Philippines Country Life Part 31

Published on Mar 25, 2018 16,000 views

A variety of scenes from around the north end of Cebu. My wife and I have started taking trips around Cebu and stopping anywhere we see anything interesting.

  • Timothy White
    Timothy White 1 year ago I must say, I enjoy your videos more than any of the YouTubers. You show us the natural everyday life there in the Philippines. Thank you
  • MP Drk
    MP Drk 1 year ago That was beautiful, man. You're an artist.
    WOLU SEJATI 1 year ago very very natural, bring me back to time when I was child. I'm Javanese, and many parts/scenes in this video are similar to the environment of my village. Great job.!!!!!
  • Rolly Shield
    Rolly Shield 1 year ago Nice work and good vids, thank you. I grew up as a child mainly in a fishing village near Zambales Luzon. Your videos remind me of those care free days as a child, climbing trees, jumping of small bridges into a river etc. It was filled with much lightness, happiness, fun and laughter. Even as an adult, when I visit, my most vivid memories are the love, care and generosity they share. I remember their light hearted laughter, especially the kids, full of fun and life. It seems they are just so ecstatic and joyful to be around you. It is a joy to behold them enjoying life despite seeming hardships. I know when I visit, the whole family there (the extended family can almost occupy 2 small villages) are so looking forward to my visit, that they will prepare well in advance. And when I do come, it feels like I'm a visiting dignitary! lol. They treat you so well and generously. They all want me to visit each of their houses, for they consider it good luck to be able to offer what they have, even if it is not much. I'm very rarely alone, the kids especially would follow me around and much laughter would ensue. Even when some tragedy happens, like when someone passes away, it unifies them, problems are forgotten and everyone will help out. Family love and values is strong there, grandparents are looked after by the family, no one is left out. Filipinos overseas help their family out in Philippines all the time, it is a natural desire to help those who have helped you, it is not forced in anyway. Filipinos are known, out of all Asians and even out of all nationalities, to be the most generous in helping out their extended family in the Philippines. Filipinos are also renowned, to be the most hospitable and friendly out of all Asians, they are regularly used in front desk customer service throughout Asia. This is because of their understanding of English, ease of adapting to Western culture and general lovely, hospitable nature. Yes the Filipinos and Philippines are not perfect, who is? They will always have a special place in my heart, such a happy-go-lucky people who are kind and generous even when they don't have much to share. Despite hardships and difficulties in life, they are content with their lot and they still know how to laugh at themselves and the world at large. The strength and beauty of their humble traits shines through their infectious smiles and warm hospitality. They are a beautiful and endearing people in general. Their love, care and wish to help their family and others is sublime and quite touching.
  • Peter White
    Peter White 1 year ago Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I fell in love with the Philippines after traveling here to meet my wife's family. I recognized all the positive characteristics you mentioned and thought I could live here happily when I retired. I occasionally get the chance to chat with small groups of young people. Their curiosity and friendliness always leave me feeling inspired. I encountered the entire grade 6 class of a school about 1 km from my home. They had taken the day off to go swimming (something you don't find in North America). We talked about The Philippines, Canada, and a few other countries I have visited. The group I spoke with consisted of 4 girls and one very gay boy. The girls asked if I had noticed that their friend was gay and I explained that in some countries he would be treated very badly, if not killed. They were shocked and could not understand what anyone would do that. "He's just a person!" was their reply. I told them one of the reasons I retired here was that gay people were treated like anyone else. I don't want to live in a place filled with hate.
  • Rolly Shield
