Building A Large Post Frame Garage Full Time-lapse Construction: NEVER BEFORE SEEN FOOTAGE

Published on Feb 17, 2019 1,652,822 views

I filmed this entire build series, about a year ago, and never had time to edit it into a full video series. We built our customers a 40x56x16 residential style post frame garage, and finished the interior to prep for a man cave. Take a watch, wait til the end, and tell me what you think about the black metal ceiling. I'll be honest, there isn't an easier, more cost effective way to build a large scale garage, than to use post frame construction. Let me know what you think, drop me a comment below, and hit the subscribe button, because we've got some great projects coming in 2019! I used my GoPro time-lapse setting on my Hero 5 Black for 90 percent of this video.



  • RR Buildings
    RR Buildings 3 months ago Thanks for taking a watch. I know last time people wanted either music or a voice over...I figure why not both. What's your thoughts? Music is tough because people have different tastes.
  • Trevor Davis
    Trevor Davis 3 months ago When it comes to background music for a video, I could care less what it is. I'm paying more attention to what you are doing and how you're doing it. The background noise is nice tho.
  • Bishop Archery
    Bishop Archery 3 months ago Either way, keep the videos coming and keep having fun with it. Getting allot of great ideas from your videos all the time.
  • James Heshka
    James Heshka 3 months ago Music and the voice over worked out well. I think you're safer going with this style of music over something electronic, dub-step, etc. Impressive amount of work in day 1. Crazy.
  • Damien Richcreek
    Damien Richcreek 3 months ago It was a great video, as always. The combo of music and voice-over was a nice touch. I think the music choices were neutral enough to cater to the masses. Thanks again for another quality video/build!
  • James Woenker
    James Woenker 3 months ago Don't even recall music. That's probably how it's suppose to be.
  • Nic Champagne
    Nic Champagne 3 months ago what about a video for people considering adding a structure like this to their property? what are the pros/cons? in what situations would you not recommend a post-frame structure and vice versa? thanks!
  • Father Time
    Father Time 3 months ago Well done. Perfect edit!
  • John Blanton
    John Blanton 3 months ago What is the finished price on that size barn? What is the door and ceiling height?
  • greener121
    greener121 3 months ago RR Buildings I'd like to know what a building like that cost, here in Texas this isn't common construction, typically mueller steel without insulation. Just trying to know what to spend.
  • Cledus Snow
    Cledus Snow 3 months ago It’s all good, only thing I hate is when people put music in it stops they talk and the music comes back and it’s louder the they were talking.
  • Brandon Saunders
    Brandon Saunders 3 months ago How do you keep all your screw lines straight on the metal. Are you using a laser?
  • M. Lo
    M. Lo 3 months ago U cant please everyone Kyle just do you and I'll keep watching music or not , voice or no voice. Just enjoy the process of these builds.
  • kip carroll
    kip carroll 3 months ago (edited) Great mix of video, time lapse, and music ! Always the best, most gratifying videos on construction on YouTube, imo. Love to see things get DONE .....and in such an efficient, perfect way. So wish you were down in my area. I'd be proud to have the R/R badge on my bldg.
  • Ron and Lori Wood
    Ron and Lori Wood 3 months ago I really liked this way very nice. By the way is there anything wrong with lagging post to a slab floor? We took down our old bank barn and still have concrete floor in place. to save money we wanted to build off it. Ron
  • Jackel440
    Jackel440 3 months ago Great video and combo of narration and music
  • RR Buildings
    RR Buildings 3 months ago every situation is unique and I am no engineer
  • Dave
    Dave 3 months ago (edited) Music is just fine, I do like soft rock for 'over' stuff mostly, but most anything works :--)))))))) BTW, I've been listening to this music and it is just perfect for this video and in proper context, too :--))))))) x 2
  • shawnf77
    shawnf77 3 months ago Great Video but damn some of us hardheaded people love the 10 episode build series!!!!
