Soulmate Series ~ Oh, You Don't See Them Coming ~ Intuitive Read (March 2019)

Published on Mar 4, 2019 16,181 views

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  • Beau Delong
    Beau Delong 2 months ago Let's just get the hard stuff out of the way! Is there any soul mate out there that wants to meet up and live an amazing life together!? Lol
  • Archangel Guidance
    Archangel Guidance 2 months ago I do believe lovers will find each other through the comments, happy someone finally ask lol. Much love, Sandy
  • Arya King
    Arya King 2 months ago Love the change this month...been watching you 2 yrs and your one of my favorites because of the depth and dedication to your beautiful work thank you from the bottom of my heart
  • LéVie Saint Nom
    LéVie Saint Nom 2 months ago Cn you do a reading on the world and where we are headed as human beings on this planet?
  • Intuitive Empath
    Intuitive Empath 2 months ago (edited) Thank you I’m focused on love and I’m getting my wishes fulfilled!! I feel my mother is my guardian angel and I miss her soo much. I’m ready for my Libra ♎️ male. He’s the one for me. He loves me and wants to marry me. I deserve the love he gives me. My x is my soulmate twin flame that’s taught me a lot about myself. I thank him for everything, good and bad times. Now I’m ready to love a man that truly deserves my heart ♥️. My x (Taurus)is coming back again I can feel him. He’s toxic and needs to work on himself more before he gets into any other relationships. Many lifetimes with this man and he still hasn’t got it right yet. He’s hurt me every time. I’ve forgiven him but I’ll never forget him. I’ve finally found my Soulmate Real Love. Thank you so much for helping me through out my journey.
  • A Stellar Sparkle
    A Stellar Sparkle 2 months ago (edited) It just happened Miss Sandy... It all happened not even an hour before you uploaded your reading which had only been up for 16 mins... Thank you so much. 💜🤗🖤😍☯️🖖
  • Ashley S.
    Ashley S. 2 months ago came back to comment....he showed i was not expecting that !
  • Phila EC
    Phila EC 2 months ago I have shifted my energy. Yes, my energy was in waiting for him mode. I dropped that. Now I am in the I have everything I want mode. I wouldn't be surprised if my soulmate materialized.
  • Gloria Herrera
    Gloria Herrera 2 months ago I’m goin to allow it and accept it with open arms. It’s weird but not surprising that every reader lately is pickin up on this I’m goin thru. I’ve changed my ways of praying these last few months with a powerful reason I used to pray to God Only now I pray to God the heavens the Universe my Angels my guides my ancestors and my guardians. I’ve always prayed for what I want the most but for 3 years sense this all started I’ve lit candles I’ve also been more careful about how I think and how I set my intentions. You hit at the core of this hon. I’m changing in ways I can’t explain much less put things into words. All bcuz of an amazing man. I believe he’s my soulmate. He’s the other half of me. For the first time in my life I kno what love is. And I haven’t even touched him yet. I love him with my soul cuz he affects me at a soul level. Hon thank you for the guidance thank you for all you do for us all. I pray the heavens bless you and your daughter you both Hav such a beautiful gift. I look forward to hearing more from you. Soon he’ll be in my arms soon and I promise I’ll greet him with open arms I won’t run or fear this. Thanks and Blessings to y’all
  • Ms. Spiritual Gangster1111
    Ms. Spiritual Gangster1111 2 months ago 💟 love ya Sandy! Glad your my soul family.😘
  • Sandra Chicoria
    Sandra Chicoria 2 months ago I have been feeling the energy of my mum being around and you've just confirmed it. You are my favourite reader! You are truly gifted. I believe love is coming my way too. Thank you for sharing your gifts . ❤️❤️❤️
  • Wolfmother
    Wolfmother 2 months ago i showed up at 777. Nice.
  • blondie71174
    blondie71174 2 months ago This resonated with me. Felt like it was a personal reading.
  • Sharon The Party Queen
    Sharon The Party Queen 2 months ago All I have is time. I’m so used to being single.
  • Selia Ashida
    Selia Ashida 2 months ago Sometimes we can marry a soulmate (and not a twin flane).
  • Lisa Harding
    Lisa Harding 2 months ago This reading really spoke to me so I am compelled to comment. Noticed your mention of appreciating the Mountaintop. That is the name of the town I grew up. My Mom passed in 2015 but now I feel her as my Guardian Angel on my left shoulder. thank you for the gift of validating my sense of Her
  • Love Peace
    Love Peace 2 months ago Your love, your sweetness, and your gift fill my heart. Someone taught you very well once upon a time.
  • Debbie Miller Walsh
    Debbie Miller Walsh 2 months ago I always love your reading. It’s happening for me. He has returned transformed He had a rough life but then so have I. He came back different. I knew I always loved him and no matter what hell he brought into our relationship, I spoke softly to him but that’s because I did the work. I have never seen him so confident, light and airy. Me Aqua. Him Gemini Thank you. Great reading as always
  • Nilüfer Özyörük
    Nilüfer Özyörük 2 months ago the volume seems too low to me. Thank you for the reading Sandy.
  • helios
    helios 2 months ago (edited) Sandy, I burst into tears n they just fell.. when you said "trapped within a thought process...(had to relisten to it to write it down)..mother/father..somehow took away your confidence.." I know so, it has dogged me, caused such harm all my life, and that is what the tears are for..thank you x My father (rip) always said I needed to regain my confidence. a week or so before he died, he said to me simply 'you got hurt'. I know, its 'the human condition', it is what it is. (am working on an something here on laptop while listening to you, so i dont hear everything while focus elsewhere)
  • The Wraith
    The Wraith 2 months ago I love listening to you....I come to realize I never was truly in love and haven't been in a relationship in years....have been open and ready to experience love with a partner and was so positive for so long but I don't feel it coming anymore....