    Rolly Shield 1 year ago +Peter White Thank you for your reply and kind words. I'm now living in Australia and its great to see people like you take keen interest in the Philippines and do good works like you do. Yes the Filipinos are like that, very family orientated, inclusive and quite tolerant. I myself am godfather to a couple of gay/lesbian niece and nephew, I've known them since they were babies, they are in high school now and are loved and looked after like anybody else. As an overseas Filipino, if my mum or I hear of any problems these family members face because of who they are, we step in to resolve it and use our influence, but this rarely happens. We have helped cousins of mine to work overseas or get Good education to enable them to help themselves. We don't expect anything in return but we do ask them to consider helping others also. It's always a good idea to help them help themselves. We also try help out in medical and funeral costs when it's really needed in an emergency. But they are good in becoming self-sufficient, they just need a little help at the start. Thank you for sharing that story. Yes there are still large parts of the world and society too, that is very intolerant of those who are seemingly different, it is very sad but things are getting better bit by bit. I feel that because Filipinos are very family involved and orientated (this also applies to others), there is no one that has not been touched by the passing of a loved one. As such, after we deeply feel the loss, life then seems to take on a newer meaning and all Life then feels more precious. This is what we sometimes forget, I think, for almost all has felt the depth of the loss of a close loved one. In this respect, it is this depth of Love and loss that should unify all, for it shows the humanity that we all have and share irrespective of who or what we are. All of our differences is really very small and minor compared to the huge similarities all people share. Our uniqueness should not be used negatively, like to discriminate etc. We just sometimes focus too much on the differences and end up making it bigger and more significant than it really is compared to the bigger picture. Children the world over generally love to play with other children irrespective of their differences. Many years from now, even just 10-15 years, will see a significant improvement in society because of technology, people's awareness and influence as well as due to the inexorable march of time to improve and evolve things. I feel we are going into an exponential phase of improvement, where technology, ethics, intelligence and humanity will combine to really do what is good and right for the people as a whole.
  • Joe B
    Joe B 1 year ago Close up of the rusted motor may have revealed an old straight six Detroit engine. I kept thinking as I watched it is a perfect reflection of the US cultural influence in the country - still present but slowly fading away.
  • Osman Yegin
    Osman Yegin 1 week ago Awsome video.. thanks.... Thanks for the inf
    XCELCIER 1 year ago I finally got caught up!!lol. I love your videos.. It's so relaxing. :)
  • Z Shark
    Z Shark 1 year ago Your style of filming and editing is an inspiration.
  • Harold Howell
    Harold Howell 1 year ago Love your natural videos of Philippines 😍
  • jonnywaselectric
    jonnywaselectric 1 year ago My first time to the Philippines next week, Cebu and Coron is on the list, thank you for the videos.
  • vic
    vic 1 year ago Children enjoying themselves before health and safety come to town. Children are fantastic.
  • menen alnaser
    menen alnaser 1 year ago People in the Philippines really kind hearty
  • Leonardo Fibonacci
    Leonardo Fibonacci 1 year ago Thanks from Germany :-)
  • rein tien
    rein tien 1 year ago Thank you for again uploading a great vlog of the daily life. Do they make baskets of the nerf of the leaves ?
  • Peter White
    Peter White 1 year ago They use the veins of the leaves to make brooms. I have another video that shows more of the process. Starting around 5:45 in the video.
  • Dian fahmi Harahap
    Dian fahmi Harahap 5 months ago I'm from indonesia beautifull man...
    BADSHAH SALAMAT 4 days ago Cheapest people of the world philipinos. Pakistan long live
  • Gayasuddin Syed
    Gayasuddin Syed 1 year ago Lots of love to Philippines from India
  • Maayong Aga
    Maayong Aga 6 months ago I'm not sure why they don't put a sign not to jump in the bridge or swim in the dirty river. As a kid this is fun, fun, fun. We all go to the forests, collect some spiders and coming back passing the bridge we all jumped and swim while a carabao pooping in the other side of the river. Then here comes my older brother calling us for lunch at the top of his voice, no cell phone yet in 1970's. From so much fun we can't hear him. Here he comes very mad and me and my brother run and we get both a pinch in the ear after we get home. I was gone for 30yrs+ more I bet you they all miss my laugh and carefree life. I was the last among 6 siblings. I do miss all of them though that's why I keep watching your video Mr. White. Thanks for the real and unedited capture of country life in our Islands.