  • Michael Johnson Jr
    Michael Johnson Jr 3 months ago Music selection was great for this kind of time lapse; using audio from multiple clips was fine, though perhaps a little more narration could help? Nevertheless your post-production skills are definitely improving! It takes practice so keep up the great work. Time lapse footage was excellent just remember: when picking a spot for the camera, try to remember the sun movement over time can produce glare depending on the angle...otherwise great job
  • Storm 36
    Storm 36 3 months ago So wish you could build my building and ship it here to Spokane, Wa!
  • Alan T
    Alan T 3 months ago (edited) I think think the music selection was a good addition to the time lapse. Worked very well. And you do a good job at your voice over too. Not too much.... not too little. Good job!
  • John Holcombe
    John Holcombe 3 months ago how much did this building cost the customer ?
  • RR Buildings
    RR Buildings 3 months ago those are never going away man unless people stop watching
  • RR Buildings
    RR Buildings 3 months ago thanks kip
  • Les Welch
    Les Welch 3 months ago I liked both. The music and voice.
  • Kenny Bellau
    Kenny Bellau 3 months ago (edited) This felt more like a "How It's Made" video or something on PBS compared to most of your other Vids which are more Peter McKennon. Great change of tone with this. This is one of those videos that could be passed around on tons of other media platforms (like Facebook Watch, InstaTV, etc.) because of its all-inclusiveness, start to finish of your build. I much prefer the other "how to's" you do but this one is really nice Kyle!
  • grayman74
    grayman74 3 months ago Love your channel - looking forward to more of your videos working on your home!
  • H Goose
    H Goose 3 months ago No music
  • Jake Wood
    Jake Wood 3 months ago @RR Buildings be interested in a 60x100 in Western Iowa?
  • Drew Allen
    Drew Allen 3 months ago Really nice music with the voice over!
  • srjackson1611
    srjackson1611 3 months ago Shoot I came to find out which Led Zeppelin song it is.
  • T David
    T David 3 months ago I dislike most music applied over informational videos enough that it is generally the only reason I will give a thumbs down. Your selections, for the most part, are tolerable; but I have muted some of your videos. When I mute, I don't hit the Like button. Good music is best, in an informational video, if it is quietly played in the background.
  • Jonathon Parker
    Jonathon Parker 3 months ago You work in Oklahoma or have a recommendation for someone to build?
  • cdouglas1942
    cdouglas1942 3 months ago Enjoyed this. Have watched many of your other step by step videos and after the 5th or 6th one, some of the details start feeling a little repetitive. But your willingness to share techniques and details and the How-To is second to none and you have my respect and admiration. Thanks, Kyle!
  • clark clarke
    clark clarke 3 months ago I turn off the volume.for the music and just.warch ... i kmow.that it's a garage .....but Is the building warm ??
  • Lance Allen McGinnis
    Lance Allen McGinnis 3 months ago I enjoyed the music! After watching most your videos I want to build my own. Thanks!
  • Joan Sparky
    Joan Sparky 3 months ago (edited) @RR_Buildings Two things I miss in your build that are common in Australia. 1) under roof sheet metal insulation to avoid condensation on the inside of the sheet metal roof We use either foil packed/wrapped cell foam roll (~1/2 inch thick) or a somewhat sturdier bubble wrapping material. Both are coated with metal film to assist in IR radiation reflection (example: The other method is to use stone-wool that is stuck to a foil laminate that then faces the inside of the building (example: 2) cross bracing metal strips to help stiffen up the frame of the building Those are 1.5 inch wide tinned metal strips (come on a roll) with holes every inch or so and a thickness of a 1/50th inch or so. Examples for what I mean: Also, the pole anchors don't seem to create a proper positive grip with the concrete pillar they are placed into ( There is no undercut or cross member that will mechanically counter a rip out force of the pole-anchor from the concrete. The concrete also hasn't been vibrated to get the air bubbles out that came in with the mixing and drive the water out a bit. Overall the foundation of those poles is not a proper job in my humble opinion. If I was you I would contact a concrete professional in your area and get another opinion on this part of your building practice. As it is, those concrete pillars will be fine to carry the weight of the poles/barn, but if there ever is going to be stronger uplifting force, those anchors will have a hard time to keep the shed/barn on the ground. I don't think your area needs hurricane straps, but with the changing climate it might be good to think about them. Such a big building is going to create a lot of wind resistance and uplift onto it's framing under the right conditions (I'm in a tropical cyclone area, so to me this is common and we take even further measures). All else is pretty cool and thanks for the video. Really wish I'd do more sheet metal work, to be able to rationalize buying of either the battery driven nibbler or the shear. ;-) PS: I wonder if it would be possible to rip one of those anchors out of the concrete with your bobcat after it has been cured for 28 days.
