How A Galleria Is Built | Coachmen RV Factory Tour

Published on Feb 7, 2019 9,111 views

Continuing our tours of various RV manufacturing facilities around North America, here's a look at how Coachmen Recreation Vehicles builds its Class B Galleria models in its Middlebury, Indiana factory.

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  • Barbara Matievich
    Barbara Matievich 3 months ago Would have enjoyed a real quick interior view of a finished product.
  • Robert Blits
    Robert Blits 3 months ago What about the air conditioner system on the Galleria? I've heard that they have gone to a 12 volt system and I'm wondering how efficient that is. Did not see any info on your video about it.
  • David Reyburn
    David Reyburn 3 months ago Welcome to Elkhart county! You came last week I assume. We stayed home for 4 days straight. Our dog didn't even want to go outside! You're pretty brave to venture up here when you did! Glad you made it safely.
  • Shirley Vargas
    Shirley Vargas 3 months ago Thank you for the great video, I’m heavily leaning to the galleria because of the insulation and technology. Oh I’d be interested in seeing the pleasure way build too!
  • Kathy Fann
    Kathy Fann 3 months ago I like these Videos on their manufacturing quality
  • Jack Frick
    Jack Frick 3 months ago Appreciate the technical detail in your videos and the manner you interact with your guests. Like to see more factory tours.
  • David C.
    David C. 2 weeks ago (edited) Thanks for the great video...very informative. The 22 ft Ford Transit is not a Galleria. The Galleria is only built on the Sprinter 170 extended. The Transit was called the Crossfit, now known as the Beyond.
  • Irv Banta
    Irv Banta 3 months ago thanks for this review and tour. great job.
  • VanGoNow
    VanGoNow 3 months ago Thanks for the factory tours but can you please turn down the background music while you are talking.
  • Latada
    Latada 3 months ago I would appreciate a tour through ThorMotorCoach. They have such a bad reputation with their builds and their customer service. I understand they have a new CEO now. Hopefully this Company can get turned around in a much more positive direction. Thanks for sharing all your knowledge and adventures with us.
  • Wanda Willoughby
    Wanda Willoughby 3 months ago Latada their reputation made me worry when they were going to purchase Roadtrek.
  • Bill Redding
    Bill Redding 3 months ago @Wanda Willoughby...but then Hymer bought Roadtrek. Same concern regardless. Kind of like Winnebago buying Grand Design? -- BR
  • holly cooper
    holly cooper 2 months ago Loved seeing you feature my hometown! I chuckled when I saw your trip in the snow...I live in the South now...don't miss that AT ALL πŸ˜‰
  • Ray Jones
    Ray Jones 3 months ago My wife & I did the tour (Class-B) last October - was there primarily for the Crossfit tour but since both the Galleria AND the Crossfit are built in that building we got to see everything. Was a lot of fun, very informative, etc.. I strive to search out employees and ask them if they ever feel pressured to get their work done in a set time as well as asking them how they like working for the company.
  • D P
    D P 3 months ago Thank you for the tour. Do they build the Crossfit the same as the Galleria? I looked at their website and the cabinets are definitely different, so that made me wonder about the rest of the build, particularly the insulation.
  • Ray Jones
    Ray Jones 3 months ago (edited) The Crossfit is on a Ford XLT (gasoline) chassis, while the Galleria is on the Mercedes Sprinter (diesel) chassis. But a lot of what you see in the Galleria will be found in the Crossfit. I like both vans and I also like supporting an Indiana RV business.
  • DUTCH Van Atlanta
    DUTCH Van Atlanta 3 months ago I'm betting that my soon to be delivered Galleria was one of those in the vid. It was on the assembly line when you were there.
  • ColleenKaralee Peltomaa
    ColleenKaralee Peltomaa 3 months ago I'd love to see more of this about Coachman.
  • Kathy Fann
    Kathy Fann 3 months ago I like the INSOLATION
  • DeeperStill :
    DeeperStill : 2 months ago Thank you for the tour. I assume that the Crossfit has the same insulation as the Galleria. I would love to see a Crossfit being built because I do not want a diesel powered van. It’s gas for me and nothing but gas. Crossfit is my top choice so far but I’m going to wait and see what 2020 brings.
  • Al Nolan
    Al Nolan 3 months ago Can you do a tour of the Jayco Greyhawk Class C Plant ? Thank , Al Nolan
  • Raymond Harding
    Raymond Harding 3 months ago Thanks for this interesting and informative tour. Please do a similar tour of thr Renegade factory on their smaller B+ production line.
  • Neil Rankin
    Neil Rankin 3 months ago My wife and I are seriously considering a Jayco Grayhawk 31fs purchase. A Grayhawk plant tour would be fantastic. Thank you.