TheDirtyBird_ 11
    TheDirtyBird_ 11 3 months ago (edited) Mass Appeal, that man nasty
  • Hakeem Jackson
    Hakeem Jackson 3 months ago I dont comment a lot but this boy hot!🔥🔥
  • DatPiff
    DatPiff 3 months ago PLAYED IT TWICE. 🔥🔥
  • southsidejay
    southsidejay 3 months ago DatPiff slit my wrist jus for release on datpiff🔥
  • X FREE
    X FREE 2 months ago i think i been done more
  • Kimberly
    Kimberly 3 months ago He DESERVES everything GREAT coming his way
  • David Boone
    David Boone 3 months ago Ezri stay dropping the hottest freestyles on the internet. Damn bro.
  • Coy Mac
    Coy Mac 3 months ago Got my attention!💯💯
    UPTOPTEZ_MMG 3 months ago My nikkas got a suprise under the seat he like ellen degeneres 🔥 🔥
  • Al Yaadie
    Al Yaadie 3 months ago Fukin Nars🔥🗣️
    UPTOPTEZ_MMG 3 months ago On god he gtbs
  • zerozebra
    zerozebra 3 months ago (edited) "Surprise under the seat like the audience at Oprah" has been said before on KOTD by Loe Pesci. Years ago. The kid is nice though! also earned a subscription.
  • Gryan Tavarez
    Gryan Tavarez 2 months ago zerozebra I like ezri scheme more
  • paweup98
    paweup98 3 months ago He’s flying on this beat ☄️🔥
  • Carter Smith
    Carter Smith 3 months ago He did it again 😂
  • Cole Lamar
    Cole Lamar 3 months ago Nas stopped rapping so he can bless us with Dave East and now Ezri!
  • EXOflow •
    EXOflow • 3 months ago I can’t even enjoy this rn. I’m at work I gotta come back later. BRB yo!
  • Junior Santana
    Junior Santana 3 months ago EXOflow • 😂😂