  • Sasan Dabirian
    Sasan Dabirian 3 months ago You don't vibrate the concrete after pouring? And also you don't anticipate the freezing depth in foundations?
  • David Wood
    David Wood 3 months ago Just lower the audio level of the misic when youre talking
  • Artgrath artgrath
    Artgrath artgrath 3 months ago Good job guys
  • John Jones
    John Jones 3 months ago Hardworking, talented, humble. A professional. Thanks for sharing.
  • kalereborn
    kalereborn 3 months ago Putting in neutral background music like that is perfect. When folks put in music that has lyrics in it, it really takes away from the point of the video. I enjoy watching timelapses and voice overs are OK as long as it isn't nonstop and about pointless things not related to the video.
  • yarrariver09
    yarrariver09 3 months ago In the footage music is not bad at all.
  • KatsushiroHiguchi
    KatsushiroHiguchi 2 months ago It's nice with background music, just maybe pull the volume down to like 70% and it would be perfect in my opinion! Awesome video, i really enjoyed it! :)
  • Snakey Engel
    Snakey Engel 2 months ago Music is fine, but please, please, please, give full and complete credits for all music used. Of almost all professions, working musicians are the most underpaid. Love your work, mate. Keep it up! Cheers!!!!
  • BoBslej
    BoBslej 2 months ago Beautiful job, greetings from Poland
  • Earl J *Maui_Boy*
    Earl J *Maui_Boy* 2 months ago * * * My simple technique is to play the music very low... so low, it 𝐜𝐚𝐧 𝐨𝐧𝐥𝐲 𝐛𝐞 𝐡𝐞𝐚𝐫𝐝 𝐰𝐡𝐞𝐧 𝐧𝐨 𝐨𝐧𝐞 𝐢𝐬 𝐭𝐚𝐥𝐤𝐢𝐧𝐠... ... it is simply a filler for blank sections where nothing else audible is taking place... As to the style, anything will work... just instrumentals, though - no singing... (wink) * * * I love your videos. . . keep them coming... * * * Until that time. . .
  • Brett Sisun
    Brett Sisun 2 months ago Loved the music and the vibe! Made watching the video very relaxing.
  • TruthBKnown
    TruthBKnown 2 months ago Music was outstanding - as was the video and voiceovers. I wanted to see credits to see who did the music.
  • Mitchell Whitcomb
    Mitchell Whitcomb 2 months ago Great idea, Just don't make the mistake everyone does and crank the volume on music versus voice overs. Really good video.
  • rhadiem
    rhadiem 2 months ago music is fine
  • nathan phillips
    nathan phillips 2 months ago great music, and it was relaxing to watch on my day off
  • John Pike
    John Pike 2 months ago @Joan Sparky nope. I've set anchors like that before and demoed some from years gone, typically a cat 933 loader will pull the entire concrete column out before the anchor it's self. Depending of course on how deep the concrete goes, some of the deeper sets just tear the anchor into pieces.
  • BLAIR M Schirmer
    BLAIR M Schirmer 2 months ago @RR Buildings If I may, what state was this built in? I'm interested in what kind of climate you're dealing with. Btw, was something left out, or is it the case that the earth under the piers was not compacted, and that you chose to omit gravel? =Also, as you say, there's a man cave space inside. Is there going to be any insulation at least under that portion of the slab you'll be spending time on? Cheers. (Retired architect w an emphasis in structural engineering and superinsulated design.)
