Elhae Talks 'Trouble in Paradise' + Why R&B Needs A Stronger Community

Published on Feb 26, 2019 2,266 views

Elhae just dropped his new album 'Trouble in Paradise' featuring artists like Wale, O.T. Genasis and...our very own Bryhana. In this interview they get into what inspired the album and play a round of "Never Have I Ever."

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  • Isaiah Robinson
    Isaiah Robinson 2 months ago Good interview, but I hope the host goes to educate herself about Fruitvale Station lol 🤦🏾‍♂️
  • Noe Peraza
    Noe Peraza 2 months ago Elhae has become one of my favorite artist to come out. Cannot wait to check out his new album.
  • Walter Terrero
    Walter Terrero 2 months ago Noe Peraza 😂 don’t wait too late it’s been out 5 days already #DREAMLOUDMUSIC
    KINGTUTIII 2 months ago You lateeeee
  • ViZN
    ViZN 2 months ago elhae is so underrated smh
  • Khumo Pelotona
    Khumo Pelotona 2 weeks ago Well come back sir! Love all your work Would love to see you come perform in South Africa
  • Amirah Thomas
    Amirah Thomas 2 months ago Elhae is so underrated I love him so much
  • Raised by the internet
    Raised by the internet 2 months ago I really like Bryhana's energy, realness and she hella fine too so it's dubs allover the place
  • Shadeena LH
    Shadeena LH 4 days ago I’ve been supporting him since forever the day he will win a Grammy I will be as much proud as if one of my family member made it. I’m just so proud of him his music as come a long way and in each one of them you really see the progress and growth. I really love him, he is and has been my favorite artist😭
  • Chef Baxter
    Chef Baxter 2 months ago great album
  • Norwall Music
    Norwall Music 2 months ago Very nice job on this video
  • Truly Made
    Truly Made 2 months ago What I like about the album the most is the writing of the songs. Whoever wrote these songs on the album are incredible