  • Matthew Fogarty
    Matthew Fogarty 2 months ago Do you guys do metal buildings too?
  • Andrew Geren
    Andrew Geren 2 months ago What was the overall cost for this project?
  • CASPER 12345
    CASPER 12345 2 months ago RR Buildings awesome video btw , just one question why isn't there any insulation ? Is it a cost thing or is just plan useless in a barn that size ?
  • Dred Scot
    Dred Scot 2 months ago love it all man...good job
  • wingwalker007
    wingwalker007 2 months ago Awesome work gentlemen..... very impressed
  • Charles Peterson III
    Charles Peterson III 2 months ago Great video. If ever I have some extra cash, I would like to have something built like that. Garage, man-cave, arcade, whatever. Is the music available, by the way? Keep the videos coming and continue being safe!
  • Sacagawea Jones
    Sacagawea Jones 2 months ago I'm only at 7:08 into the video and already had to stop and comment: GREAT music! Sounds like a Peter White, or some such. Really good. Also amazing production values: drone footage, tight editing and voiceover. You should do THIS for a living! Ok, looks like you're pretty good at putting up buildings, too ;) Looking forward to watching the rest....
  • Greg Robson
    Greg Robson 2 months ago I liked the music! Thanks very much for doing this.
  • Ziegmont
    Ziegmont 2 months ago For background noise I think most simple instrumental stuff low enough is cool. Most of my peevs are on volume, too darn loud. You got it right.
  • Kevin Shumaker
    Kevin Shumaker 2 months ago To me, it's not the genre of music, but the volume. Unless it's a music video, IMO, it should be 25% or less than any voiceover volume. Background, not primary. Or Closed Caption so I can turn off the audio.
  • Wayne W
    Wayne W 2 months ago ANYTIME there is music, I mute it.
  • Adrian Humphries
    Adrian Humphries 2 months ago Suggest keeping the music Low ... and a little less "beatie" to make it almost un-noticeable. I like it that there are NO DOGS BARKING....! Great Video - excellent play-back speed. I want one to drive an RV in and Live in the Man cave.
  • Louis Holland
    Louis Holland 2 months ago Country music is safe bet. Or blues soft Rock.
  • John Taylor
    John Taylor 2 months ago Very nice, how much to build something like this?
  • 2idolon
    2idolon 2 months ago Love the Build , Voice over is good , gives interesting info , music is ok . Thanks for posting , Love Building interesting stuff .
  • Randy Watson
    Randy Watson 2 months ago Great video and production quality.
  • holmes1956O
    holmes1956O 2 months ago All you guys goin on about the music really. Its about the building💩
  • Shez Sattar
    Shez Sattar 2 months ago I think background music is a waste of time. But that's my opinion. Voice over is great.
  • Dan ITGuy
    Dan ITGuy 2 months ago I Love it! Perfect amount of music and voice over! All I would comment to you is a touch more detail... a simple cost breakdown with just a real simple timeline, with Permits, Materials & Labor cost for the building, and even a simple cost breakdown for the concrete with a total cost to build at the end would really wrap things up nicely! +1 Sub! Nice Job Fellas!
  • Antares8491
    Antares8491 2 months ago @RR Buildings Had no idea I would enjoy the whole clip so much. It was great to see the building growing up in front of your eyes. Looking forward to other video-clips where you display your art. Great cinematography ! Thank you, and keep up the great work ! :-)))
  • EnJoeyThe Ride
    EnJoeyThe Ride 2 months ago Acoustic guitar always works , And I play , if ya'll are ever in need of... New Sub here, and lookin 4ward!
  • EnJoeyThe Ride
    EnJoeyThe Ride 2 months ago @Brandon Saunders Prolly pre drilled holes in the metal Brandon... stack em , & punch em..
  • grin and bear it -
    grin and bear it - 2 months ago My sane is. The day I stop learning is the day I die. I like yours to. If your not learning your dieing.
  • Nate Bolton
    Nate Bolton 1 month ago The music and voice over were perfect for this video man. Great stuff!
  • George William
    George William 1 month ago @John Blanton same question , the groud , how can you processing ?
  • mikeyjock
    mikeyjock 1 month ago music level was nicely low. voice over was well done. thank you
  • Mike Irons
    Mike Irons 1 month ago I love the attention to detail. The perfection to square.The visual appeal down to the screw placement. Once the dude brought out the level for the RR sign it was love! Nice job!
  • radioguy1620
    radioguy1620 1 month ago as long as the music is very low no big deal but for someon e hard of hearing it can interfere with your speech, this level was about right . maybe a touch lower would be perfect, learned a lot from this video, and thanks for making it and posting
  • Cy Brunel
    Cy Brunel 1 month ago I loved the music personally. A bit more on the final cost for labor and materials, and which state you live in, and zoning laws in your state would be appreciated. Great video, and nice job guys. Thx 4 sharing.
  • Ankle Donna
    Ankle Donna 1 month ago If you must have music, you might want to lower the volume by at least half. Some of us have difficulty understanding speech in a noisy setting. The older you get, they more you will understand.
  • From California
    From California 1 month ago For the music; Always “cook to your own taste.” It’s the secret of great “chiefs.”
  • Daniel Montes
    Daniel Montes 1 month ago Jake Wood Call your local Menards. There should be one in your area. The length of your building may vary by a few feet based on post on center placement.
  • Daniel Montes
    Daniel Montes 1 month ago RR Buildings, Great MM post frame. It’s nice to finally see one of these go up from start to finish. I’ve always wondered what the process looked like. What is your home state? I’ll be checking out more of your videos.
  • David Smith
    David Smith 1 month ago Great video - fun to watch. I had no idea we can construct that fast. Good looking building too. Subscribed! Thank you for showing us this slice of life.
  • David Smith
    David Smith 1 month ago (edited) @Ron and Lori Wood​ Good question on building on existing foundation. It looks like they run some pretty tight tolerances on their building's foundation (using well designed plans drawn up by an engineer). I would imagine the owner/creator of the plan would love to design a plan for people with your particular situation, which I would think is quite common (why waste that foundation). But I am no engineer.  May just buy designs for a bigger building? ;)
  • Daniel Montes
    Daniel Montes 1 month ago Ron and Lori Wood Posts attached to a current foundation is actually one of the two ways the design system calculates the materials. I was not aware of this third system until I saw this video. See your local Menards building materials team members for more information or visit to design your building. (Length will vary based on how far apart you put your posts)
  • Daniel Montes
    Daniel Montes 1 month ago David Smith Posts attached to an existing foundation is one of the options on the Post Frame design program at
  • Martians Music
    Martians Music 1 month ago how much did this project cost in materials?
  • Radouane Ghaffour
    Radouane Ghaffour 3 weeks ago RR Buildings you did a great job
  • Walter Coria
    Walter Coria 2 weeks ago Awesome video. Thank you for taking the time! I'm not sure how you found time to do this actually. Great editing! You have some very nice toys.
  • scott1976ize
    scott1976ize 1 week ago I'd rather just watch and listen to you talk. No music
  • Brendahere
    Brendahere 4 days ago music is too loud, when you want to hear th e voice.
  • Tom Stclair
    Tom Stclair 1 month ago Dude!! You guys kicked some ass on this one.. You definitely have this process figured out.. Thats a lot of work in 7 days
  • Dillons Woodworks
    Dillons Woodworks 2 months ago This is exactly what I need to build! This was an excellent video! Thanks for sharing. I look forward to seeing more. Well done!
  • Texas CAT Manuals
    Texas CAT Manuals 2 days ago (edited) Awesome job. Great craftsmanship and knowledge. I do have a question. Looking at the pole supports that were anchored in the concrete piers... would it add structural support if they were complete squares to fit the poles instead of two sided? Guessing that end walls provide support for the side walls and vice versa?
  • Koito rob
    Koito rob 2 months ago "Perfect little size for a residential garage?" You could fit MY HOUSE inside AND still have space for a man cave/workshop!
  • Alpha Machina
    Alpha Machina 3 months ago I'd like to see the finished product.
  • Michael Drieling
    Michael Drieling 1 week ago Love the time lapse video and the voice over. Why no conduit for utilities, why no floor for the “attic” space, and why the floating floor? Next video it would be great if you explained some of the choices.
  • Dan McBoost
    Dan McBoost 3 days ago (edited) I wish I could find someone as amazing in upstate NY for my newer planned pole barn. Awesome work as always.
  • pauuan thakali
    pauuan thakali 1 month ago sure its a post frame.. but the amish'punk in me admires a good ol' barn raising.. nice job!
  • John Smith
    John Smith 2 months ago this was amazing! i'm so impressed. You boys are brilliant. Great Job! Enjoyed watching.
  • sancoffsr
    sancoffsr 3 months ago I know it’s difficult to do but pricing would be really interesting
  • Peter Bird
    Peter Bird 2 months ago Guys, that is outstanding work, good luck in everything you do.
  • Mikee-UK
    Mikee-UK 1 month ago What surprised me was to see no first fix of electrics or plumbing and no services like drains, water or energy? Feels like if these were fitted later they would not be as slick as they could have been? Great job on the construction side
  • Giggles
    Giggles 1 month ago Why would you need plumbing in a garage?
  • Kevin McPhatter
    Kevin McPhatter 1 month ago Man cave... Bar... Might need a pisser or some power for the garage door. Or if the lights...
  • Giggles
    Giggles 1 month ago @Kevin McPhatter find a tree or a bush. It does need electrical though
  • 510Redneck
    510Redneck 1 month ago @Giggles So you don't have to run to the house (where ever that may be) to take a shit without the cops being called and being put on the pedo list thereafter. (which happens where I live) lol For real though, there is so many reasons to have water at a "garage".... at very least a hose if one ever planed on working out of it. I had many garages without water or drainage and it was super frustrating at times when you need it.
  • Daniel Fronc
    Daniel Fronc 1 month ago (edited) @Giggles All garages being custom built should have at least one center floor drain (depending on garage size) in its floor for any water that might come in through a heavy storm, including but certainly not limited to and especially so a snow dam letting melted snow in before you can clear it away and if you plumb such a structure with water piping that might rupture. If you're building it from start to finish it's very easy to put some heavy duty indoor Schedule 2 (the white piping used for outflow) four inch diameter piping. Don't use the corrugated black flimsy pipe which has built in slots where water can seep out ot the pipe. Nothing will ever defeat or clog 4 inch schedule 2 and future owners can hit it without damaging it if digging for landscaping. Hell, you could shoot it with a .22 caliber gun and the bullet would bounce right off it (something of course I wouldn't recommend). It's pretty common in the midwest to lay drainage pipe in a garage's floor. Better to have it in when built and not need it than to need it and not have it. As an aside, I got tired of my parent's circa 1947 cinder block basement absorbing water, as their house sits on a 25 foot tall and 40 foot long hill with about a 30 degree incline and behind it is a 12 foot wide flat strip which then rises up another 45 degree 4 foot high hill. Past that, the backyard has about a 10 degree rise, and an 100 foot run with four 80 foot tall tulip poplars and hickory trees, which dropped a helluva lot of leaves. Also, with a back bay window there were 4 downspouts off the roof. I like working with my hands and wanted to solve the wet basement blocks and pooling of water (which sometimes after a heavy storm would be 2 feet deep since it was flat with no place to drain) for my then elderly parents. I bought heavy duty plastic grill drains that schedule 2 piping would mate perfectly with and used a heat gun to bend the 8 foot long pipe at odd angles where needed. I didn't fuse the pipe joints together as with indoor use should anyone ever want to take it apart. I tied the roof downspouts into the piping as well with 2 inch wide schedule 2 pipe.. I doubled the pipes incline to double that of a normal drain slope to 1/4 inch per every foot run of pipe. By the time I got around the side of the house and at the top of the hill, I had dug down about three feet. At the point where it's all downhill I only dug down 1 foot. Once, when visiting my parents, the fallen leaves had matted over the drains and again there was 2 feet of standing water. I checked the street for no traffic, cleared the drains in the back and ran around the side to watch just how quickly it drained. With the pressure of that 2 foot hydrostatic head of water and the 1/4 inch run, damned if it didn't shoot down that 30 degree hill and out onto the street in a blast about 6 foot high and almost across the 24 feet onto the property of our neighbor across the street! Needless to say I retrofitted the drains in the back of the house with an inverted bird's nest screen cage to keep the leaves from matting over the drain heads. Drainage is always a good thing to have in place. No more wet basement to be sure!
  • Ed U
    Ed U 4 weeks ago External mount conduit is the only way to go with electrical when installing on metal liner. There's no pretty way to have the electrical come out from behind the metal with in-wall and it's a pain to try to line it up so it doesn't land on the ribs. Also you don't want to be driving over plumbing lines during the build that happens after as part of the concrete prep :)
  • J T
    J T 3 weeks ago @Giggles drainage, handwashing, just a few amenities any garage must have.
  • Giggles
    Giggles 3 weeks ago @J T my garage doesn't have drainage or plumbing. It does have electricity though.
  • Erik Borger
    Erik Borger 1 week ago Obviously most of these comments have never built a post frame. All this is done after as standard by other trades. Have fun trying to build the building with floor drains everywhere to drive over. Not to mention final grading. Standard stuff.
  • Giggles
    Giggles 1 week ago @Erik Borger i wouldn't say it's standard because it depends on the type of garage being built and the size. Where i live grading and concrete is poured before any framing on smaller garages and it just depends on the contractor with larger garages.
  • Erik Borger
    Erik Borger 5 days ago Giggles talking plumbing brother
  • Giggles
    Giggles 5 days ago @Erik Borger are you talking plumbing as is supply lines or drainage?
  • Mt man 1949
    Mt man 1949 19 hours ago There’s plenty of room left under the pylons to do all these things. As for floor drains, some people don’t want them, lot more work to do so, property looks pretty flat
  • blank stares
    blank stares 2 months ago Nice shop/garage build. Would love to have something like that. Excellent camera work on the time lapse photos. Those Aerial view shots really make it top notch too. Great job editing because it's easy on the eyes and a pleasure to watch from beginning to end. If I was a potential customer I would certainly be convinced by this video.
  • ChanDré Prehay
    ChanDré Prehay 1 month ago You are doing great! I learned a lot. Thank you. Keep it going!!!
  • Nitro Max
    Nitro Max 3 months ago I like the time lapse videos. How about some revisits to completed jobs?
  • SomeBoredGuy69
    SomeBoredGuy69 3 months ago The revisits is a great idea! I would love to see what your customers have done with the spaces years later.
  • RR Buildings
    RR Buildings 3 months ago agree. I need to make time for that
  • frederic rike
    frederic rike 3 months ago @RR Buildings From my experience in residential HVAC, I found both my new customers and my Old Faithful" were both surprised and heartened to find we were still interested in our past work. By the time my boss retired, we were spending less than $5k a year on any adds, including Yellow Pages- most of our biz was repeat or sent to us by way of older customers- in the "good" parts of town as well as the "not so good". Loved it as usual!
  • Tuomas Kosonen
    Tuomas Kosonen 2 months ago @RR Buildings this needs absolutely revisit !
  • Henry Stamper
    Henry Stamper 2 weeks ago You plump and square a barn closer that most builders do on a house! Totally amazed on your quality of work!!!! 👍
  • Dope Soldier
    Dope Soldier 2 months ago I got a say this video is very well edited !
  • funky fresh
    funky fresh 1 month ago I didnt know you could have a floating concrete floor i just learned the way imma do mine thx again
  • lkuhhdsfgasdgvdadfg
    lkuhhdsfgasdgvdadfg 1 month ago enjoyed it, but would have been better to have seen finished project.